Lucifer – The Sinnerman

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By: Paige Zinaman



Linda (Rachael Harris) is questioning Lucifer (Tom Ellis) about how angels work, telling him she knows Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) can slow time and that his other brother Uriel could predict patterns before again asking why his gift is desire. This causes Lucifer to have a little fun and tell her that when he first went to Angel School they “sorted us into different houses for different powers.” This causes Linda to react as she learns of the school, which Lucifer tells her, “No, there’s no Hogwarts in the sky.” This is when Linda realizes he was messing with her and he tells her that they were all born this way with all the abilities that God gave them. She continues her questioning asking if angels’ personalities shape their powers or if their powers shape their personalities. Lucifer says all he knows is that his powers are perfect for him.

At the police station, Chloe (Lauren German) pays a visit to Lt. Pierce (Tom Welling) who is changing when she walks into this office. She apologizes for not knocking and then thanks him again for saving her life as she points out he’s healing pretty well. He informs her that it still hurts as she tells him she will just come back another time. He tells her that now is good, asking her what she wants. She tells him she wanted to request a personal day off. He asks her why and she informs him yet again that it’s personal. He tells Chloe that he will take it under advisement to which Chloe tells him she didn’t think it would be an issue only for him to continue typing away on his laptop. Chloe and Lucifer are heading to a crime scene while she rants about Pierce. Lucifer tells her that people think work is her own desire, which she tells him it’s not and that Pierce is a jerk. Lucifer makes a crack that she is all hot and bothered that someone got under her skin. When he asks what it’s for she tells him the same thing she told Pierce…it’s personal. When they arrive to the apartment they find Ella (Aimee Garcia) photographing the body as Lucifer realizes who it is. He tells them both that he did the young man a favor. Chloe pulls him to the side as Lucifer tells her what he knows about Joey (Andy Cohen). Chloe is clearly bothered by the fact that Lucifer is still granting favors and then proceeds to ask what Joey wanted. He explains Joey wanted to become the new Godfather the Scarface for millennials. He tells her he got Chloe an internship with the mob and she walks away asking Ella what she has for the cause of death. Ella tells her that she has a gun shot wounds to the chest and that his legs were broken to the point they were practically shattered.

Amenadiel and Linda are chatting it up and having a good time in her office when she tells him about what Lucifer told her about Angel School. He asked if he she really believed it when she told him. She wonders what is more believable Angel School, the fact he can slow time or Lucifer can draw out people’s desires. She asks how it works, wondering why his power is to slow down time. Amenadiel gives her an answer as to why he thinks God gave him the powers he has as she tells him that it seems sad and that it, “Seems lonely to visit humanity without really getting to know anyone.” Amenadiel tells her that he was never really told to avoid humanity, but that it just seemed easier to do so and that he never saw a point until recently. Before their conversation could go any further, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) comes through the door hugging Linda telling them that her bounty was in Cleveland and that she is now banned from the state of Ohio. She asks what they were up too as Amenadiel tells her that Linda was catching him up on how she believed in Angel School.

At the station, Dan (Kevin Alejandro), Chloe and Lucifer listen to Ella as she explains that Joey’s shoes were limited edition worth about a grand a pair and that her brothers would lift for them. Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) arrives apologizing for being late. Everyone but Ella is shocked when she shows up, expecting her to be the opposing council. She explains that she quit her job and it’s her first day at the DA’s office and that she is prosecuting and that she is on their side now. Chloe asks Lucifer if he knew about it, which he denies as Dan asks how this happened causing Ella to stop and gets them back to the on the topic on their case. Dan points out that runners for the mob don’t make that kind of money and that maybe Joey was skimming a little off the top. Charlotte tells them she knows how guys like them work and that she’s represented mobsters like them for years before correcting herself by saying alleged mobsters. Chloe turns her attention to Lucifer asking who he introduced Joey to when he tells her that his name Frankie Ferrante (Andy Davoli).

Amenadiel and Linda discuss what happened with Maze when he asks her if it’s weird for them to be friends. She denies it before things lead to one thing and then the next they are leaning in and kissing each other. Charlotte follows Lucifer and Chloe asking if they were going to talk to Frankie. She tells them she can help telling Chloe that she defended him once. When they get inside the interrogation room, he spots Charlotte saying the boys will be jealous when they learn that she is defending him. She tells Frankie that she’s not his lawyer and that she is a prosecutor working with the cops now. Chloe asks if he’s the head of Ferrante Mob Family and Charlotte tells him he doesn’t have to answer then recovers saying it would be helpful if he did. Lucifer has had enough at this point and leans across the table and does his mojo on Frankie. Frankie admits he wants to find out who killed Little Joey and he wants payback. He explains everyone loved Joey and that he had a bright future. Frankie tells them that everything Joey had he got from them because the boys are very generous to family and that was what Joey was to them. He offers that if he can do anything to help bring Joey’s killer in he’d be happy to. Dan comes in calling for Chloe and tells her that Frankie is not the guy because there is another body. They arrive to a woman hanging from the celling with gun shot wounds to the chest when Lucifer tells her that he did a favor for her years ago and that it’s not another murder it’s a message for him.

Ella informs them that the cause of death is two gun shot wounds to the chest. Chloe pulls Lucifer aside and tells him that if these messages are for him then she’s worried. She asks who is sending them and what they want. Lucifer tells her he wasn’t entirely forthcoming and why he started granting favors again was because of The Sinnerman (Kevin Carroll). She tells Lucifer she’s going to need proof that this guy is real when Pierce shows up confirming that he is real and very dangerous, stating what he’s been up to and that he ran into The Sinnerman and couldn’t put him away. Lucifer arrives at his penthouse leaving a message for someone. Maze is sitting at the counter waiting for him when he puts the phone down she tells him that Amenadiel is probably too busy with Linda to answer. He’s surprised to see Maze back. She asks Lucifer if they can talk, which he eagerly agrees to because he needs her help. This upsets her and Lucifer tells her to go first before his phone rings again with the same number. He answers the phone and this time to reveal that it wasn’t a telemarketer, but The Sinnerman. At the station, Ella tells Chloe that the killer is The Sinnerman, telling her that the second victim was a fighter and scratched him. She found blood and skin cells which matched the hair she found with Joey and did more digging and found a match to the older Sinnerman case in Chicago. Chloe leaves the lab calling Lucifer and almost runs into Pierce who offers his assistance when she tells him that she is taking Charlotte with her.

Lucifer pulls up outside an abandoned warehouse and goes inside calling out for The Sinnerman. As Lucifer continues to insult The Sinnerman, he is finally drawn to a room where a TV is set up with a camera resulting in Lucifer being locked into the room. The Sinnerman talks to Lucifer through the camera telling Lucifer he got him good. Lucifer tries to punch his way from the door when The Sinnerman tells him that the door is reinforced with steel and that it takes a little extra to hold the devil. Lucifer asks him how he gave him back his wings and took his face and The Sinnerman tells him that he will answer them in due time, but the building has been abandoned for a while and that maybe they will tear it down with him inside. Lucifer makes a promise to him that he will find out what he truly desires and when he does he will use it to destroy him. Lucifer asks why he’s doing this, which Sinnerman says he will soon find out and shuts the camera off.

Charlotte and Chloe sit down with Frankie and tells him there’s a way he can help find with Joey’s killer. Charlotte geos head to head with Frankie, which results in Chloe being proud of her, telling her that Frankie is going to want revenge Joey and he will go after him and she will be waiting. Chloe tells Charlotte she wants to believe Charlotte has changed and that this is a good start. When Charlotte leaves, Chloe’s phone rings and Pierce tells her he brought food and asks if he can join her in the stake out. Meanwhile, Lucifer is still stuck in the room when Maze starts yelling his name. She opens the door to reveal an angry Maze who tracked him down because she was upset. She refuses to let him out until he listens to her problem. She tells him about Amenadiel and Linda, which he thinks that maybe she’s upset because she still cares for Amenadiel. Maze denies it saying Linda is her best friend and Amenadiel is her ex and that it’s just wrong. Then, he tells her to ask herself what she really desires and go from there when she lets him out.

Pierce and Chloe talk about his personal reasons with the Sinnerman when he tells her everything.Chloe then tells him the reason she wants the personal day about her father’s death anniversary. Lucifer calls Chloe telling her she was held by the Sinnerman and describes him in detail when she notices a man going into the restaurant fitting the description. She gets out of the car leaving Lucifer hearing gun shots. When she gets inside they find him standing over Frankie holding a gun when he runs causing Chloe to run after him. He runs out the door right into Pierce, who is having a hard time not shooting him as he puts his gun away and cuffs the Sinnerman. Lucifer goes to the station to talk to the Sinnerman when he discovers he cut his eyes so Lucifer would never find out what he desires.

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