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By: Jamie Steinberg


Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?

A) right now I’m working on a clothing line called Young Empire and working on some new music. As far as acting, we have the new movie Characterz coming out that we shot in Orlando with my little brother and one of my good childhood friend, Miles. There are a bunch of awesome names attached and the directors and producers were all nice people. I have a couple movies in development, but right now it is music and pushing this Characterz film and the clothing line.

Q) What made you want to be a part of the movie Characterz?

A) It just sounded fun! We worked in an amusement park and they were very open to my ideas. I was able to hire my little brother [Marc] and work in Florida for a month. I think that’s what kind of sold me.

Q) Was there anything you added to the role that wasn’t scripted for you?

A) Tucker is kind of this creative, artsy kid. All he really wants to do is develop amusement parks and rides. That’s what he is really into. The character was pretty well rounded from the get-go. There wasn’t really much I had to add. Who doesn’t have a passion for rides and rollercoasters? Not just the rollercoaster, but the showmanship of the ride takes you away from everything for that minute or minute and a half. It’s really a summer fun flick and it was a lot of fun to shoot with a lot of fun people. I think some of the best movies are like that, especially when you are working with good people, friends and family that you have known forever. A lot of good moments come out of that with our relationship and our chemistry.

Q) What was it like having to wear the costume all day?

A) It was SO hot! It was like deathly hot. Florida is one of the hottest places in the US and during the summer…it was just so hot.

Q) You have great comedic timing. Is it something that has come natural to your or have you worked at it?

A) I had to work at it. I’m a pretty serious person and I have a lot of fun. I can be outgoing. But before I was really doing my thing as a name and pursuing acting, I wasn’t always super loud and a scene stealer. I kind of did work at that and it was developed in time. If you catch me offset and no cameras, it is a lot calmer and tamer. But, like I said, I still like to have fun just not like the characters I portray on television.

Q) What were some of your favorite moments from filming?

A) I think just being able to go through the amusement park and ride on rides in our off time. I spent time with the cast. Everyone was really nice and every night we would go into our hotel rooms and learn our script with each other. That’s always good to build chemistry with our cast and build relationships. I liked getting one-on-one time with them to see how they feel about the scene and what their thoughts are. It’s not just about what I’m thinking because everybody has great ideas. It was just spending time with everybody.

Q) Why do you think it is about Characterz that will make people want to check it out?

A) I really don’t know. Why does anybody watch anything? If it looks good to them, they are bored or have nothing else to do…In all honesty, I saw the film and I liked it. It’s fun and there are a lot of genuine moments in it. I think it is all about the characters and the people involved in the movie that makes people want to see a movie and for a good story. If you’re into family fun flicks, amusement parks, love interests and goofy friendships then you can definitely find that in Characterz.

Q) What would you like to be sure to say to your fans?

A) I’m so excited about the movie and I hope everyone gets to see it. There is a lot more coming. Like I said, I’m working on this Young Empire clothing line and hopefully new things sooner than later. I have a lot of things in development so keep an eye out because I have been off the grid for a little bit.

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