Mom – Bad Hand and British Royalty

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By: Julie Mante



When Christy (Anna Faris) walks into the kitchen in the morning, she is not in a good mood. While she is happy that her mother Bonnie (Allison Janney) has found happiness with Adam (William Fichtner), she is not happy that she can hear them having sex at night. When Christy says that the noise-canceling headphones do not work, the two women want to end the awkward conversation. When Adam joins them, he changes the subject. He tells Bonnie that his old buddy Mitch (Bradley Whitford) is coming to town and bringing his wife. Adam wants Bonnie to meet them and she agrees. When he leaves to go make arrangements, Bonnie admits to Christy she is nervous.
At Jill’s (Jaime Pressly) house, Bonnie is getting advice about how to impress Adam’s friends, but gets more teasing than guidance. Later, Bonnie is setting up the food and Adam walks in. He appreciates how much effort she is doing to make his friends feel comfortable. He tells her not to worry too much about impressing his friends because they are just “regular people.” When the doorbell rings, Bonnie and Christy see how right he is. While Mitch is a director and his wife Leanne (Nicole Sullivan) is a makeup artist, they are not sophisticated by any means. Adam and Mitch greet each other with their nicknames for each other: Professor Nutsack (Adam) and Stinky Dickweed (Mitch). Christy has to go to class and work so she leaves after introductions are made.
When Christy comes home from work, she finds Adam and Mitch wrestling on the floor. Leanne is cheering her husband on. At this point, all three are drunk. Bonnie is standing annoyed in the corner. The two women go to the kitchen and Bonnie tells Christy that Adam and his friends have been drinking nonstop since Christy left. Bonnie is able to convince Adam and Mitch to stop drinking for a bit while Leanne is giving Christy a makeover.
When Adam goes to the bathroom, Bonnie and Mitch are in the kitchen talking while she is washing dishes. Mitch says that he admires Bonnie’s commitment to her sobriety. He admits that he tried to be sober in the past, but felt it made him weak and he did not like feeling like a quitter. The talk takes a the wrong turn when Mitch puts his hand on Bonnie’s bottom. She tells him to stop, but he just switches his hand. When being nice does not work, Bonnie tells him that she is willing to let the incident slide, but if he continues being inappropriate, she will punch him so hard that he will be “crapping teeth for a week.” Finally, Mitch gets the message.
When Bonnie, Christy and Leanne are at the fast food drive-thru, a drunk Leanne reveals that she slept with Adam at least twenty times. Leanne asks Christy and Bonnie if they can keep that information a secret because it happened before she met Mitch and she never told him about it. When the trio arrives home, Bonnie and Christy go upstairs to talk more about the situation. When Bonnie comes out of the bedroom to talk to Adam, she finds him sleeping. They hear Mitch and Leanne upstairs and cringe because they realize the couple is having sex on their bed. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise. When they go upstairs to check, Christy and Bonnie find the couple asleep. Mitch is passed out on the floor. Leanne on the bed. Looking at the couple’s drunkenness, both mother and daughter are grateful for their sobriety.
Later that night, Christy is asleep on the couch when Mitch walks downstairs to use the bathroom. He decides to climb into Christy’s bed. When Christy realizes she has company, she freaks out and Bonnie and Leanne wake up. When Christy tells everyone what Mitch was trying to do, Bonnie slaps him. She finally talks about Mitch’s inappropriate touching and this time Leanne slaps him. All the yelling wakes up Adam and Bonnie blames him for bringing his trashy friends to her house. All the secrets are revealed. Leanne’s history with Adam. Mitch hitting on Bonnie. It gets to be too much for Mitch and he admits that he has a serious drinking problem. Leanne sees Mitch’s confession as a way for him to minimize his bad behavior and she does not believe him. As the couple starts hurtling insults at each other, Adam apologizes to Bonnie for not telling her about Leanne. He apologizes to Mitch as well. When Mitch comes to hug Adam, Adam punches him.
The next day, Mitch and Leanne go to an AA meeting with Bonnie and Christy. Mitch decides to share with the group that he is sorry about the way he acted at Bonnie’s and Christy’s place. He is grateful that he can blame all his bad behavior on his alcoholism. When Christy asks Leanne if she believes her husband will stay sober, Leanne admits she is unsure because the couple is headed to New Orleans next. So, the answer to the that question is a big fat NO.

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