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By: Brittany Dailey



Q) Did you know ahead of time how many episodes you would be in or how prominent your character and story arc would be this season of Wynonna Earp?

A) When I signed on I had no idea how big of a role it would be or just how intense it would be. I thought I would do 5 episodes and be a little bratty. Turns out just plain old evil.

Q) Did you watch the show prior to getting the part, if not, once you got the part did you go back and watch Season 1?

A) I did watch the show. I have so many friends who were in the first season. I love supporting them and the show was so much fun to watch.

Q) The sister/wives have a complicated relationship, to say the least. Is the interaction between the two purely due to the fantastic writing or were you and Dani [Kind] able to add some of your own improv and inflections to it?

A) Dani and I have known each other for a long time and we are both such different people. It was nice to see those subtle differences naturally come out on screen.

Q) The widows have different styles of accomplishing the same goal. Mercedes is more forceful and overpowering, while Beth is conniving and manipulative. What was it like to play that, where the end result was Beth stepping out of Mercedes’ shadow?

A) It was so much fun to play second fiddle and then make the decision to take over. Mercedes was sick and failing so it was the perfect time for Beth to make the move.

Q) We mainly see Beth with Mercedes, but in episode 10 we saw Beth putting pressure on Waverly by making a deal to save Nicole, if she got her the third seal. What was it like to get to act opposite Dominique Provost-Chalkley? Is there anyone you wish you had more scenes with?

A) I loved working with Dom! She’s such a talented little spitfire. I really wish I could have worked with Melanie more. She is such an inspiring brave actress. Also….more scenes with Bobo please.

Q) Earpers tend to love every character on the show, even the villains. They might not be rooting for them but they all make bad look so good. What do you attribute to that?

A) Earpers are straight up the most supportive, witty and hilarious fans. I think when you love a show so much, you just love everything about it. The villains make a show exciting. It’s always great to see your hero succeed.

Q) Widow Beth has quite some one-liners, like ‘It takes two….boo,’ which pays homage to the witchy side of the widows. How much do you add in when delivering lines like those and were you aware of the parallels for some of those phenomenal layered dialogue moments?

A) I tried not to add anything. Emily and the writers did such a great job adding those little fun lines, I never really felt the need to improv. I probably wasn’t as aware of the layered moments as I should be. Watching it back I’ve had a lot of “ohhhhhhh” moments.

Q) What was your initial reaction when you read the script for the finale?

A) THIS IS AMAZING! And then I cried.

Q) At the end of episode 11, we see the widows have teamed up with BoBo. What can you tease for what this will mean for Wynonna and the rest of the gang in the season finale?

A) Nothing good.

Q) What have you taken away from your experiences being a part of this series?

A) First of all, watching Melanie Scrofano work while being nine months pregnant was an inspiration. It was even more amazing to see a show runner, network and an entire cast and crew support that. They supported it without even batting an eye. I loved that. I really had such a wonderful time on the show and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the third season.

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