Mom – Tantric Sex and Sprouted Flute

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By: Julie Mante


Christy (Anna Faris) shares with her AA group about meeting a cute guy named Brad (Bret Harrison) at school. At first they flirted, but Christy took a risk and gave him her number. He told her that he would call but he never did. When Christy finally saw him on campus again, she realized that she will be alone forever. As she is talking, her phone vibrates. When she checks it, she sees a text from Brad saying that he lost his phone and he just found it. He offers to take her out to dinner as an apology.


As Bonnie (Allison Janney) is leaving Adam (William Fichtner)’s place, he notices that she brings a lot of supplies from her house to his place. She explains to him why everything she brings is important. He asks her to move in with him. Bonnie is so shocked that she needs to sit down. He tries to explain that it would be a practical thing so she does not have to go back and forth between their places. He tells her that she does not need to decide right away, but he wants her to know that it is an option for her. Bonnie wants some time to think it over, but they both know that she wants to talk to Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) before she decides.


At the bistro, Christy tells Marjorie, Jill (Jaime Pressly) and Wendy (Beth Hall) about her date with Brad. She tells them that Brad took her to a vegan restaurant called the Sprouted Flute. He is a well-read guy and he knows a lot of the environment, food and politics. Christy was very impressed by him. Bonnie comes to their booth and interrupts Christy to ask them if she should move in with Adam. Wendy is eager to weigh in, but Bonnie only wants to hear what Marjorie thinks. Bonnie is worried that moving in with Adam will ruin their relationship. Christy decides to interrupt her mother and point out that she was interrupted first so Bonnie tells her to finish her thought which is about people around the world dying from lack of access to clean drinking water.


Later, Brad and Christy are in her kitchen and he is teaching how to make a vegan meal. Brad tells her that since he gave up meat he feels so much healthier now. Bonnie walks in on them kissing and Christy introduces them. Christy tells Bonnie that Brad is teaching her to make a raw vegan lasagna. When Bonnie leaves, Christy tells Brad that she would rather makeout than eat. When Bonnie goes to Adam’s, she tells him about Christy’s new boyfriend and they joke about how annoying vegans are. Adam surprises Bonnie by showing her all the supplies he bought so she does not have transfer her stuff back and forth. Touched by his loving gesture, Bonnie decides to move into Adam’s place.


As Bonnie starts packing, she and Christy talk about Brad. Christy tells Bonnie that Brad introduced her to Tantric sex and Bonnie replied, “Ugh. Is that the sex where you don’t finish?” Christy tells her that the point of Tantric sex is learning self-control and learning to be in the moment and not worried about what is coming next. Bonnie thinks what Christy is regurgitating from Brad is bull, but they decide to agree to disagree on the subject. Mother and daughter are emotional as Bonnie prepares to leave. They hug and say goodbye.


Things get off to a rocky start at Adam’s when Bonnie gets out of the bathroom the next day. Adam returns back to his apartment and he is not happy. Apparently Bonnie spent too long in the bathroom so Adam had to go to his neighbor’s house. Bonnie apologizes and wonders why he did not say anything. He told her that he tapped on the door, but Bonnie’s hair dryer is so loud that she could not hear him. Adam is peeved when he notices that Bonnie has used his coffee mug. Bonnie has tried to be calm, but she is starting to get annoyed, too. She decides to open the cabinet and go through all the mugs so she can learn which mugs not to use. When she discovers that one of the mugs belonged to Adam’s ex-girlfriend, she throws it on the floor and it shatters.


At Christy’s, Brad tries to teach Christy how to meditate. Christy’s stomach continues to rumble as it has a negative reaction to the mung bean pizza in her system. When Bonnie comes home with the mail in her hand, Adam is watching TV. As she looks through the mail, Adam wonders why she is going through his mail. She has only been living at Adam’s for a few days so it is unlikely that she will be receiving mail. Bonnie does not understand why he is making this a big deal. At this point, both Bonnie and Adam are so annoyed with each other, but they both try to suppress their frustration. Back at Christy’s, she is disappointed that Brad wants to try Tantric sex again.


The next night, both Bonnie and Christy are double dating with their beaus at Adam’s. Christy looks longingly at the ribs that Adam and Bonnie are enjoying while Brad is disgusted to be surrounded by all this meat. Adam is peeved that he had to miss the game to attend the dinner. When Bonnie points out that he could have recorded it, Adam says it is better to watch it live than to watch it at a later time. Christy tells them that she and Brad went on a natural walk and saw a fox. Bonnie and Adam resume their towel fight. Adam likes them folded a certain way and Bonnie thought he was kidding so she laughed at him. Christy tries to lower the tension by talking about sharing a towel with Brad to lower their water footprint. When Adam notices that Christy looks miserable eating her vegan meal, he offers her ribs but she declines. Christy encourages Brad to talk about his podcast where he speaks about people being happier giving things up instead of accumulating a lot of stuff that they do not want or really need. This rehashes old arguments so Bonnie and Adam continue to disagree about all the annoying things they have done to each other and ignore Brad and Christy. When Brad turns to look at Christy so they can leave, he sees her chewing on a rib. Christy knows their relationship is done.


In the closer, Bonnie and Christy are eating ribs in bed. Bonnie moved back into her old place with Christy. She and Adam realized that three nights a week is enough for them. Christy is enjoying meat again. All is right in the Plunkett household.

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