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By: Nicole Dintelman




Things are heating up on “Nashville” this week! Maddie (Lennon Stella) asks Deacon (Charles Esten) about Gunnar (Sam Palladio), Will (Chris Carmack), and Avery’s (Jonathan Jackson) group. She’s wondering if they’re a thing now. Deacon tells her that they’re just having fun but want him to stop by to see if there is anything there. Daphne (Maisy Stella) asks if she can come. Deacon asks her if she has school the following day. She says yeah but “Kim Jong Crazy Guy” could blow us all up in a nuclear holocaust. Deacon tells her she’s been watching too much CNN. He tells her she can go but once she finds out that Jessie (Kaitlin Doubleday) will be there she changes her mind.


Scarlett (Clare Bowen) arrives at the horse ranch to begin helping people. The lady in charge tells Scarlett she won’t be getting on a horse anytime soon. The horses are the teachers. Daphne and Jake (Myles Moore) have to dissect a frog in their science class. They’re less than thrilled to be paired up together. Daphne is going to do the cutting but Jake says he may throw up. The guys show is a huge hit. Will shows off his guitar skills and annoys Gunnar and Avery. Avery calls Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and tells her you can tell they’ve never played together before.


Juliette tells Avery that the past is not his future. She’s reading one of Darius’s (Josh Stamberg) books. Avery still isn’t on board with everything. He tells Juliette that you can’t just wake up one day and decided to be someone else. Deacon tells the guys that they all thought they were great. Jessie says it was like every great boy band concert she’s ever been to. She says that boy bands are the entire reason she’s in the music industry at all. N’Sync was her all-time favorite. Avery says they’re not a boy band.


Deacon says they need to figure out who they are as a group. Bucky (David Alford) has an opportunity for them to play again at a show in Nashville. Scarlett is still touring the horse farm. The lady in charge tells her that they work with many groups other than teens. Equine therapy isn’t just about riding. Most of the horses there have been abused or neglected. They’re there to heal also. She asks  Scarlett to keep her distance and not interfere when she’s observing.


It’s dissection day. Jake is totally freaking out. Daphne tells him to stand back in case of something squirting out. Jake leaves the class because he can’t handle it. Daphne chases after him and tries to get him to go back to class. Jake says his dad is going to kill him. Jake says all dads are jerks. Daphne asks him what he means. Jake says that his dad is a Nazi and Daphne’s is a rageaholic. Daphne tells him to shut up. He doesn’t know anything about her dad. They get caught in the hall and get in trouble.


Juliette heads to Darius’s community. On her way in she hears someone crying. She tells Darius about it. Darius says it was a witnessing. It’s when you free yourself from your past. He tells Juliette it’s the next step in the training. He wants her to focus on where she is right now. He tells her to close her eyes. Darius tells her to go back to the place from her childhood when she was the happiest. She remembers an old gentleman with kind eyes. Her mom calls him her uncle. She’s nine. She remembers a stack of money.


The guy brings her a teddy bear while she’s watching cartoons. Her mom is dancing for the guy and tells Juliette to come dance with her. Juliette starts to freak out and tells Darius she needs to stop. Darius asks her what’s going on. Juliette says nothing. She just doesn’t want to be there anymore. Darius says it was a good session. She should feel good. Juliette tells him that it didn’t feel good to her. Darius says that it’s possible she doesn’t know what “good” feels like anymore.


Will, Gunnar, and Avery are trying to choose a song that will be good for all of them. They’re doing more arguing than anything else. Will wants to end the set on an up note. Gunnar says they can’t all wink and smile their way through life like Will. Avery just wants everyone to stop fighting. Gunnar decides to go make a sandwich. He tells Avery that Will is just extra right now. He wants him to take it down a notch.


Daphne tells Maddie that she got detention for leaving the classroom with Jake. She tells Maddie what Jake said about their dad. Jake said that Maddie went to court because Deacon went around punching people. Maddie tells Daphne that it’s not true. Scarlett is observing a training session. The girl is having a lot of trouble working with the horse. Then she thinks that Scarlett is laughing at her. Scarlett tells her she wasn’t laughing.


The lady in charge of the camp tells Scarlett she can’t get in the middle. She tells Scarlett to start mucking out the stalls. Juliette meets Hallie (Rhiannon Giddens) for coffee. She tells Hallie that she really misses hanging out with her. She apologizes for the way she treated her. Hallie asks Juliette if she’s doing okay. Juliette assures her that she’s great and then tells her about the therapy she’s doing with Darius. She says that Avery has been all up in her cornflakes about it. Hallie tells Juliette she just wants her to be happy.


Scarlett is mucking out the stalls. There’s a training session going on while she’s in there. She sees a guy named Sean (Jake Etheridge) decline to pet the horse. Maddie asks Deacon if he’s still upset with her about the court case. Deacon tells her that they made their peace with it a long time ago. He wants to know why she’s bringing it up. Maddie tells him about the things that Jake said to Daphne.


Will is still worrying about the flow of their show. Gunnar tells him to quit trashing his song or he’ll start trashing his. Avery gets put in the middle. He tells them it’s enough. Avery says that they could both use a little of each other. Gunnar is a little depressing and Will is a little too Rico Suave. He gives them an analogy about peanut butter and chocolate and confuses the hell out of them. Avery leaves and Will asks who Rico Suave is.


Hallie is playing with Deacon in a small acoustic setting. Juliette and Avery are there for support. After the show, Juliette is telling Deacon about her therapy. Avery asks Deacon if Juliette seems okay to him. Deacon says that she seemed pretty great. Avery tells Deacon that he’s never seen Juliette surrender so completely to something like she has Darius. He says that it scares him. He tells Deacon about a guy from his high school that joined a cult. He’s afraid it’s going to happen with Juliette. Deacon says it seems like she’s come a long way. Maybe Avery should just let her travel down the road a little bit further.


Deacon calls Jessie and tells him about the things Jake said to Daphne. Jessie says that there’s only one person Jake could have heard those things from. She tells Deacon that he doesn’t need to defend himself. Deacon tells her that she doesn’t have to worry. He’s a good guy. Jessie says that she’s a pretty good judge of character and can make up her own mind. Jessie tells Deacon that there’s a restaurant she wants to take him to after they see the guys that night.


Juliette goes for her therapy session with Darius only to find a guy in his office. He tells Juliette that Darius asked him to get her. They’re going for a witnessing. Back at the horse farm, Scarlett finds the lady in charge. She asks if they can talk. The lady asks Scarlett to wait a minute. She’s observing a girl trying to bond with a horse. She tells Scarlett that she’s supposed to be mucking out stalls. Scarlett says that’s why she wanted to talk to her. Scarlett doesn’t mind mucking out the stables but it’s not really helping anyone.


Scarlett says the safest place she’s ever felt is by a horses side. The girl in therapy starts to cry because she thinks the horse doesn’t like her. The horse comes over to her side to comfort her. Juliette’s witnessing is underway. Darius says they want to help her break free. He tells her to go back to the place she was the day before. He says that a lot of her still lives there. He asks her again about the man and the stack of bills.


Juliette says the man is in the bedroom. Darius asks if her mother is in the bedroom. Juliette says no, she is. Darius is shocked by the revelation. Juliette begins to scream and cry reliving the trauma she went through as a child. Afterwards, Darius asks Juliette how she feels. She just wants to sit for a few minutes. Darius tells her that she has all the time in the world. She just changed her life.


Deacon and Bucky stop by the guy’s soundcheck. Gunnar says they thought they could make it work but their styles may be too different. Bucky tells them to just chill out. Deacon says he knows bands. They don’t need to be the same guy to be in a band together. He tells them to have fun. Daphne and Jake are cleaning desks for their detention. Jake isn’t talking to Daphne. Daphne asks Jake if he thinks she wants to be his friend.


Jake tells Daphne that he doesn’t understand why she had to go running to her daddy. Daphne says she only told Maddie. Jake got his cell phone taken away for two weeks and he has to apologize. Daphne says her dad might hit him very sarcastically. Jake tells Daphne that he can’t blame her for Jessie and Deacon being together. Scarlett is still mucking out stalls when Sean comes in the barn. He tries to brush the horse from earlier. The horse takes off. Scarlett stops the horse and calms her down.


Sean thanks Scarlett for her help. The lady in charge asks Sean if he’s okay. He says he is now. She tells Scarlett that Sean is her nephew. He’s staying with her for a while. She asks Scarlett what she’s done in the barn. Scarlett says she cleaned. She has slight OCD. The woman asks Scarlett if she wants to go for a ride. Scarlett eagerly accepts.


The guys are performing and their last song is for the “fangirls.” They sing “Tearing up my heart” by N’Sync. Jessie loses her mind. She’s so excited. They even have dance moves to go along with their song. After the show the guys sign autographs. Will heads to his tour bus where he looks at himself in the mirror shirtless. Juliette tells Darius that her mom used to take her to her favorite restaurant after the incidents. She says her mother robbed her of everything. Her childhood and her innocence.


Darius tells Juliette that she has every right to be angry. He says that this is her first step to break the cycle she’s been in. He tells Juliette that she deserves to be love. She deserves to be happy. Juliette asks if the pain will ever go away. Darius tells her that he can’t promise it but he can guarantee that she won’t be the same person when she’s finished. Darius, Juliette is already different than she was before she started talking to you. Honestly, it’s scaring us all just a bit.

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