Melanie Scrofano – Wynonna Earp – Comic Con 2017

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By: Brittany Dailey


Q) Was it difficult being pregnant and filming this season?


A) The physical stuff was really easy. But I worked hard. It was easy because I worked hard to make it easy. I tried to eat well and stay in shape, if only because I knew I had to give birth and push a human out. So, I’m like you don’t stop working out before the marathon. So, that stuff was easy. It was really hard emotionally. I was always worried about…In Season One, I was really happy all the time. It seemed like on set I was always joking around. I felt like I was letting people down by not doing that in Season Two because I was tired and not always in the mood to jump around. So, I felt like I was letting people down by not being “on” all the time. I had to get to a place where I was like, “Oh well, if people don’t think I’m fun all the time…that’s it.” That was the hardest part.


Q) Talk about your pregnancy and putting it into the story of “Wynonna Earp” this season.


A) My family doesn’t care about television so it was really easy. Everybody who stepped on set had to sign an NDA. Nobody could take pictures. In a way, I sort of liked it because we sort of had to recreate a bubble. You do really good work in a bubble because you’re not thinking about what are the fans going to say. The work should be pure. I think the reason why people in Season One responded to it was because the work was pure. Just coming at it fresh. So, it was actually helpful to recreate a bit of that cocoon we had so we could just be a family and really just focus – then explode back on Twitter afterwards.


Q) You did go Twitter dark for about six months.


A) I bet you people will think it’s because I was pregnant, but I would have done that anyway. I think if I had to stop doing “Wynonna” I don’t want it because we got cancelled since my work starting getting shitty. I wanted to just do my best to live in that world. I would do it again. I wouldn’t do it for every show I’m on, but this one is special to me.


Q) How is the baby doing?


A) So good! Not here because of a passport. Apparently, three months old babies need passports.


Q) What kind of reaction is Wynonna having to the pregnancy news?


A) Right now I think it’s just really accepting…She can’t catch a fucking break! It’s like she doesn’t ask for anything and if there is one thing that she feels she did right in her life it’s being on birth control. This was one thing…She was like, “Another Earp heir? No. Please. Let’s just find a way to end this somehow.” Then, it happens again. So, I think she is angry. I think she’s frustrated and I think she feels alone more than ever. I think she feels the burden of responsibility now in a way that she has never felt, which she was never really loving to begin with. She’s not in a great place.


Q) Will Wynonna be slightly happier by the end of the season?


A) There is an evolution, in a way. Definitely she’s not just going to be moping the whole time.


Q) How much did you get to improvise this season?


A) So mean. I love it! I improvised quite a bit. It’s so funny because sometimes I remember… When I see it I’m like, “Yeah, I did that.” But they’re very generous with, “You know your character so well. Just…whatever. Just do it.” So, it actually becomes really hard to remember what I did. I was also really tired this season. They would sometimes ask me to ad lib and I was like, “No! No, I’m not writing, too!” [laughs] But when I felt free to do it there was no pressure on it that I did it.


Q) What was it like to co-write with Beau Smith on two comics?


A) He is so generous! This is his baby so you would sort of expect him…And he is really protective of Wynonna Earp – the property. There have been times when things have come up where he was shut down. He has a strong backbone though about his property. He really just trusted me. He was like, “You have the voice. Just write.” To have that trust was so freeing. I think if he was on me and editing everything that I said I would not feel safe and probably would have sucked. He was like, “Just write. We’ll fix it if it needs to be fixed.” So, that’s what I did and it was the most liberating thing. If he asked me to do it again, I’m doing it tomorrow! It was just really hard because my two comics I had to write while I was shooting. I was pregnant and shooting like eighteen hour days and then I had to go home and write the comics and learn my lines. So, looking back it was amazing, but during it it was tough. It’s a finite amount of time so you know you can get through it.


Q) What would you like to see explored in Season Three of “Wynonna Earp?”


A) I’m a sucker for family. I’m also a sucker for drama. I don’t want things to be too happy. Is that awful? It’s not fun to watch happy people doing happy things. Just watch another show for that. I would love to know more about her own mother. I said that last year, too. I would love to know more about that because we’ve heard about the dad. Then, where did she go? She left her daughters to deal with it on their own. I would love to hear her side of it.

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