Lucifer – What Would Lucifer Do?

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By: Paige Zinaman


Lucifer (Tom Ellis) was having quite the morning with Lexy (Kelly Dowdle) who confesses to him her desire was to have sex in the ball pit at Chuck–E-Cheese. They are soon interrupted by the arrival of the honorable Judge (John Posey) her husband. Lucifer tells Lexy that he will be right back and that he will deal with him. Lucifer meets the Judge at the stairs and tells him all that he’s done with Lexy, he pulls his golf club and threatens Lucifer with it when Lucifer does his mojo with him where he confesses to Lucifer that he just wants a nap and to hang out with his ex-wife who challenges him intellectually.  He and Lucifer agree that Lucifer stays and satisfies Lexy while he goes and reconnects with his ex-wife.


Chloe (Lauren German) goes to Pierce’s (Tom Welling) office to tell him that she wanted to put in for the Union Rep position in an effort to further her career.  Pierce tells her that her request is denied. When Chloe asks him why he denied it he tells her that the perk of having “LT” in front of his name means he doesn’t have to explain his decisions before telling Chloe there was a new case and dismissing her. Chloe is met in the hallway by Ella (Aimee Garcia) who asks her what happened. Ella tells Chloe that Pierce is into her and that it’s so noticeable before running to get her kit for the case that Chloe just received. Lucifer arrives back at his penthouse to be met with Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) who tells Lucifer that the task that God wants him to have is Lucifer himself. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that if he wants to figure out what the task is and how it relates to him that Amenadiel needs to walk a mile in his shoes. He explains that he has access to his clothes and shoes and his social media. He tells Amenadiel to “go, release your inner devil. Then ask yourself WWLD….What Would Lucifer Do?”


Chloe and Ella are identifying the body of a councilor who was found on the rehabilitation center when Lucifer arrives. Ella explains how their victim died and how her body was dumped telling them they are looking for a knife or a tool. Jerry Blackcrow Ross (Antonio Jaramillo) meets with Chloe and Lucifer and tells them that the person who did this must of come from the outside to which Lucifer calls him delusional considering where they are at telling everyone that the killer is probably there. Jerry tells them that there is no way that his kids killed her, that they walk Firehawk path and that the center was a place for restoration much to Lucifer’s disbelief telling him that the center is a scam because people don’t change. Jerry tells Lucifer that he is living proof that people can change and they do. Ella walks over with a tool belt that they found in the victim’s office and notices that a tool is missing. They ask Jerry who the tool belt belongs to and he informs them that it belongs to one of the kids and that they are the only ones who receive them.


Chloe, Lucifer and Jerry take the tool belt into the barn where they are met by Colin (Ronak Gandhi) who looks through the logs to find who the tool belt belongs to. Lucifer notices the wings pinned to Colin’s shirt and asks Jerry about them. Jerry tells them the pins are the highest honor at Firehawk. Lucifer finds this whole thing to be a big joke and twists what the center is all about when Colin breaks the tension by telling them the tool belt was Tyson’s (Rickey Eugene Brown). When they get to Tyson’s room he is nowhere to be found when Lucifer asks Jerry if he still thinks people can change. Meanwhile, back at LUX, Amenadiel is trying hard to walk in Lucifer’s shoes. He tries flirting with a lady at the standing away from bar only for him to be let down when she points out that she just wants to talk with her boyfriend. Amenadiel tries again at the bar where he is very blunt in telling her that she gets to have sex with him, which she doesn’t take kindly to and throws her drink at him. When Amenadiel feels like it’s not going to work out, a lady saddles up next to him and asks him to buy her a drink.


At the police station, Chloe is going over Tyson’s record and priors with Dan (Kevin Alejandro) who tells Chloe that Firehawk was probably Tyson’s last chance before going into prison. He hands over security photos and tells her that was the last time anyone has seen of Tyson. Pierce comes along asking how the case is going causing Chloe to brief him on the happenings. As he walks away Chloe notices Ella across the hall making some very gesturing moves to stand firm on her belief that Pierce has a thing for her. Dan tells Chloe that she’s not alone and that Pierce doesn’t like him either. Chloe tells him that if he has a problem she’s going to fix it and not let it affect her career. Dan glances over to Lucifer who is pouring alcohol into the coffee mug as he tells Chloe that maybe she’s not the problem. Chloe tells Lucifer she’d prefer it if he focused on helping them solve the case and that she’ll call the judge and to try and get it unsealed. When Lucifer tells her that he may have a way to cut corners, Chloe tells him she’d rather not and she’ll handle it. Lucifer goes to Lexy’s husband for him to sign off on what Chloe needs. Lucifer stops Tyson as he tries to hot wire the car when Lucifer takes him on a spin after Tyson tells him he’d rather die than go back to Firehawk which results in Tyson agreeing to tell Lucifer anything he wants to know.


Lucifer brings Tyson in for Chloe to question under a citizen’s arrest. As they talk, Tyson had no idea that Emily was dead and that he loved Emily. Tyson told them if he hadn’t left Emily would still be alive and he could have protected her as everything went to hell after a mysterious resident Emily wanted to expel. Chloe and Lucifer are at odds about how to handle the case when Dan tells everyone that he has to go and that he has a friend in trouble. Dan tells them he will have Emily’s file sent over and that hopefully it will give them something to go off of. As Pierce judges how they are handling the case he walks out congratulating Lucifer on being a good influence. Lucifer goes back to Firehawk and stirs the kids up by telling them to how to rebel but is taken to a week field. Chloe finds Lucifer riding a horse and smoking while the residents are busy relapsing and dealing with weed. Chloe tells him that the resident Emily was going to expel was helping with drugs when Lucifer calls Carly (Saxon Sharbino) over to him and Chloe. Dan arrives at the holding cells where Amenadiel is waiting, explaining to Dan that the girl he slept with was a prostitute and wanted money. Her “cousin” was her pimp wouldn’t listen to reason. Dan tells him that he pulled some strings and that he’s good to go.


Pierce tells Chloe to think outside of the box like Lucifer when Carly comes to them telling him that she wants to talk and tells them about a buried by the sundial. Chloe, Ella and Lucifer go and dig where Carly said he buried the thing as Lucifer back seats digs. Chloe talks to Ella about Pierce when Ella agrees with Lucifer about Pierce having good judgment. Ella tells Chloe to pay attention to Pierce’s actions to find a common ground. They find the blade that was missing from Tyson’s tool belt buried where Carly said it would be and is covered in blood. They go back to station where they bring Tyson back in and Chloe goes to leave when Lucifer says he needs to go handle something which Pierce is all for then telling Chloe he’s going to ride along with her. Amenadiel and Dan talk at LUX about what his father’s test for him and how he’s been trying to walk a mile in his shoes as Dan describes Lucifer it seems Amenadiel realizes how lonely Lucifer’s life truly is. Chloe and Pierce arrive at Firehawk as she rants about how good of a cop she is and how upset she is about how he’s treating her. Pierce tells Chloe that he turned her application down because he wasn’t going to waste his best detective to attend useless meetings. Their conversation is cut short when Pierce tells Chloe there’s a gun and jumps in front of her as Jerry shoots Pierce. As Chloe fires back, Jerry is able to get away while Chloe calls for medics.


As the episode comes to an end, Lucifer arrives at Firehawk as Pierce is being carried away in the ambulance asking Chloe if she’s okay. She tells him that Pierce saved her life and then said that it’s proof that criminals don’t change their lives. Chloe cuts him short telling him she needs to get to the hospital. When she walks away, Lucifer goes to talk to Dan who tells him that they have an APB out on Jerry and tells him that Chloe was fine. He says she was lucky Pierce was with her and walks away. Lucifer stares off saying, “But I wasn’t,” before figuring out Jerry would probably have a stash of money and try to run. He arrives as Jerry was putting cash in his bag. As they talk, Jerry goes for the gun and turns it on Lucifer only for Lucifer to be behind him grabbing him by the throat telling him his punishment will be worse than jail. As he beats Jerry up, Amenadiel stops him before he can kill Jerry telling Lucifer, “You are the devil. You punish evil. Your words.” Chloe visits Pierce in the hospital and thanks him for saving her life. When she asks about him being injured before he tells her the reality of dying was never so close as it was after he was shot to which Chloe tells him her story. Pierce tells Chloe he sees why Lucifer is so affected by her then calls her special. Dan comes knocking and thanks Pierce for the Union Rep position. Lucifer and Amenadiel arrive back at LUX where they talk about how Amenadiel walking in his shoes was a lesson to Lucifer himself and how Lucifer was punishing himself about not being there for Chloe because he truly cares and if that’s the case Lucifer really had changed. Amenadiel explains to Lucifer that God wants him that to have his back now that he was evolving. Lucifer tells Amenadiel a story of a soul he tortured in Hell who one day missed his beating and when he went back the soul begged Lucifer to not leave him again. He tells Amenadiel that the soul reminded him of Amenadiel as he lashes out at him.


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