Man with a Plan–What About Bob?

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By: Julie Mante


As Adam (Matt LeBlanc) and Don (Kevin Nealon) are talking in the kitchen when Andi (Liza Snyder) walks in and reminds him about the fundraiser they are attending. Adam starts fake coughing and hopes he can trick his wife so he will not have to go. She does not buy it, but it does not matter because she says he does not have to go. Adam is suspicious, but she has decided to take her sister-in-law Marcy (Kali Rocha) to the fundraiser. Don thinks it is a bad idea for his wife to go with Andi and says that Adam should go. Andi says that Marcy will be a better date. Besides, she has her work friends Amy, Sarah and Bob (Gary Anthony Williams) to keep her company. When Adam hears the name Bob, he freezes. He tries to play it cool, but he is uncomfortable that his wife has a male friend at work. Andi starts telling him that Bob and her enjoy the same cooking shows and they have a good time hanging out at work. Andi is impressed that Adam is handling the situation well and not acting jealous. Adam tells her that he is a modern man and modern men are not jealous.
When he pulls Don outside to put something in the car, Adam tells his brother that he is not a modern man at all. He is super jealous, but he is afraid of telling Andi because his jealously caused problems for them in the past. He gives Don permission to do whatever it takes to prevent him from being jealous in front of Andi.
When Andi has lunch with Marcy at work, she tells her sister-in-law that Adam was not jealous when she told him about Bob. At first she was proud, but quickly it made her upset. Why was he not jealous? Andi wonders if being married for fifteen years has made Adam feel too comfortable and feels she should to talk to Adam about her feelings. Marcy tells Andi to pretend that Bob is constantly texting her and see if that will spur Adam into a jealous rage.
In the garage, Adam tells Don not to tell Marcy that he is jealous of Bob because he does not want Marcy spilling the beans to Andi. When Andi comes into the garage, she puts Marcy’s plan in motion. She starts talking about how funny Bob is, how he does triathlons and has really muscular thighs. Adam is seeing red and he is about to lash out when Don shocks him. The electricity gets him to calm down and he remembers to remain cool. Andi senses his anger and asks him about it, but he says he is fine and that Don accidentally shocked him. Andi leaves the garage disappointed and angry. As she is preparing dinner, she calls Marcy and wants to know another way she can make Adam jealous. Marcy says that she needs to be bolder and say and do more outrageous things so Adam will snap.
Back in the garage, Don suggests for Adam to take a sexy picture to bring some heat back into the couple’s marriage. Adam gets on his motorcycle and strikes a sexy pose while Don takes the picture with Adam’s cell phone. After the sexy picture is taken, Don accidentally sends the picture to Mrs. Rodriguez (Diana Maria Riva). She is the kindergarten teacher of Adam’s youngest daughter Emme (Hala Finley). Adam is mortified because he knows that the teacher will share the picture with the whole school.
The next day Adam is preparing the kids’ school lunches when Andi walks in dressed up with high heels on. Adam is stunned and asks her why she is dressing up for work. She says that she is going to lunch with Bob to celebrate the season finale of a cooking show they both watch. When Andi turns around and lifts her leg in a sexy pose, Adam squeezes the mustard bottle so tight that all the mustard lands on his son Teddy (Matthew McCann).
At their house, Marcy asks Don if Adam has talked about Bob with him. Don plays dumb but Marcy tells him to spill it. He never reveals anything about Bob but does tell her that Adam has secret fishing boat that she and Andi do not know about. Turns out Marcy has known about it for six months.
After he drops his kids at school, Mrs. Rodriguez and the other parents make fun of Adam’s sexy motorcycle picture. Adam admits the whole thing was a mistake but decides that he is tired of playing games. He wants to resolve this issue and decides to go to Andi’s workplace to talk.
When Adam arrives at the hospital where Andi works, he sees her laughing with Bob. When she leaves the lab for coffee, Adam decides that he would rather confront Bob. Adam tells a confused and scared Bob that he does not appreciate him spending so much time with his wife. When Andi walks in, she is surprised to see her husband there. Andi admits to Adam that Bob has not been texting her or acting inappropriately and that Bob is actually her boss. Bob leaves the room and allows he couple to deal with their issues. Adam is embarrassed and asks Andi why she lied. She reveals that his indifference to her having a male friend made her feel insecure and she became obsessed with making him jealous. Adam says that he has been jealous all along but did not want to show it because of their past problems. Andi realizes that when she was younger and had a lot of male attention, having a jealous boyfriend was not a good thing. Now that she is older, she wants to feel wanted by husband so she wants him to be jealous.
Later that night, the couple is eating dinner with Don and Marcy. Adam and Andi decide to be honest with each other from now on. Marcy thinks she and Don should adopt that policy too. Don spills the beans about Adam’s secret boat in front of Andi. Adam gets back at him by telling Marcy that Don bought her engagement ring from a mortician. Some things are better kept a secret.

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