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Mollie Sue – America’s Next Top Model

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Q) Who is your favorite designer?

A) My favorite designer is Mark Jacob because he throws a little bit of vintage in his work. It’s kind of like independent clothing because it’s not like anyone else’s. It’s kind of that Indie kid with vintage in it. That’s sort of more my personality and I like it.

Q) Why did you decide to apply for the show?

A) I had modeled for a while, but it was never the right timing or I didn’t have the money to be a struggling model. There was always something. Getting older, and still wanting to do it, this was my last shot. Doing the show would give me the boost without the five more years or whatever. It puts my face out there and hopefully will help me.

Q) What was your audition tape like?

A) I actually made season four and I didn’t go for a lot of reasons why. I sent a letter begging to chose me again and sent in a tape again. I was lucky enough to get another phone call! It took me a while to make a tape because, as you can see, I get so nervous in front of a camera. I get really robotic, as Tyra would say. I was just a goofball and sat in front of the camera. I acted goofy and told everyone about myself. I don’t even remember what I said on it!

Q) How did you feel when Tyra collapsed? What was going through your head?

A) It was weird because we weren’t sure if it was real and we were like, “What’s going on?” Then she called for one of the producers and we weren’t sure if it was real because she wouldn’t just say his name and call for him in the middle of the thing. They were all looking at us weird and we kept thinking about why they weren’t getting up to help her. When she collapsed we didn’t know what to do. Faronda was crying and I think everyone’s reaction made it worse than it really was.

Q) Have you figured out why the judges chose Jade over you?  

A) I’ve had a lot of time to think about that. Besides the fact that she’s good television, I think that I was cast as “boring” and “robotic,” that it wouldn’t really help for me to be a CoverGirl, which is why I was eliminated. She has this presence and attitude about her that they can probably shape. I think mine was just not fixable.

Q) How would you describe your personal style?

A) I would say it is eclectic. I think the biggest part was having that personal style challenge. What they didn’t show was that they gave me “mod,” which is fine, but I told them that I wanted to learn more of my commercial style, even throw in a little bit of punk. They didn’t show me doing that and it showed me doing badly on the challenge, where it looked like I was confused. Maybe that’s my personal style, though, kind of confused and mixing different things together.

Q) Have you maintained your new look? 

A) I have! It’s a little bit longer, but I am going to kind of leave it up to an agency, hoping I get one, to see what they want to do with it.

Q) Why do you think you were unable to show your personality well? 

A) I got very tense. You’ll see in the last couple episodes I start coming out of my shell more. It just took me a long time to get used to being in front of the camera. If you stand in front of these people who are judging you on something that is probably the most important thing of your life, my insides froze and I would shake. I think my nerves just got the best of me.

Q) What did you like about doing improv with Nick Cannon?

A) That was amazing! That was probably the best experience of my life! Afterwards, he was like, “I want you to come back.” I am so glad that on my last episode that he said, “Mollie has huge personality.” That was probably my best experiences of the whole show.

Q) Did you feel that the right take of your commercial was chosen?

A) The first one, I actually nailed the lines, but I didn’t say anything or do anything. Then I was told to do more improv and the minute I threw in a different line I completely froze. It probably was the better of the takes because I didn’t swear, like some people, but I did the best I could to throw out cheesy lines. I didn’t do as bad as I thought.

Q) Who did you write notes for and what did they say? 

A) I wrote a note to Brooke. She was my sweet roommate and she was just an angel. She had been having a rough couple of weeks so I told her to keep her chin up, not literally. I told her to stop crying and stay strong. I wrote one to Joanie thanking her for her friendship. I wrote to Sarah because she was starting to feel down about her boyfriend. I also wrote a note to Danielle, who was my best friend there and is my best friend still to this day. We talk every day. I also told her to win the whole thing because if she didn’t, I’d come after her!

Q) Who do you plan on keeping in touch with from the show?

A) I keep in touch with Danielle and her whole family. I recently got a letter from Sarah and Nnena. I talk to Joanie probably once every two weeks and Jade writes me. It doesn’t really show us together on the show, but it doesn’t show us not getting along. We actually got along during semi-finals. She was a complete different person during semi-finals and when we got to the show we were like, “What is this character she’s just turned on?” So, I distanced myself from Jade. She recently wrote me saying that she was upset that they weren’t showing how funny I was, but I wrote back saying, “Yeah, but you’re getting a lot of screen time.”

Q) What did you learn most about modeling from the show?

A) I learned a lot! At first I couldn’t interview or face the camera. I learned more about my presence and about carrying myself. When you see yourself on TV you can say, “Hey, I have bad posture” or “Hey, I make stupid faces.” I learned about Mr. Jay and learning that awkward isn’t always wrong. There is so much to take from every week that I am really glad I was on the show.

Q) Who do you think will win “America’s Next Top Model” this season?

A) I really hope it’s Danielle! She’s perfect. If you look at the other girls, it has to be either her, Sarah or Joanie.

Q) What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A) It’s amazing. You read the good, bad and the ugly. The past few days I’ve gotten so many emails that I haven’t stopped reading them. People are just saying amazing things, so just thank you because that, right now, is why I am hanging on so strong. Thank you!

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