Maurice Hall – Baker’s Man

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By: Nicole Dintelman



Q) You wrote, directed, produced and starred in this film. How long did it take from start to finish to complete?

A) It took three years from start to finish. For this being my first film, I learned many things in the post production process. I went through five editors before I found the right one.

Q) What was the inspiration for the story?

A) I typically get cast in dramatic roles: detective, doctor and lawyer. I wanted to do something different, more light-hearted and fun. So, I wrote a romantic comedy.

Q) There is one scene where the girls are talking on the phone, and Bella is using the bathroom. What made you decide to make that scene so graphic?

A) That scene has been one of the most brought up scenes of the movie. People have either loved it or hated it. Two things that made me do it. I wanted to continue to show who the character of Bella (Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez) was. She’s free spirited and anything goes with her. I also wanted to share reality. Although it is not talked about, I’ve spoken to many women who talked on the phone, put on their makeup, etc. while using the bathroom. I wanted it to be real.

Q) Out of writing/directing/acting/producing, what would you say you are most passionate about doing?

A) Acting is number one. The purpose of me writing Baker’s Man was to act in it and showcase my ability in a different way. I do also enjoy writing and bringing original stories to life along with directing and facilitating and making the story real. They both are a close second.

Q) Thomas and Bella have really great chemistry. Was that really fluid on set?

A) It was. I cast Alyssa in my dramatic web series “Shadow Love” a few years back so I knew exactly what I was getting when I cast her. I had never acted opposite her before, but I felt from the chemistry read we had that we would play well on screen. She’s great.

Q) One reviewer on Amazon suggested you turn this into a series of movies where we follow Thomas around L.A. Have you thought about that?

A) I have not thought about that, but if someone wants to help distribute that avenue I’d be open to it.

Q) What is your favorite scene from the movie?

A) My favorite scene was Thomas visiting Granny (Caren L. Larkey) at the nursing home and Granny telling him the real story of what happened with the bakery. Every time I watch it I get a little emotional. That is real life. I think we make stories up in our head and hold all this hate or resentment and often times it’s because miscommunication.

Q) What is your advice to actors/writers wanting to break into the business?

A) Do it yourself. No one is going to give you anything. Write something that’s great for you and showcases your ability and shoot it. It doesn’t have to be a feature film, just something good for you. Work hard. Have faith and DON’T GIVE UP. It will happen as long as you stay in it 100%.

Q) If you weren’t in the entertainment business what would you be doing?

A) I’d probably be a sports analyst for ESPN or a rapper. [smiles] I love music.

Q) You are a part of social media. Are you looking forward to the instant fan feedback you’ll receive?

A) I love the feedback from the movie. Every time someone tells me they watched it, I instantly want to know their favorite scene and what they didn’t like. It also helps me as a writer. I get excited.

Q) What do you hope viewers take away from watching the movie?

A) I hope people take away the importance of communication, the importance of helping others and giving back. Lastly, the importance of enjoying life.

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