Lucifer – The One with the Baby Carrot

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By: Paige Zinaman



Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is yet again going back to his old ways when he brings back a girl to his apartment only to have the mood killed by his wings appearing. When she tells him to keep his wings out and that she can dress up as the devil to make things interesting, Lucifer tells her that he doesn’t want to have sex with himself and suggests that she leave so he can do some grooming. Pulling out a blade; Lucifer proceeds to cut his wings yet again. As he is explaining this to Linda (Rachael Harris) he says that once he did this they grew back and he was right back where he started. Linda tells Lucifer that she’s worried about him and what he’s describing is self-mutilation while Lucifer argues that someone is forcing his wings on him and taking away his devil face, stating that he will not let this person make him into something he’s not. Linda questions Lucifer if he’s any closer to finding out who is doing this to him and Lucifer tells her that it’s someone called The Sinnerman. He just up and moved his business to Los Angeles and no one has ever met him making it where punching him in the face is hard to do. Linda tries to ask Lucifer a question when she moves and winces, which does not go unnoticed by Lucifer who suddenly switches from upset in self-pity to caring about Linda and asking her if she’s sure she should be back at work. Linda tells Lucifer that it was a traumatic incident, but she’s trained to deal with just that and that is what she’s doing. Lucifer makes sure to ask if there is anything he can do to help to which Linda replies with getting back to him would help. Linda asks Lucifer if The Sinnerman was human to which Lucifer says he doesn’t know, but he will stop at nothing to find out.

At the precinct, Chloe (Lauren German) tells Lucifer that they found the man who killed his kidnapper at the pier; Lucifer laughs it off saying that he clearly not The Sinnerman, which Chloe agrees with because no one with that name exists and that their guy has motive and no alibi so he’s their guy.   Lucifer tells her that he must be working for the Sinnerman to which Chloe tells him that he is not going to drag her into whatever new weird drama he has and asking him to stop Sinnerman. Lt. Pierce (Tom Welling) walks up during this exchange asking if she was a Nina Simone fan. Chloe tells him its nothing as Lucifer tries to tell him that he’s looking for someone when Chloe makes it very clear that it’s nothing. Pierce asks Chloe if she’s hiding something from him, which she denies when Pierce says he doesn’t care as he’s just asking before telling them a new case came in and they’re up. Once Pierce is gone Lucifer asks Chloe why she stopped him from telling Pierce they were about go after the greatest case of their lives to which Chloe tells him that The Sinnerman is an urban myth and that he doesn’t exist like the boogie man so telling their new boss that he wants arrest someone who isn’t real doesn’t really thrill her

Once Chloe and Lucifer show up to the scene, Daniel (Kevin Alejandro) tells them the victim’s name is JD Woodstock (Sina Amedson). They found a book of jokes on him when Dan tells them that he was a struggling comedian and his performances are worth checking into because not everyone likes being mocked while directly looking at Lucifer. Lucifer tells Chloe that they should listen to Dan because he has a unique insight to the case telling Chloe that Dan is like JD, to which Dan clarifies that JD did stand up and he does improv. Lucifer turns his attention away. Chloe asks Dan why she never knew he does improv and why Lucifer was allowed to know. Lucifer goes to answer when Dan tells Chloe that he doesn’t tell a lot of people only to be saved by Ella (Aimee Garcia) who arrives to look over the body. Lucifer makes a crack about how someone cared enough about JD to torture him when Ella says she knows of him because of JD claimed that a Bobby Lowe (Kevin Christy) was using his own material as his own.

Chloe and Lucifer watch a video JD posted saying he has proof Bobby stole his jokes only to discover the video was posted a day before his murder and no one knows what the evidence he had was. As they discuss Bobby Lowe, Ella tells them that JD is clearly lying because Bobby Lowe wouldn’t do such a thing. They tell her they are going to go talk to Bobby so Ella begs to go with them with the excuse that she should be there in case they needed evidence collected. Meanwhile at LUX, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) meets with Linda who called him to thank him for saving her life; he points out that Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) was the one who saved her life Linda tells Amenadiel that he played a part by literally slowing down time. Linda asks how excited Amenadiel is about having his powers back when Amenadiel tells her that his powers haven’t worked since the day he saved her. He also tells her that it’s his father testing him and that there is something at the penthouse that he’s been avoiding when Linda tells him that he helped her so she will help him he takes them up to Lucifer’s apartment to show her Lucifer’s wings laying on the floor of the closet

Dan goes to talk to Pierce trying to explain to him that he’s not a bad cop and that he’s a good guy. Pierce messes with Dan, but stops when Dan starts to show that what he’s saying to bothering him. Pierce tells Dan that wants everything he’s dug up on Lucifer stating that when Lucifer and Chloe started working together he and Chloe were still married and that he bets Dan broke the rules and dug up everything he could find on Lucifer. Pierce tells Dan that he wants everything on his desk in an hour. Chloe, Lucifer and Ella show up on set of Bobby Lowe’s show where they are met with a frazzled PA (Elia Cantu) who tells them that Bobby doesn’t like people going back there. Bobby shows his true colors as they question him; he tells them that if they want to see successful people work then take a seat, which causes Ella to fangirl even more at the “invitation” to sit through a taping. As they sit through the taping Chloe asks Ella what the shows about when they are stopped by Lucifer who interrupts the show and telling him that he’s taking over the show but when Bobby wouldn’t talk to him he pulls out one of the puppets which ends up having a gun in it that goes off and shooting Bobby in the arm. They ask Bobby about the gun in the puppet and he tells them that the puppet never gets used and confesses that it’s his gun that was inside it. Lucifer uses his devilish mojo on Bobby that seems to work when Bobby admits he used JD’s stuff and that he was going to be able to finally leave because it was all part of the plan with he and JD that it would come out that he “stole” his material and that he would be released.

Back at Lucifer’s penthouse, Amenadiel and Linda are finishing bagging up his wings when Linda says that it must be so painful to cut off a piece of himself over and over again telling Amenadiel that Lucifer made it seem like no big deal. Amenadiel tells Linda that everyone has pain that they’re not ready to share with the world; which Linda knows about all too well. She asks Amenadiel how she knows that this is his test to which Amenadiel tells her that it’s because he has to dispose of something he wants the most telling her that his father always has a plan that he doesn’t doubt anymore and that if it were easy it wouldn’t be a test. Chloe and Lucifer read through the emails from Bobby and that the comments got worse when they started to deal with a man and his micropenis. Lucifer arrives back home while talking to Maze about The Sinnerman and her busy schedule when Pierce comes to him telling him he knows who Lucifer really is.

Lucifer gets a little too much enjoyment out of someone at the police station knowing how he is finally when Pierce tells him that it’s not about him being the “devil” it’s about The Sinnerman. Pierce calls Lucifer an idiot and warns him to stop looking into The Sinnerman because he’s not a myth and not a name to throw around because The Sinnerman is that dangerous. He tells Lucifer that he butted heads with him in Chicago and he killed someone close to him and he doesn’t want what happened to him to happen to someone else. Lucifer tells him that he can keep his head buried in the sand, but he’s got this. Amenadiel and Linda carry the trash bags that contain Lucifer’s wings out to the dumpster when Linda says she’s never had to dispose of Divinity before. Amenadiel sets fire to the wings when Linda tells him she feels like they should say something, which gets Amenadiel to open up about how this pains him and how everything Lucifer does is designed to hurt him which Linda points out that Lucifer is Amenadiel’s test.

Dan goes undercover at a standup club, which doesn’t go as planned when he has to start making jokes about a micropenis. Lucifer starts being Lucifer and gets the crowd rallied up against Dan which Chloe supports and tells him to keep going. Finally, after Dan is off the stage a man comes up to thank Lucifer for standing up for men with such medical conditions. Erik (Brain Kimmet) tells Chloe and Lucifer that he told someone a story then the next thing he knows JD was telling his stories and every time the show aired it was like a punch in the gut. Erik tells them that JD’s last performance was a BBQ when he said that a warm up comedian Shelia (Camille Chen) was interested in him. Lucifer and Chloe go to back to set to look for Sheila when Lucifer messes around and Chloe tells him that if he can’t take it serious then he needs to wait where he is until she looks around. Chloe finds Bobby knocked out on the floor when he tells her that Shelia freaked out when she found out he was quitting. Lucifer stops Shelia who points a gun at him while Chloe watches from below. Lucifer gets Shelia to talk about why she’s so upset and clarifies what her motives are when Chloe distracts her and Lucifer knocks her out.

Pierce tells Lucifer that he’s done some digging and that The Sinnerman was in LA and brought in his right-hand man Alonso (Orson Chaplin) and tells him that he’s all his, but he needs to keep his mouth shut and Chloe is to stay out of it. Alonso tells Lucifer he doesn’t know who the Sinnerman is and killed the kidnapper because he was sleeping with his girlfriend. Linda tells Lucifer to accept that he has wings again and which causes Lucifer to get back in the game.

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