Midnight, Texas – Bad Moon Rising

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By: Nicole Dintelman

This week on “Midnight Texas” we immediately see Manfred (Francois Arnaud) and Creek (Sarah Ramos) running from something and Manfred is bleeding. Whatever is chasing them is growling pretty loud. They make it to Manfred’s RV. Once inside, Creek asks him how bad his wound is and he pulls up his shirt and she cringes. She tells him it’s not that bad and he tells her to never play poker. Manfred says that once he’s not bleeding he’ll try for that kiss again. Creek tells him that she’s not scared of a little blood. We don’t think this is the time to be making out but hey what do we know?

Manfred leans in for a kiss and all of the sudden whatever was growling jumps on top of the RV. Manfred hands Creek a knife and she asks him if he has anything with bullets. He tells her he’s new to Texas. Something puts a huge scratch mark on the roof of the RV and there are more loud growls outside. Manfred asks his grandma (Joanne Camp) if she has any ideas and Creek looks at him confused and says: “Grandma?” Manfred tells her that his grandma is dead and that he sees her. Manfred’s grandma tells him to stop talking and run!

Twenty-four hours earlier when Manfred returned to his house it was completely red with evil ghosts. He went to the RV and found his grandma waiting. She asks him if he was having a bad night. Manfred tells her that she told him to go to Midnight – lay low, make money, nice folks, small out of the way place. She says: “So that’s a yes?” He tells her that his whole house is infested and he just promised he’d help with whatever, then his phone starts to vibrate. Grandma tells him that the Sheriff has been calling all night. Manfred’s grandma tells him that he doesn’t have him anymore and Midnighters protect each other. Whatever he’s going through now will be worth it in the end. Grandma tells him it’s Midnight, he doesn’t need to pretend to be normal. He can go in there and tell them what’s up. She tells him to let his freak flag fly!

Lemuel (Peter Mensah), Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley), Olivia (Arielle Kebbel), Joe (Jason Lewis) and the Rev (Yul Vasquez) are having a meeting about Bobo (Dylan Bruce) being taken by the law. Lemuel is livid because they have come into their town and taken one of them. Fiji thinks that she made it worse by using her gift. The Rev tells her that she didn’t show them anything they didn’t already suspect. Lemuel says that they scared the police and Manfred walks in and says that he needs help. He tells them that his place is overrun with ghosts and he needs backup. Fiji says that she will help and Joe also says that he will help. Manfred asks if either of them know CPR in case it doesn’t go well.

Sheriff Livingstone (Sean Bridgers) is interrogating Bobo and Bobo is telling him that he has the wrong man. The Sheriff tells him that the gun is registered to him and Bobo insists that he didn’t kill Aubrey. Sheriff Livingstone says that Aubrey (Shannon Lorance) was married to a skinhead and Bobo tells him that he didn’t know until they told him that. Bobo says that he realizes that it’s easy to blame him since they don’t like anyone in Midnight, but he didn’t kill Aubrey. Officer Gomez (Lora Martinez-Cunningham) says she has an idea and takes Bobo and puts him in a cell with four Sons of Lucifer gang members. Bobo proceeds to wipe the floor with all four of them. We’re still not sure if Bobo is supernatural in any way, but he sure knows how to fight!

Olivia is locking The Rev into a cellar. He tells her that he’s feeling dread and something is different. Whatever he is it sounds pretty dangerous. Manfred takes Fiji and Joe to his house and it’s filled with flies and cold air. Manfred tells them that Aubrey is there and he tells Aubrey to borrow his body to show him what happened. He has flashes of Aubrey’s memory then starts to drown. Joe and Fiji get him out of the house and the next thing he knows he wakes up at Fiji’s.

Manfred tells Fiji that a biker killed Aubrey. Fiji tells Manfred that he knows enough to point the law away from Bobo and while he’s doing that she will get to work on his house. Fiji says that she’s going to do an exorcism. Joe tells Chuy (Bernardo Saracino) that he’s going to give Manfred a ride to the police station, but Chuy says he needs to talk to him before he goes. Apparently, Chuy found a feather in the wash: Hashtag angel problems. Chuy asks Joe if he went flying and tells him that someone could have seen him. Joe tells him that with everything going on he was worried about the end of everything they know and love. Joe tells Chuy that he has to go and Chuy says that they are finishing the conversation later.

Joe and Manfred are getting gas and Creek comes out to ask what they’re doing. Manfred tells her that he saw something that can help Bobo. Creek tells him that she’s working tonight, but maybe they can do something after. Manfred tells the Sheriff what Aubrey showed him and tells him that it took Aubrey three days to die. On the way back to Midnight, Joe tells Manfred that what he did was pretty badass. Sheriff Livingstone tells them to resume the search. He also suspends Office Gomez for her stunt with Bobo and the gang members.

In the cellar, the Rev is starting to shift into something else. We still don’t know what, but whatever it is, it only happens once a month. At Manfred’s, Fiji is setting up for her exorcism. When she opens the bedroom door she asks him if it’s as bad as it was before and he tells her it’s worse. Fiji is absolutely calm, while Manfred is completely freaked out. Fiji tells Manfred he needs to leave because his body can be hijacked, but hers can’t. Manfred tells her that he’ll be on the porch if she needs him.

Officer McNosy Pants, we mean Gomez, decides to go to Midnight and poke her nose where it doesn’t belong. She hears a noise coming from the cellar. So, she undoes the chains and goes on in. We’re pretty sure this is a huge mistake. It’s like one of those scary movies where they go see if the killer is dead! She gets deeper into the cellar and we see the bull that The Rev drug down a few days before and behind it is a tiger! Holy crap, he shape-shifted into a tiger! We expected a wolf but not a tiger! Officer Gomez tries to get away, but she’s not out running a tiger. R.I.P. Officer Gomez. Manfred hears all of the commotions and when he goes to see what’s going on he sees her dead up in a tree.

Manfred goes to the diner and tells Madonna (Kellee Stewart) that she can’t let anyone leave. Madonna had just given the last call, but looks at him confused and asks him why. He tells her that something is up outside. Madonna tells the patrons to stay as long as they need. Manfred asks about Creek and Madonna tells him that she’s working at the gas station. Manfred takes off running to the station. Creek has the music up loud and doesn’t hear him yelling at first, but then once she does she turns it off and sees him standing there. At the same time, the tiger runs by and scratches Manfred.

Creek asks what it was and Manfred tells her it’s a tiger. They try to go into the garage, but the tiger follows. They lower a car onto the tiger and Creek asks Manfred why the hell there is a tiger loose and he tells her that he thinks it’s The Rev. Creek starts to ask Manfred if he’s okay, but before he can answer Rev the tiger is getting free. They take off running and make it to the RV. This is where we met up with them at the beginning of the episode.

Lemuel wakes up from his slumber and comes to the pawn shop. Olivia tells him that he’s late and he tells her that he’s moving slowly tonight because he hasn’t had breakfast. She tells him no leaching tonight, she’s wiped. Lemuel tells her that he smells blood, a lot of it. Olivia sees the tiger on top of Manfred’s RV and begins shooting. The tiger takes off running and Manfred and Creek come out of the RV. Olivia accuses Manfred of letting The Rev out of the cellar and Manfred tells her it wasn’t him, it was her and pointed to the dead lady in the tree. Lemuel says, “what a waste.” He then asks Manfred if he’s bleeding. Creek takes Manfred to have Madonna take a look.

Olivia says that she needs ammo. Lemuel tells her that if one of the silver bullets grazes The Rev, he’s dead. Olivia tells him that it’s not The Rev they’re dealing with anymore. Manfred asks Madonna how she knows how to sew people up like she does. She tells him to live in Midnight you have to be able to protect yourself and the people you love. Madonna tells Manfred that Creek is sweet on him, but so far all he’s brought to Midnight is trouble so he better not make her regret sewing him up. Creek thanks Manfred for saving her life. Manfred looks out the window and see’s his house going crazy and tells Creek he’ll be back.

When he gets to his house he sees Fiji on the floor and tries to yell at her, but she tells him to wait. Everything stops but then there is still something dripping off of the spirit catcher that Fiji made. She tells Manfred that something evil is still in the house. They look down and the floor is still glowing red. All of the sudden the spirit starts calling her name telling her it wants her. It then opens the door and pushes Manfred out. Manfred is unable to get back in but when he breaks back in he sees Fiji being suspended then pinned against the wall.

Manfred tells Fiji he needs something more powerful than him and goes to the RV and gets a skull. He calls on the ancestor of his great, great grandmother and the skull lights up and sends the demon to the mirror. Manfred then breaks the mirror. Fiji tells Manfred that she needs to go home and he tells her that she shouldn’t go home because The Rev escaped. Fiji is just not having a good day. Fiji calls Olivia and tells her that she and Manfred will search the ranches and Manfred asks: “We?” Yes, Manfred, you are part of this town now. You have to help.

Fiji and Manfred come across a dead animal and think they have found The Rev. Fiji calls Liv to tell her that they think they’ve found him. Manfred asks if they should wait until Olivia and Lem get there and Fiji tells him that they will be there any second. At that moment, Rev comes out of the bushes and Liv shows up with a rifle and Lem appears. Lemuel tries talking to the tiger, but it’s not working and Olivia wants to shoot him. Lemuel won’t let her and grabs the tiger from behind and leeches from him to sedate him. It’s a win win. Lem gets his breakfast and The Rev won’t hurt anyone else!

The next morning, The Rev shifts back into a man while Olivia, Fiji and Manfred watch. The special effects in this show are amazing. Manfred covers him with his jacket. Olivia tells him that he’s back and it’s okay now. He tells her that it’s not and he knows what he did. Sheriff Livingstone lets Bobo go. He tells him that one of his neighbors came forward with information that led them to a Son’s of Lucifer jacket downstream from where they found the gun. The jacket had a hair in the zipper that matched Aubrey’s. They’re now looking for Aubrey’s husband. Bobo tells the Sheriff that if he sees him he will call them.

The Rev is burying Officer Gomez right outside his pet cemetery. He tells Olivia that tigers are solitary and he spent a lot of time alone before coming to Midnight. Fiji has a jar with a lock of everyone’s hair. She’s now added a jar with Manfred’s. She is a witch, but this is a tad on the creepy side. Fiji starts hearing the evil spirit chanting her name, but it could be her imagination. Bobo comes in, surprising her, which stops whatever she was hearing in her mind. Bobo thanks her for working so hard to get him free, but tells her that Aubrey’s husband is still out there and it’s not over.

Sheriff Livingstone is leaving the station and when he starts his car it blows up. Guess they’re going to need a new Sheriff. Aubrey’s husband (Evan Jones) and his gang were responsible for blowing him up. Joe finally tells Chuy what he was talking about when he said he was afraid. He tells Chuy that evil is headed to Midnight. Supernatural evil, human evil, and it’s just beginning. He says the more evil takes hold the more the veil frays. Eventually, it will break. Chuy asks him how he knows this and Joe tells him a Millennium ago he was there when it happened before.

Chuy asks if they’re just supposed to stand by and wait for it to happen. Joe tells him that there is a prophecy that a man with a gift of vision who can bridge the living and the dead will lead an army and basically save the day. Bobo takes Manfred a gift that he calls a housewarming slash thanks for saving my ass gift. It’s a sign that says: “Palmistry. Psychic & Clairvoyant.” Bobo tells Manfred that Fiji told him what he did and Manfred tells him that what Aubrey felt for him was real. Bobo says that the woman he loved didn’t exist.

Creek comes in and hugs Bobo and tells him that it’s good to have him back. Manfred says that he has a good story to go with his scar. Creek says that after the ghosts and the tiger she was sure he’d be gone. Manfred tells her that he can’t leave now, he has a sign. Creek tells him that he told her once he wasn’t bleeding he’d kiss her, he does but then stops. Manfred asks her if she’s trying to piss off her dad. She tells him only two percent, but ninety-eight percent she’s really into him. Joe and Chuy are still looking at an evil looking painting and Chuy asks Joe if Manfred stands between them and that. Joe tells him that he thinks so. Chuy’s reply is what we’re all thinking: “Damn.”

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