Midnight, Texas – Unearthed

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By: Nicole Dintelman



This week on “Midnight, Texas” Manfred (Francois Arnaud) hears a knock at the door but no one is there. He finds a rusty jack-in-the-box instead. Inside is a toy with its eyes gouged out. A note inside tells him to come to the train station alone. Manfred tells Xylda (Joanne Camp) that Hightower (Christopher Heyerdahl) knows where he lives and didn’t even have the decency to just shoot him when he opened the door. Xylda tells him that Hightower wants to make him suffer first and she’s sorry that she ever got Manfred mixed up in all of it. Manfred tells his grandmother that he wanted the money as much as she did. Manfred asks Xylda if he should meet Hightower. At first, she says no, but then she tells him to ask for help.


Bobo (Dylan Bruce) and Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) are getting hot and heavy and Fiji’s cat isn’t taking kindly to it. Bobo hears motorcycles outside so he runs out. They throw a fire bomb into the pawn shop. Manfred and Bobo rush into action to activate the fire hydrant. Creek (Sarah Ramos) comes up to ask if the Son’s of Lucifer did this. Bobo runs into make sure that Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) and Lem (Peter Mensah) are okay. Olivia tells Bobo that she’s fine and says that Lem slept through everything. Bobo hears a voice telling him that everything is a big ole distraction. He asks who’s there. The voice says: “Down here, dimwit.” He looks down and see’s Fiji’s cat.


Bobo looks at the cat and in surprise says: “Fiji’s cat?” The cat replies: “Yup, and oh my beeswax, the cat talks.” The cat goes on to tell Bobo that the bikers took Fiji. The cat tells Bobo that Fiji feeds him and she can’t be away for too long. This show may be dark, but it does throw humor in where it can. Bobo hears the phone ringing and goes to answer it. It’s Lowry (Evan Jones). He tells Bobo to bring his guns and his money or he’ll never see Fiji alive again. Lowry wants an apology for Aubrey (Shannon Lorance), but tells Bobo he’ll get back to him on where to bring the guns and the money. They have Fiji locked in some kind of crate.


Manfred goes to see Creek to ask her if she ever thinks about leaving Midnight. She asks him why he’s running. Manfred tells her it’s a guy he owes money to. Creek tells Manfred that she’s not leaving her brother alone with her dad. Manfred tells Creek that the guy that he owes the money to found him so he’s not safe anymore. Creek tells Manfred that he doesn’t have to run, he can ask people for help. Manfred says it’s just not good timing to ask anyone for help. Creek tells him it doesn’t mean the folks won’t help unless he wants to run. Manfred tells her that’s his instincts, it’s what he’s always done, except for the first time he feels like he has a reason to stay put. Manfred asks Creek if he has a reason to stay put. Creek tells him that he does. He has a reason to stay put. We think this means they’re going steady.


Bobo is putting a large amount of cash into a bag when Manfred comes into pawn his family’s witchy items. Bobo gives Manfred $15,000 for it all then asks Manfred if he wants a pistol to go along with it all.  Manfred asks Bobo what makes him think he needs a – when Bobo interrupts him and says he doesn’t know. Manfred tells him that it might not hurt. Manfred tells Bobo that he’s sorry about what happened and at least no one got hurt. Fiji wakes up in the box she’s in and calls out when Lowry comes an intercom. He tells her that she can’t do magic because of a patch he’s put on her. Fiji falls back asleep and it shows that she’s actually underground.


Lem wakes up and demands to know who did this to the pawn shop. Bobo says it was the Sons of Lucifer and it’s him they’re after so he’ll take care of it. Lem tells Bobo that it stopped being just about him when they bombed Olivia’s home. The phone rings again and when Bobo answers it’s Lowry telling him where to bring the money. He tells him to come alone or Fiji is dead. Lem says that he remembers when Bobo came to Midnight and offered to buy the Pawn Shop in cash. He tells Bobo that he knew he was running from something then and he didn’t ask questions. Lem says that he’s asking now. What do the Sons of Lucifer want from Bobo now?


Creek shows up at Olivia’s door to ask for her help for Manfred. Olivia is packing with extra ammo. She tells Creek it’s in case the bikers come back. Creek tells Olivia that she once asked Olivia what she did for a living and was told that if people had problems then Olivia helps them get rid of them. Creek says Manfred has problems. Bobo takes Lem down into the bunker he was hiding under the pick-up truck we got a glimpse of last week. It is full of guns, missiles and gold. Even Lem is shocked and that’s saying alot since he lives with a woman who has an arsenal big enough for a small army. Bobo tells Lem that he was right. He was running from his family. Bobo says his family was wealthy, well connected and white supremacists. All Lem could get out was: “Oh.”


Manfred heads to the abandoned building to meet Hightower. Why is every meeting place on this show super creepy? He calls out to him and tells him that he has money. He also pulls out the gun, which he looks super silly with. Bobo tells Lem that his family had big plans for all of the stuff he’s hiding. He didn’t want it on his conscience so he stole it and ran. Bobo says that he became big news in the white power crowd and that’s probably how Lowry heard about it. Lem tells Bobo that’s why he sent Aubrey. Bobo says that Manfred told him that Aubrey’s feelings for him were real so that’s probably why Lowry killed her. Bobo tells Lem that now Lowry has Fiji. Lem tells Bobo that he won’t have her for long and they’re going to bring her home. Bobo tells Lem that he can’t let him go, he has to go alone. Lem says that he’s afraid that doesn’t work for him.


Manfred almost shoots Olivia, but the safety is on. He tells Olivia he’s got this and Olivia asks him: “Do you?” Considering he didn’t take the safety off, we’re thinking not. Olivia asks Manfred about Hightower. Xylda conned him out of $100,000. Manfred tells her that he has $78,000 with him and Olivia tells him that she’ll front him the rest. They come upon someone sitting in a chair. Manfred says that he has cash so they need to settle this. Olivia says the bonus is they settle and she doesn’t have to kill them. She’s such a badass. Once they get in front of the chair, Olivia realizes the person is already dead. Manfred tells her it’s Violet (Sarah Minnich), Hightower’s daughter. Hightower comes out of the shadows and asks Manfred what else she is.


Hightower tells Manfred to tell Olivia who Violet was. Manfred says that he and Violet were engaged. Hightower says that Manfred walked out on Violet. He left her at the altar. Olivia says that’s not very nice. She says it’s also not why she’s there. Olivia tells Hightower that she’ll throw in interest on the money and asks him if that will work for him. He tells her no and then does some magic and rips their guns from their hands. Hightower uses them to start shooting at them. Olivia tells Manfred that he should have mentioned the whole telekinetic thing. Next thing you know, there’s flying glass and Olivia and Manfred are running for their lives.


The two make it out of the warehouse and back to the restaurant. Creek asks if everything is settled. Olivia tells her they’re not even in the vicinity of settled. Creek asks what’s going on and Olivia looks at Manfred and says: “Yeah, Manfred, what’s going on?” Manfred says it wasn’t just his grandmother that stole. He says that he and Xylda ran a Grafton. Manfred says that Hightower is a gypsy and Xylda made him an offer. Manfred would marry his daughter to get magic in his bloodline. Olivia tells Creek that Violet is dead. Manfred tells Creek that he left Violet at the altar. Hightower paid Xylda right before the ceremony and they took off as soon as the wedding march started. Violet killed herself a few weeks later. Manfred says it is the worst thing he’s ever done.


Creek excuses herself and Manfred chases after her. He tells her that he should have told her. Creek says that everything her dad has been saying about him being bad news and he’s just proved him right. Bobo is meeting the Sons of Lucifer in a box truck and tells them that he has everything that Lowry asked for. He hands over the keys and one of them goes to check the truck. He asks where Fiji is and they tell him she’s not there. They say they’ll take him to her after, then start beating the crap out of Bobo. What the guys don’t know is Lem is hiding under the truck. Olivia calls Lem to ask him where the hell he is. Apparently, Lem didn’t call her about his biker mission.


Hightower comes up behind Olivia and takes her gun. He wants to know where Manfred is. She asks him if he checked Manfred’s house. Of course, Hightower checked his house, don’t be silly. Olivia says she doesn’t know what to tell him. Hightower starts to threaten people in the restaurant so Olivia says she’ll take him to Manfred. She takes him to where Lem was held prisoner. When his back is turned she dropkicks him and then she and Manfred chain him to the floor. The bikers bring the truck and a beat up Bobo to their yard to face Lowry. Lowry tells Bobo that he thought he’d be taller. Bobo asks where Fiji is and Lowry tells him that she’s alive, which is more than he can say about his wife. Bobo tells Lowry that what happened to Aubrey is on him.


Manfred tells Olivia that Hightower is settling down so he’s going back in the room. Olivia says that it would go a lot faster if he would just let her end it. Manfred says that he’s been running from this for too long and he just wants to make it right. Olivia asks if it’s about Creek and Manfred tells her, yes, but it’s also about just not wanting to run anymore. Creek runs upstairs to find out what’s going on and is greeted by Olivia. Creek says that Manfred is good at talking his way out of things so he should be fine in the room with Hightower. Manfred tells Hightower that he’s not the same man and he’s changed. He’s willing to do whatever needs to be done to settle things.


Hightower wants a life for a life. Manfred tells him he already got that. Right after they left, like a day after the wedding, Xylda got sick. They went through the money fast because chemo is expensive. Hightower tells Manfred he didn’t lose anyone. He still talks to Xylda every day. Manfred tells Hightower that he can help him see Violet again. The bikers are going through their loot. Lowry asks if they’re happy and some guy says they’re really happy. Lowry tells Bobo that he held up his end of the bargain so he’ll take him to Fiji. Manfred and Hightower go back to the warehouse so Hightower can talk to Violet. She’s now downstairs, which Hightower throws Manfred down.


Hightower tells Manfred that if he doesn’t give him the peace and closure he needs then he will join Violet. Lowry takes Bobo to Fiji. Fiji tells Bobo about the patch and he takes it off. Bobo tells Lowry that if he hurts Fiji…He doesn’t get to finish the sentence because Lowry interrupts him and accuses him of again killing his wife. Lowry tells Bobo that he lies so much he’s beginning to believe them himself. Fiji says that Bobo doesn’t lie. Lowry asks Fiji if she knows who Bobo really is. Lowry tells her that Bobo used to be one of them and Bobo tells Fiji that he’ll explain later. Lowry tells Fiji that the church outside Atlanta that got bombed, Bobo was right there when it happened. Bobo tells Lowry to let them out and Lowry tells him no, they’re going to stay.


The bikers are shooting at cans above ground when Lem tells them not bad, but how would they like to shoot at a moving target. Lem attacks, teeth bared. The ground starts to shake and the air in the bunker gets thin. Bobo tries to break the door but he can’t. Manfred takes Violet’s hand to try to connect with her. She appears to him. Manfred tells her how sorry he is and she tells him that she didn’t kill herself because of him. Fiji gathers their air and puts it in a bubble for her and Bobo. The Bikers think they have blown up Lem, but he’s still walking. Lem looks badly injured, but what these guys don’t realize is he’s already dead so there are only a couple of ways to kill him. He walks up to the main guy and says: “That hurt” and proceeds to kill him.


Manfred tells Hightower that Violet’s spirit is with him. Hightower doesn’t believe him so Manfred tells Violet he needs her help proving that she’s there. Violet tells him that the night before the wedding her dad gave her a christening dress for the grandchildren. Hightower thanked Violet for bringing psychic blood back to the bloodline. Manfred asks Violet what she wants to tell Hightower. Violet tells Manfred to tell her daddy that she hopes he rots in hell. Well, we’re guessing she’s not too fond of the man?


Fiji and Bobo are running short on what little air they have when Lem rescues them. Lem asks if they’re okay and Fiji is more worried about him. Lem tells Bobo that the sun is almost up and Bobo says he’ll be quick. Out of nowhere, Bobo is attacked by Lowry. Lowry tells Bobo that he took everything from him and then he pulls a knife on Bobo. Bobo tells Lowry he didn’t kill Aubrey and ends up stabbing Lowry with his own knife. Fiji sees what happened and tells Bobo they need to go. Bobo gets a grenade and blows up the weapons before leaving. They drive the box truck away before the sun comes up.


Violet is upset with her dad. She only agreed to marry Manfred to please her father. Manfred is afraid to tell Hightower the truth and when he refuses Violet jumps into his body. Violet tells Hightower that her entire life he controlled her, that she never mattered to him, she was always a means to an end. Violet then uses Manfred’s body to try and kill her father, telling Hightower that she killed the wrong person that night. Manfred is able to gain control of his body again, telling her that she can’t use him to kill anyone. Manfred tells Hightower that Violet has moved on, she said what he wanted to know. He asks Hightower if he’s okay and Hightower tells him no. Hightower then shatters glass and kills himself.


Olivia asks Lem what he was thinking while bandaging him up. Fiji was kidnapped and Lem didn’t tell her. Lem tells Olivia she was worried about him and then tells her that he loves her, too. Olivia tells Lem that she needs him to stop almost dying. Lem says that he’s already dead. Bobo comes to check on Fiji and she tells him that she’s better. Bobo tells her that he didn’t know that they were going to bomb the church. He says that he was seventeen years old and his daddy asked him to come with him because he was going to teach him something. Bobo says that he saw who they were that day and he left. Fiji says that she thought that his family was dead as he’s never talked about them. Bobo tells Fiji that he should have told her the truth, but he was afraid of how she’d react. Fiji says that she needs time. Bobo says that he’s there for her and leaves.


Creek tells Manfred that he made it out alive then asks if Hightower did. Manfred tells her that Hightower didn’t. Creek says that Manfred did everything he could to make it right and he tried. Creek tells Manfred that she’s sorry about everything that happened with his grandma. This girl doesn’t scare off easily. Manfred asks Creek if she can stay awhile and Creek asks if she can stay the night. Manfred asks Creek what she’s going to tell her dad. Creek tells him that she told her dad that she and Manfred are dating. No more sneaking around. Outside, fire is splitting the earth and killing armadillos…

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