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By: Paige Zinaman



Q) What are some of the recent projects you are working on?


A) I’ve recently completed the first season of a series for Netflix called “Altered Carbon.” It’s a futuristic thriller based on a cyberpunk novel of the same name.


Q) What can you tease about your film Residue and how you decided this was the role for you?


A) Residue is a darkly funny, twisted horror film from Rusty Nixon. My character is a sleazy wrestling promoter. He’s wheelchair bound, seething with rage and looking to crawl up the underworld ladder.


Q) How is working on a neo-noir piece different than other projects?


A) Working on this type of material is no different than working on any other genre. It’s just a matter of knowing what kind of play you’re in.


Q) What were some of your most memorable moments from filming?


A) Without giving too much away, seeing how my own demise was engineered was entertaining.


Q) If you could describe Residue in three words what would they be?


A) Twisted. Funny.


Q) What do you hope viewers take away from seeing the movie?


A) Free popcorn. I hope they have some chills and a titter or two.


Q) You’ve worked on shows like “Orphan Black” and “Eureka.” How is working on an indie project different than working on a television show?


A) They’re similar. On a big budget film, there’s a lot of time. You’re not shooting that much per day in terms of a page count. Due to the quick turnaround on series television, the pace is much quicker and a much higher page count per day. It’s the same with independent films, largely because of the small budgets.


Q) How do you mentally and/or physically prepare for the roles you do?


A) They’re all different. It depends how similar the role is to me. If it’s a long way away from me, it demands more concentration as there is more about the character that is an invention. You’re trying to create a feeling on camera, whether it’s dread, loss, joy or whatever. You try and chart that through the course of the script, relax and hopefully convey it.


Q) Looking back on the many projects you’ve done, is there anything that’s stuck with you that you apply to the new roles you undertake?


A) When I was a very young actor fresh out of drama school in England I worked on Robin of Sherwood playing a villain. We were working in very difficult conditions, up to our knees in mud, raining the whole time, very windy. I remember looking around at the crew and these guys were just howling, having a great time, laughing and singing. It’s like being aboard a pirate ship going around the Horn. The assholes get keelhauled first. In other words, there are two ways to get from A to B.


Q) When and how can fans watch Residue?


A) I don’t know. There must be some clue on that internet thingy.


Q) I have to ask, Mr. Fairweather or Aldous Leekie – which did you like playing more?


A) I enjoyed both roles for different reasons. I liked the tension between heart and head with Leekie. He was very analytical and cold until the paternal and somewhat confusing feelings for the original clone crash the party. Fairweather is much lower down the social ladder. He’s grasping and frustrated. He just WANTS, but is trapped by his handicap and circumstance. He’s probably much more human than Leekie.


Q) Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?


A) Thank you. Above all, thank you.

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