Lucifer – Til Death Do Us Part

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By: Paige Zinaman



Pierce (Tom Welling) shows up at Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) penthouse calling out for him. Lucifer suddenly appears with a chainsaw and Pierce points out that if a chainsaw could kill him he’d be dead a long time ago. Lucifer turns the chainsaw off and crosses it off a list before asking Pierce if he’s tried a grenade down the throat. Pierce says yes so Lucifer lists off a few more that Pierce says yes to again stumping Lucifer. Pierce tells him that he’s tried everything including jumping into a volcano. Pierce wonders why Lucifer cares so much and Lucifer tells him that it would be a good way to get back at his father. Pierce tells him that he is the devil, so he should have evil up his sleeve which Lucifer says like this before throwing a knife forged in hell into Pierce’s back with demon steel strong enough to kill even Lucifer himself. Lucifer tells Pierce they have all the time in the world to figure it out when Pierce tells him that for him that’s a bad thing.

Chloe (Lauren German) arrives at a crime scene where Dan (Kevin Alejandro) meets her. She asks him why the street looks so familiar when Dan points out that they were looking at the house on the corner shortly after Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) was born. They stop walking when Chloe notices the body sticking out of the wood chipper. Dan tells her the victim is June, a chemistry teacher. Chloe asks if he had a chance to talk to the onlookers, which Dan says he left for her. Back at Lucifer’s penthouse, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is helping Lucifer as she shows him all of her torture devices. Lucifer tells her that he already stabbed Pierce with one of her blades to which she tells him she wished he would have told her that before she hauled all her stuff from the basement. She points out that Chloe makes him killable and why not see what causes it and turns it onto Pierce while also pointing out that his father is all about mind tricks.

Inside Pierce’s office, Lucifer is waiting for him. When Pierce comes in he asks Lucifer why his couch is in the middle of his office as Lucifer continues to shrink him. Pierce asks Lucifer why he’s doing this, which Lucifer asks him how is he supposed to kill him if he doesn’t know him and that everyone has a kryptonite. He walks out of the office telling Lucifer until he has a plan they are done. Chloe tells Pierce that their victim isn’t who she says she is and that according to her records she died three years ago. Lucifer walks up to them saying Chloe Pierce has a ton of experience in fake deaths. Pierce tells Chloe to pull the death certificate and go from there. As Pierce helps to go through the victim’s life he points out that maybe she was running from something or someone which Lucifer chimes in making references to Pierce. Chloe finds connections to a mob as Dan comes in telling them she’s not a gang banger but chemist. Lucifer tells Dan that K-Pop is a type of drug, which Chloe tells him as a club owner he should know where to find some. He says for Chloe and Pierce to meet him at LUX. Maze is talking to a man about a possible bounty for her when Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) walks by her getting Maze’s attention. She follows Charlotte into her office and a confused Charlotte asks if she knows her. Maze tells her that she used to and that she is a friend of Lucifer’s. When Charlotte asks if they were friends Maze laughs and tells her no and that they were mortal enemies and that she hated her. Maze tells her that now something is different and that now she can use a distraction. She approaches Charlotte sniffing her and flirting as Charlotte is taken aback. Maze tells her she needs to go hog tie a fugitive, but she’ll be back

Chloe meets Lucifer at LUX as he questions her about where Pierce is. Chloe tells him that Pierce is probably busy at the station and that he doesn’t have to worry because she convinced him to stay in LA for a little while longer. Lucifer tells her to not be foolish because they have more things in common than he thought. As they walk down the stairs she asks him about the drug dealer he was supposed to bring. Lucifer shouts out to a guy at the bar for two house specials as they are presented with a tray with two tablets on it. The bartender tells Chloe where he gets the K-Pop and how their victim was stealing from the boss and before they could confront her the lab exploded. Lucifer tells Chloe they should head over to the karaoke bar and take down a drug lord and maybe sing a duet. She tells him that they can’t just waltz in there doing things his way as she mocks Lucifer. Lucifer goes to the karaoke bar where he announces his presence and is suddenly face to face with a gun. Lucifer tells them that there will be a police raid happening in a few hours and then proceeds to take out all the thugs while other people are singing. He sends one of the men flying through the window when he is finds Brandon (Steve Suh), the leader of gang their victim was the chemist for. He tells them that she called him to pay him back with interest. He also tells her that he instructed his guys to tell them anything they need to know. As Chloe and Lucifer step outside she tells him that Brandon is the most cooperative criminal she’s ever met. Lucifer tells her that in exchange for his cooperation Lucifer gave him the best recipe they found on the victim’s computer. Lucifer keeps telling Chloe they should involve Pierce, which she keeps shooting down saying they are not involving him until they check Brandon’s story and what he’s saying is true he’s not a suspect. They go through evidence from Sandra’s computer when he smashes the hard drive where drugs are held and a threatening note.

Chloe and Lucifer go to Pierce about what they found in Sandra’s drive. Pierce tells Chloe to get close to the people on the block to figure out who is sending the notes. Chloe tells him she had that idea too and that a house is for rent on Sandra’s block that only rents to couples and that she canvased the whole block. Therefore, they know she is a cop and so is Dan. Pierce tells her to get another cop with knowledge of the case to go undercover. Lucifer tells him to not worry because they already know who is going undercover. Lucifer opens the front door of the house and is greeted by Brain (Paul Fitzgerald) and Anya (Audrey Moore) as they welcome the newest couple to the neighborhood. Lucifer yells that they have guest as Pierce comes to the door and Lucifer introduces him as Mark. Lucifer and Pierce host a little dinner to get to know Brain and Anya. Lucifer tells Pierce that this is his chance to get to know Pierce and that they need to play it up for the neighbors.

Dan and Charlotte are having a nice dinner and getting to know each other as Maze shows up. Charlotte asks if they know each other when Maze tells her she and Dan killed someone once as Dan tries to cover with what Maze said. Dan is stuttering as Maze brings up a threesome as he grabs a waiter for something more to drink. Back at the house, Pierce and Lucifer talk about what happened to Sandra. Brain and Anya talk about the local watch dog that leaves notes over the simplest of things. Meanwhile, Charlotte downs a drink as Maze confronts her about going to the bathroom. Charlotte becomes open to Maze about what has happened to her, Maze tells her that she’s not God or normal so she’s out telling Charlotte she thought it was her she was attracted to, but it was really her old life. As Brain and Anya leave, Chloe uses the walkie talkie to talk to Lucifer and Pierce from her car. She asks how they are going to draw out the watch dog as Lucifer tells her no one is better at it then the Devil. Lucifer starts throwing the wildest and loudest parties and leaves the garage open as he uses power tools at night. As Pierce and Lucifer bicker about why he won’t open to Lucifer, Chloe goes after the watch dog who turns out to be Brain.

Chloe talks to Brain about killing Sandra because she was selling drugs. Brain tells her that he was her best costumer. As Pierce and Lucifer bicker again behind the glass, Chloe opens the door and tells them Brain isn’t their killer and that their cover is still intact as she has a new plan. They go back and throw a big neighborhood get together where they have everyone sign a book so they can compare handwriting. Pierce and Lucifer once again start to bicker causing a scene with the neighbors, Lucifer gets offended when Pierce tells him he’s not a man of his word. Lucifer leaves as Chloe comes running out after him. She tells him that he can’t change his partner and that Pierce is never going to care about where the Hummus goes, but he does care about the case and that he can’t do it without him and Pierce knows that.

When Lucifer goes back in he and Pierce find a common ground. Lucifer tells Pierce he is a man of his word. Pierce apologizes and Lucifer tells him he hopes to find the answers together and to make it even more believable Lucifer kisses Pierce. They go around to get signatures when Lucifer gets to Anya, Brain steps in and pulls Anya away telling them he knows what they are trying to do and that they are leaving. As it turns out Brain was covering for Anya who thought Brain was having an affair with the victim. He tells Anya that he lost the weight so he could be the man he was in high school for her. At the station, Charlotte and Dan talk about what happened at dinner and how Maze made her realize she has a long rode ahead for her to feel normal. Dan tells Charlotte that he likes her and that if she needs time to sort things out she’s worth it. Pierce and Chloe talk about how they shared a moment and that is why he told her he’s not relationship material. Pierce goes to LUX to meet with Lucifer as Lucifer tells him the reason he wants to die is because he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Pierce tells Lucifer that he’s the one that doesn’t want to be alone, Lucifer tells them that they are kind of friends now and that they both have some issues that they have to work through. In a moment where they both come to an understanding, Pierce tells Lucifer to go get the chainsaw.

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