Lucifer – Vegas With Some Radish

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By: Paige Zinaman



Candles, cake and strippers oh my! That is exactly what happens during Chloe’s (Lauren German) birthday. What starts as a simple gesture by Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is soon turned into something much bigger and not work appropriate. As Dan presents a cake and leads a group of colleagues in singing “Happy Birthday” to Chloe, they get interrupted by booming music and strippers popping out of a cake. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) shows up as this is all happening when Dan makes the comment about Lucifer always upstaging him. Much to Dan’s surprise Lucifer denies being a part of the party when they both find out that it was Ella (Aimee Garcia) who was the ring leader and orchestrated the whole thing. Lucifer receives a phone call and steps away from the party that is taking place where we learn that the Las Vegas police department is calling asking about Candy (Lindsey Gort) gone missing. Ella walks into the room thinking Lucifer is upset about the lack of one dollar bills he has when he informs her that Candy is missing. He tells her that he thought he got her out of the situation that she was in and that she helped him with a delicate matter. Ella tells Lucifer that she’ll kill the music and that everyone will help him find her. He stops Ella before she can leave and says that he doesn’t want to ruin Chloe’s birthday celebrations and that he’ll just go to Vegas to check on Candy himself. Ella tells him that she has a thing with Vegas, but she’d offer to go. She explains she has the next couple of days off and she’ll join him. Chloe enters the room catching the end of the conversation asking where they were going. Lucifer leaves much to the shock of Chloe who wants Lucifer to stay for her birthday.

Arriving in Vegas, Lucifer receives a text from Chloe which he ignores as Ella tells him he should just tell her what’s going on. When they arrive at Candy’s place they see a police officer leave and stumble upon an active crime scene and the body appears to be Candy. Lucifer points out the victim’s feet, which Ella confuses for one of Lucifer’s freaky fascinations. Lucifer tells her that Candy had bigger feet than the person who was killed saying that the victim isn’t Candy. This causes Ella to shout that out in happiness, but they quickly recover by saying she wasn’t a fan of the victim and that she was very mean. As they go to leave they are stopped by Detective Jay Wong (Jack Yang) who is already suspicious of Lucifer for being in Vegas when he said he was in Los Angeles. He notes that Lucifer doesn’t look too broken up about the death of his wife. Lucifer points out that the woman on the floor is not his wife to which Ella jumps in saying it’s his ex-wife and that they just drove in from Los Angeles.

Chloe goes to see Linda (Rachael Harris) asking if she’s heard anything from Lucifer. This causes concern for Linda when she tells Chloe that she hasn’t heard from him. Chloe tells Linda that she had a question about a case and she can’t get ahold of him and that they were celebrating her birthday at the station when he just bailed and not answering his phone. Linda asks Chloe if she’d like to have a seat and talk to which Chloe turns down and tells Linda that it’s probably just Lucifer being Lucifer before Linda again asks Chloe to sit down. This time she does telling Linda that she checked LUX and he wasn’t there and that she was going to go to the penthouse to check, but the last time she was there to check on him all his furniture was covered and he ran off to Vegas. Linda offers to go with Chloe to the penthouse to check.

To figure out who might be after Candy, Lucifer flashes back to the first-time he went to Vegas and met Candy who then was a night lounge singer. The bartender gives Lucifer a drink and asks who the woman was that’s causing him to drink. Lucifer tells him that she’s not who he thought she was. Lucifer asks the bartender who the lady was when he notices his money and ring are gone. He goes to find Candy, but when he turns the corner he finds her with a gentleman who has a hold of her arm as she’s telling him she’ll have his money. He walks away when he notices Lucifer. As the flashback ends, Lucifer tells Ella that it’s Louie Pagliani (Tony Cipriano), someone he thought he took care of the last time he was in Vegas. Lucifer and Ella make a trip to Louie’s home where Ella picks the lock to get in. As they go inside Ella finds Louie dead. Ella starts going into forensic mode and pulls hair from Louie’s body that Lucifer points out it was Candy. Ella notices a portrait of Louie and his wife Roxie Pagliani (Lauren Holly) who they think might be a suspect. Lucifer finds Louie’s phone and dials Roxie’s number. Ella takes the phone and pretends to be a sales person and hears a slot machine in the background telling Lucifer she knows exactly where Roxie is.

Chloe and Linda arrive at Lucifer’s penthouse where they discover no sheets on the furniture and the overnight bag out of Lucifer’s suitcase. Chloe tells Linda that it’s her birthday and they should be out celebrating. As they are about to leave Linda tells Chloe she knows a really good place with all the drinks and the best view in the city. They end up staying at the penthouse and using Lucifer’s endless supply of liquor. Linda suggest that they go through Lucifer’s sock drawer when her phone starts ringing, She picks it up and begins to get creeped out when Lucifer is the one who’s calling. Chloe tells her to answer it, but don’t tell him that they are at the penthouse. As she answers Lucifer tells her that he has to reschedule his appointment because he is out of town. Lucifer tells her that he is in Vegas and when Linda asks what he’s doing there he gets distracted by Ella who is coming down the escalator and he calls her ravishing. When they are disconnected Chloe asks Linda what Lucifer said at the end to which Linda tells her that it was something about radishes. Chloe tells Linda that feelings are stupid, which Linda is quick to disagree with as Chloe tells her that this feeling is stupid that she and Lucifer are just friends and partners. She claims she’s totally passed anything romantic and that it is completely in the past. Linda tells her that it’s completely reasonable that a trip to Vegas that’s bringing up the emotions Chloe is having and that there is no expiration date on the process of healing. Chloe tells Linda they should go and looks for her pants as she knocks a picture off the wall revealing a safe.

Lucifer and Ella spot Roxie who is the walking the floor. Ella gets Lucifer over to the blackjack area as he’s winning and Ella tells him to double down as she counts the cards. When Lucifer stops focusing on the game, Ella takes over. Security comes over and tells them that they need to follow them. As they are leaning across the table getting their photos taken, a checked picture reveals that Ella was banned from the casino. Roxie tells her that if banning her from the casino wasn’t enough maybe she should call her new bosses at the LAPD. Ella tells her go ahead and when she does she can tell them about murdering her husband. Roxie tells them that her husband was a criminal and that she didn’t kill him or anyone else. Lucifer goes straight to using his gift causing Roxie to reveal she wants the Pro Golfer on table four. Meanwhile, back at the penthouse, Chloe and Linda are trying to open the safe by coming up with every code they can think of. Chloe tells Linda that normally she would try and get into a his safe, but maybe there was something inside about where he is because he may be in danger to which Linda tells her that maybe radish was code for help. Dan, who was called in, tells them that maybe they’ve had too much to drink and are too curious which is why they called him.

Lucifer and Ella are being escorted out of the casino and as they talk Ella asks how they ended up married. There is a flashback of Lucifer waiting for Candy when she got home. Lucifer took his ring back and told her she is welcomed to keep the money when Candy tells Lucifer about her dad dying recently and that he owned the club she was singing at. Louie told her if she didn’t come up with three million dollars he’d take the club from her as she also tells Lucifer that from the bar she can tell he has his own problems to worry about. This leads to Lucifer laying down with her pink Snuggie over him, spilling his problems with Chloe to Candy as she eats ice cream. Candy and Lucifer talk about how he wants to do right by Chloe when Candy asks Lucifer if he’s ever asked how he ended up where he is. Candy and Lucifer come to an understanding about how they are similar and how they can help each other out. When the flashback ends Ella and Lucifer are approached by none other than Candy, who tells him he’s going to ruin everything.

Candy tells them what happened and that when she found her friend dead in her apartment the only thing missing was the deed to her father’s club. Lucifer comes up with a plan to flush out the killer using him as bait now that he is the “new owner” of the club. Ella and Lucifer go undercover as performers as Candy stands guard with Ella talking her through things. Back at the penthouse, they are still trying to get into Lucifer’s safe when Dan drills a hole into the wall. Chloe admits to Linda that what’s bothering her is Lucifer left on her birthday. Linda tells her that Lucifer cares about her and she’s sure he will come back with an explanation. Dan, Linda and Chloe toast to the weirdest birthday she’s ever had. Lucifer, meanwhile, is confronted by Judd the bartender holding him at gun point telling Lucifer that the club is his.

Judd (Andy Milder) shoots at Lucifer and is very confused when the bullets don’t affect him. Candy uses the trick mirrors to play with his mind as Lucifer tells him he’s being haunted and that if he admits his wrong doings he may be saved. Judd admits to everything and starts shooting out mirrors as Ella shoots him in the leg. Candy thanks Lucifer and tells him to go talk to go home to Chloe. Lucifer arrives home to Dan and Linda passed out on his couch and finds Chloe on his bed. As Chloe pretends to be asleep, Lucifer admits to going to Vegas and that he didn’t want to bring up the past again telling her that bluffing is the same as lying and that’s something he doesn’t want to do to Chloe. Chloe “wakes up” to Lucifer giving her the gift he had. He explains that it’s the bullet from where she shot him back in the warehouse.

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