Lucifer – The Sin Bin

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By: Paige Zinaman



Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) kick off their night at LUX with women dressed in less and beating a piñata. Maze asks Lucifer why they are celebrating and he tells her it’s because they captured the man responsible for kidnapping him, taking his face and giving him back his wings. Maze brings the mood down when she tells him that she’s sure a human jail will stop a “Solider of God,” which Lucifer points out as more sarcasm as she defends her statement by telling him if the Sinnerman (Kevin Carroll) really wanted to destroy Lucifer there are plenty more damaging ways to do so or takeaway.

Pierce (Tom Welling) is getting everyone at the station under control and making sure they know what their jobs are supposed to be, telling everyone that the prisoner is in the house and that there will not be any screw ups so no one talks to him alone. Ella (Aimee Garcia) is hiding in her lab watching through the blinds as she talks to Chloe (Lauren German), telling her she loves watching Pierce work. Chloe tells Ella that she’s surprised at how well Pierce is holding up and when Ella tells her that it is his job Chloe says there is no way she could be that stoic about the man who killed his brother, shocking Ella who knew the case was personal just not that personal. As they lead the Sinnerman in, he cracks a morbid joking about how it was nice to see them all again, as Chloe and Pierce watch from behind the two-way mirror. Lucifer comes in telling them to make themselves comfortable and that he will take first crack at him, which Pierce tells him is not happening because the last time he was alone with him he cut out his eyes. He says to both Chloe and Lucifer that no one is talking to the Sinnerman but him. As they bicker, they don’t notice Chloe going into the room to speak with him and they watch. As he continues to jerk Chloe around, Ella comes running in with his phone in the evidence bag and he tells them that they should pick up. When the phone stops ringing he tells them that they better hope it’s not too late as a video of a girl tied down in water starts to play.

They listen to the 911 call Maggie (Britt Baron) made as she was being attacked. Pierce points out the time the call was taking place and says that the Sinnerman was in custody when it was happening proving he wasn’t working alone. Lucifer wants to use the Sinnerman to find Maggie yet is at a stalemate when Pierce refuses to let him go. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) comes in telling them they checked and there is no sign of Maggie or her car. Pierce tells them to find another way. When they go to leave Chloe notices Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) coloring crime scene photos at the desk and turns to Dan asking why she’s there with a psychotic murderer in custody. Dan tells her that he spaced on booking a sitter for her and that it was her day off school. He tells Chloe to not worry and that he’s “super dad.” Ella calls Chloe to look at the picture of Maggie, which showed a button leading them to a Roller Blade Derby team. It is a shock that when they walk into the derby that Chloe knows so much about them and the rules. As they ask Helena (Anastasia Leddick) questions she ignores them and continues to race. When Chloe finally holds up her badge and yells, Helena makes a break for it and tries to skate away. Lucifer stops and buys a beer, which causes Chloe to ask if now is the time. He takes a sip and says “always” before he dumps it on the floor right as Helena was coming around causing her to skate into it and crash.

Chloe leads Helena over to the “Sin Box” so they can talk. She tells them that it was all Maggie’s fault and that it was typical that she would rat her out. She tells them that she roughed Maggie up a bit because she stole her spot on the team and that Maggie didn’t deserve that position because she couldn’t even do the move. She tells them that she was at the skate rink all night because she was training the new crew. Dan and Trixie are waiting in line at the coffee shop when he gets off the phone and tells Trixie that she won’t be spending time with her normal sitter as they run into Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) who cracks a joke about how she’s not the only questionable parent nowadays. Trixie chimes into the conversation telling Charlotte she’s pretty and asking how she knows her dad. Dan tells Trixie that she works with him and sometimes she’s a friend. When the barista asks Trixie what she can get her she tells her the drink, but she wants a shot of expresso. Dan is quick to tell her no, but when she tells him that Chloe lets her Charlotte is the one to reply telling her that it wouldn’t hold up in court yet she has a nice poker face before leaving.

Chloe and Lucifer talk about being a team to which Lucifer tells her that what he’s doing is to make sure they stay a team. When he goes to open the door, Chloe tells him they have wait. But Lucifer opens the door and it triggers a grenade as they run away from the explosion. At the station, Chloe tells Lucifer that they need to bust out the Sinnerman explaining that he is her partner and that he needs to have her back on this. Chloe tells him she has a plan and that he needs to do exactly what she says. As the discussion of how the plan plays out, scenes start to flash back and forth between the discussion and the actual plan happening. Ella goes to Pierce who tells him of her pet she lost when she was little hoping it would get him to open up as Chloe tries to find the key in Pierce’s office. Once she has the keys, Lucifer goes to the bomb tech and hands her a note and does his mojo on her. They use poor Dan as a distraction with a box addressed to him from The Sinnerman. When he puts his ear to it he hears ticking and yells for someone to call the bomb squad. As they arrive they tell everyone to evacuate. When they load the “bomb” out and into the van they take their helmets off only to discover that Pierce knew it was them and that he was going to go with them.

Trixie is hanging out with Charlotte and is becoming restless. She tells her that she thought she was more fun and says she must not have kids. Charlotte tells her that she has two and that they live with their father. Trixie tells her that it makes no sense that just because she works doesn’t mean she can’t hang out with her kids, too. Charlotte tells her that her kids don’t want to see her to which Trixie tells her that she’s the mom and that she makes the rules. She then asks her if she and Dan are having sex, stunning Charlotte speechless. Meanwhile, Chloe is leading the Sinnerman while Lucifer and Pierce follow to the reservoir where Maggie is at. Lucifer asks Pierce why he decided to come along as Pierce tells him that he’s here to make sure he doesn’t escape. Lucifer tells him that they will have to make sure they cover each other’s backs once he notices Pierce’s tattoo. They continue walking until Chloe and Pierce hear screaming and takes off to find Maggie. Pierce lifts the weight that was holding her down as Chloe cuts her ropes off. That’s when they notice Lucifer and the Sinnerman are gone.

Pierce and Chloe talk to Maggie who informs them that she was lying about the whole thing after she dropped the fact she knew it was a grenade that blew her car up. She tells them that she could never compete with one of the girls on the team and she went to the Sinnerman who granted her the favor asking for him to take out her competition and that he was going to kill her if she didn’t do it. Chloe figures out that it was Lucifer who kidnapped the Sinnerman. At one of Lucifer’s houses the Sinnerman starts to come to when Lucifer tells him that he woke up just in time for the fun to begin. The Sinnerman asks if he would punish a blindman. He explains he’d never dream of it before walking to the side revealing Maze who he describes as “Hell’s most brutal torturer.”

Maze walks out to Lucifer and tells him that the Sinnerman is human and nothing that she did worked. When Lucifer asks for her knife she tells him she pushed him as far as he can go without killing him and that he and she both know angels aren’t allowed to kill humans. This causes Maze to tell Lucifer not to be an idiot. At the station, everyone is trying to find Lucifer and the Sinnerman. Ella says they checked LUX and they weren’t there. Dan comes in with a folder about every property Lucifer owns in Los Angeles when Chloe knows where to go based on what Lucifer had said earlier about the Sinnerman not being able to enjoy the sights. Maze talks about not killing humans, even though she’s a demon and enjoys killing and that killing humans is “Angel No Nos 101.” She asks him to look at his brother who had total power lust. Lucifer points out his punishment would be everything he wants, even if this human was sent to do his Father’s bidding. Maze agrees to let Lucifer have her knife while she leaves. The Sinnerman who tells Lucifer he doesn’t have what it takes because he’s a coward. The Sinnerman tells Lucifer some clues that clearly aggravates Lucifer and causes him to realize he can’t kill a human. Chloe and Pierce arrive and split up to find Lucifer. The Sinnerman tells Lucifer that it has to be him that kills him, which the Sinnerman agrees and tells him he believes in free will only for Pierce to arrive and shoot the Sinnerman dead, much to Lucifer’s dismay.

Chloe apologizes to Pierce because of how the case ended and goes back inside to Lucifer who asked to see her. They get into an argument about how things went with the Sinnerman. Chloe tells him that she doesn’t have time for this and how Pierce covered it up for him. Chloe continues to be angry at Lucifer for going behind her back and leaves. Dan goes to pick up Trixie from Charlotte and tells her as a “thank you” maybe they can grab that coffee. Trixie tells her dinner would be more romantic, which Dan and Charlotte agree to. When she’s left alone, Charlotte calls her husband telling him she wants to see the kids even if they don’t want to see her. Ella confronts Pierce about how awesome he was during the whole ordeal when he yells at her to stop talking. Lucifer hears everything and starts putting connections together. As the episode comes to an end we soon discover what Lucifer found out, he explains to Pierce how the Sinnerman was working for someone else and pulls the photo out from the and points out the birth mark on the arm similar to Pierce’s tattoo. Lucifer stabs Pierce in the chest revealing that he is not all who seems to be… and that he’s none other than Cain.

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