Nashville – Not Ready to Make Nice

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By: Nicole Dintelman

Last week on “Nashville” we saw Maddie (Lennon Stella) was still dealing with the fallout from being arrested with Clay (Joseph David-Jones). There were reporters camped out at both of their homes and saying some really nasty things about Clay. It got so bad that by the end of the episode that Clay made the decision to leave Nashville. Maybe he’ll come back when things die down a little bit, but who knows. Maddie apologizes in her own way to everyone for the entire situation and then she and Daphne (Maisy Stella) sing a song for Clay. Liv (Odessa Aldon) also created a really mean meme about Maddie that Daphne finally made her delete, but the damage was already done.

Scarlett (Clare Bowen) said goodbye to Damien (Christian Coulson) for good. She told him that he wasn’t ready to be a father and she knew it wasn’t what he really wanted. While she was sad by the whole thing, she still went home to Gunnar (Sam Palladio). Gunnar is still going to be there for Scarlett and the baby, but he doesn’t really want to hear her crying about another guy. Who can blame him? Scarlett is lucky that she has Gunnar and that he’s being so understanding about the whole situation.

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is helping Hallie (Rhiannon Giddens) get her career started and set up a performance for her at The Bluebird with not only Highway 65 but also a lot of the other record labels in town. Luckily, Deacon (Charles Esten) is the one that signed her. Avery (Jonathan Jackson) is producing Hallie’s album and has convinced her to work with the musicians he’s chosen and not the ones that she’s always worked with.

This week on “Nashville” we see Scarlett is beginning to show and the gossip sites are picking up the story. As of now, they’re guessing that Gunnar is the father. Maddie meets Bucky (David Alford) for coffee and Lauren Alaina has a cameo appearance. Lauren tells Maddie that she already has her new single in her playlist. Bucky is Maddie’s new manager. Yay! Bucky wants to make sure that Juliette is okay with the change and Maddie assures him that she is. Maddie says that Juliette has already moved on to a new crisis. That crisis would be Hallie. Hallie is in the studio recording and Juliette is not liking what she is hearing.

Juliette tells Avery and Hallie that they agreed on a song and she wants to know what they’re playing. Hallie tells her they finished the song an hour ago and they were just jamming. Avery chases after Hallie to try to find out what’s wrong. Hallie tells Avery that George (Calvin C. Winbush) broke up with her last night and she’s not sure about the song. She says she doesn’t feel like it’s hers. Avery tells her that if she wants to do something different she needs to say something. Hallie says that she can’t go against Juliette after everything she’s done for her.

Maddie comes home to Daphne and Liv in Daphne’s room and is excited to show Daphne her new EP online. Daphne tries to keep the computer from her, but is unsuccessful. When Maddie gets on the computer she sees the meme that Liv made. Then, she looks at the history and asks Daphne if she made it and asked her how she could do it. Liv told Maddie it’s not like it’s that hard and Daphne got millions of people talking about her. Maddie told Liv that she should have known that she was behind it. Liv tells her to chill out and Maddie tells her to get out or she’s calling the cops. Liv thanks Daphne for caring and leaves.

Juliette and Avery take Hallie’s song to Deacon. Juliette says she would have killed for a song like this and tells him he loves it, right? Deacon tells her it’s a mighty big song and he’s confused by it. Juliette asks him what he means and Deacon tells her he’d be more comfortable discussing it with Hallie. Juliette says that Hallie wants her to handle the business side of things. Deacon tells her fine. This is not the artist he signed. Hallie is a roots performer and that’s why he signed her. This song could have been sung by anyone. Avery agrees. Bad move Avery. By the death stare you just got from your wife, we’d say you’re in trouble when you get home.

Scarlett and Gunnar are out shopping and everyone is coming up and congratulating them on the baby. They ask Scarlett when she is due and she tells them they haven’t figured that out yet. When Deacon gets home he asks Maddie what’s up and she tells him that Daphne and Liv made the GIF. Deacon talks to Daphne and asks her what she thinks that he should do about it and Daphne says that she apologized. Deacon says that’s not enough. Deacon tells Daphne that he’s taking her cell phone for a month. Maddie yells that’s not enough because Daphne ruined her life and Daphne yells that it’s too long. Teenagers.

Maddie is booking multiple interviews since her EP has gone live. She’s up to four interviews by breakfast. When Daphne’s phone rings, Deacon tells her that he’s sorry and she stomps off. Maddie asks him if he’s going to give in and he asks her to have some compassion. He tells Maddie that Daphne has basically lost everything. Maddie tells her dad that she’s lost everything, too. Deacon says that they all have, but tells Maddie that the good things happening to her is how she’s going to pull herself out of it. Maddie says that she knows, it comes in waves.

Juliette tells Avery that he made her look like an idiot. Avery tells her that he’s not willing to sell Hallie down a corporate rabbit hole. Juliette tells Avery that she sees Hallie as a star and Avery says that he’s not sure she sees her at all. When she asks him what he means, he tells her that George broke up with her. Juliette tells him that she gets it. She tells him to let Hallie record her music the way she wants. Avery asks her if she’s really okay with it and she says that she is.

Scarlett wants to know what a “shipper” is. Gunnar tells her it’s someone that knows more about their relationship than they do. He’s basically right. Scarlett tells him it’s gross. Not at all Scarlett! Fun is more like it! Scarlett says there are millions of people trying to make their baby and there are people dressed up as them. Scarlett has an interview the following day and Gunnar thinks she should cancel it. Scarlett tells him that they can’t hide it because people are already finding out about it.

Juliette meets Hallie for lunch and Avery has already told her that they can record the music she wants. Juliette is upset because she wanted to be the one to tell her. Hallie is so grateful and tells Juliette that it’s all thanks to her and her believing in her. At Scarlett’s interview, the reporter is asking about the video shoot. Scarlett tells her that Damien was able to pull out her sexuality for the shoot. The reporter says, “That’s Damien for you.” Then, they begin a story that we’ve determined is probably a big fat lie.  

She tells Scarlett that she had an affair with Damien. When Scarlett tells her that she understands when the reporter looks at her shocked and accuses her of doing the same thing. Scarlett tries to deny it, but it’s written all over her face. Then, the reporter asks Scarlett when they shot the video. Scarlett says it was a few months ago and the reporter says it was in March, right? Next, the reporter asks if Damien is the father. Scarlett is basically caught off guard and doesn’t know what to say. The reporter asks her if she wants to go back to the video and she tells her no she doesn’t want to talk to her anymore and leaves.

Daphne comes home from school and picks up her phone, which Deacon left on the counter. He’s sent a message to it that says: “Sorry, babe, but don’t even think about it.” At first, we thought it was odd that he’d just leave her phone there, but after seeing that we have to give props to dad! Maddie is at an interview and afterward she gets into her car and just bawls. Oh, girl, we know you miss your momma. Deacon finds a flier on his truck for a Jessie Caine concert. This seems a little foreshadowing. Hallie is recording and Juliette comes in and doesn’t seem to be too happy with the attention that Avery is paying to her so she leaves.

Daphne goes into her mom’s jewelry box and gets her shell necklace and when Deacon gets home he finds her asleep in Rayna’s (Connie Britton) closet. Gunnar goes to see Scarlett the next day with the newest report that she revealed Gunnar is not the father of the baby. Damien is. Gunnar asked how she could tell her and Scarlett said that she didn’t tell her. She can’t lie and the reporter knew it. Avery gets home and is raving about Hallie and Juliette tells him that he knows Hallie a lot better than he realizes. Juliette is off her meds again and has gone full blown cray. She thinks now Hallie is after Avery and used her to get a recording contract.

Deacon tells the girls they need to talk about things whether they want to or not. They both say no, but begin yelling at each other anyway. Deacon is stuck in the middle. The tears come so Daphne runs off and Maddie leaves. Poor guy. He’s stuck with two teenage girls and has no idea what to do. He tries to talk to them when he leaves for work the next day, but again they’re not having it. Deacon goes over to see Scarlett and she’s asleep on the couch. He asks her why she’s on the couch and she shows him the video. He tells her he’s sorry and she tells him to Google her. Deacon tells her he doesn’t need to Google her, he knows her. Scarlett tells him that she had an ultrasound and she’s having a little girl. Aw, a baby girl!

Maddie gets out of bed and makes the first move to repairing her relationship with her sister. She tells Daphne that she’s sorry for anything she’s ever done. Maddie tells her that she should be grateful for everything happening to her, but she just misses their mom and she can’t possibly lose her too because she needs her too much. She tells her sister that she needs her to help her figure things out. Maddie tells her that she thought she was already gone and Daphne tells her that she’s so not gone.

When Avery plays Hallie her song Juliette accuses Hallie of flirting with Avery. Avery and Hallie both tell her that it’s not like that. Hallie leaves because Juliette is acting crazy. Avery tells her that he’s seriously worried about her and he’s leaving and she needs to think about what just happened. Maddie and Daphne go to see Liv at the abandoned building. Maddie wants to apologize and they want her to come back to their house. Liv wants to bring the others with her and they tell her no, but Daphne tells Liv that she has her number if she changes her mind.

Deacon comes home with dinner and he tells the girls that they need to talk about last night. Maddie’s phone rings and it’s for Daphne. Maddie tells Deacon that he said Daphne couldn’t use her phone for a month so she’s using hers. Daphne tells Deacon that they made up that morning. Sneaky girls. Deacon is just happy that they made up. The girls are even recording together again. Deacon is pleased with the things going on at home finally, but for him – he’s still ending all of his nights alone.

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