Nashville – Where the Night Goes

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By: Nicole Dintelman



This week on “Nashville,” Maddie (Lennon Stella) is playing Suzy Homemaker and making dinner for Daphne (Maisy Stella). Deacon (Charles Esten) is out on a date with Jessie (Kaitlin Doubleday). They’re having burger and fries. It’s the most relaxed we’ve seen these two since they started dating. Jessie even gets Deacon to dance to the jukebox. The two end up making out in Deacon’s truck. Jessie asks Deacon if he wants to come back to her place. Deacon jumps at the opportunity but then Jessie remembers they need something very important. Protection.


It’s nice to see the two adults being responsible. Jessie says maybe they should wait. Deacon agrees. They can get all of their ducks in a row before going all the way. Bucky (David Alford) is lining up gigs for Gunnar (Sam Palladio), Will (Chris Carmack) and Avery’s (Jonathan Jackson) new boy band. Avery reminds Bucky that he can’t do anything after May. He’ll be in the studio with his band working on a new album. Bucky tells him that the gig in New York in June is a really big deal. Avery says that he just can’t do it. He’s already committed. The guys ask Avery if his band is a side project.


Gunnar asks why he’s the one singing all the girly parts. He thinks they should get a girl to join the band. Bucky reminds them that Little Big Town and Alabama Shakes both have female singers. It works out well for them so why not these three? At least they wouldn’t be called a boy band anymore. Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is brushing her hair when Avery gets home. Avery tells her that he can’t imagine what she’s going through.


Juliette tells Avery that it’s a good thing. Being raped as a child has shaped her whole life. Avery asks Juliette if that’s what Darius (Josh Stamberg) thinks. Juliette says that it makes sense. If that hadn’t happened to her, all of her choices might have been different. Avery asks if that includes them. Juliette tells Avery not to go there. Avery says that he wants to know. Juliette says that she’s just trying to figure out her own life right now. She’s a long way from getting to where she wants to be.


Maddie takes Daphne to school. Daphne finds Jonah’s (Nic Luken) ex-girlfriend Mia’s (Sophia Rose Lauer) new music video. She’s singing to Maddie it appears. The name of the song is “Can’t have him.” and in it, she rips a photo of Maddie and Jonah in half. Maddie is upset and Daphne offers to stay with her. Maddie tells her to go to school, she’s okay. Jonah tries to call Maddie and she declines the call. This guy is definitely high maintenance.


Deacon calls Jessie to tell her that they can get together the in two days. If you know what we mean. Jessie says it’s the perfect time because Jake (Myles Moore) is at his dad’s. Nothing like scheduling a sex date. Gunnar, Will, and Avery are making the rounds around Nashville trying to find a female singer for their band. They’re convinced they’re not going to find anyone after hearing several really bad acts.


While walking, they overhear a great voice. They go inside and feel like they’ve found their voice. After her set, they track her down to get her story. Her name is Alannah (Rainee Blake) and she already knows all about them. Which is good because the guys are not making the best first impression. Hopefully, she doesn’t hold it against them.


Juliette is in her therapy session with Darius. Darius asks her if she would have become a mother, a wife, or a celebrity without going through the trauma she went through as a child. It really seems like this guy is trying to get Juliette to leave her family and her career. Darius tells Juliette that because of what she went through she became an irresistible narcissist. Juliette asks how she can even begin to process everything. Darius tells her that she already has.


Darius tells her that Juliette processed things the moment she uncovered the memory. Juliette asks Darius what happens now. Darius says that she’s in a very powerful place right now. She’s had a transformation and it’s time to serve others. He says they have an outreach program that she would benefit from. It is a group that helps children that have gone through terrible trauma. There’s one catch. It’s in Bolivia. We knew it! Darius wants her to leave her husband and child and run off to Bolivia!


Juliette tells Darius that she can’t just leave. He assures her that it’s only for two weeks. It’s a very short trip. He says that she needs to act now before her daily life dilutes her awakening. The guys are still talking with Alannah about joining the band. Alannah says that she’s been in Nashville a couple of months and absolutely loves it. Gunnar asks about relationships and pets. Alannah says that she’s free as a bird. The guys tell her that they will let her know.


Deacon is at the pharmacy looking for condoms. Obviously uncomfortable, he picks up a bunch of stuff he probably doesn’t need then grabs the condoms. The guy behind him in line asks Deacon “how do those work for you,” while pointing to something. He follows it up with asking if they last more than one or two shaves. Deacon’s face was priceless when the guy first asked. He thought he was asking about the condoms.


Avery and Juliette are at home and Juliette is reading Darius’s book. She tells Avery that she has something she needs to talk to him about. She says that Darius thinks that she’s in a very important part of her life. Avery asks what that means. Juliette says that Darius said that it would be the perfect time for her to take on a project. She tells him about the outreach program. Avery thinks it sounds wonderful until he hears where it is.


Avery can’t believe that she’s serious about leaving. He tells her he doesn’t really know how he feels about it. Juliette says that she can take care of herself. Avery tells her that he doesn’t trust Darius and wants to know why she’s letting him control her whole life. Juliette says that it’s her life and she’s not letting anyone control her. Avery asks if he even gets a say in her going. Juliette assures him that he does. Avery tells her that he’ll think it over.


Maddie is walking when Jonah’s entourage pulls up. Jonah gets out of the SUV and tells Maddie that he really needs to talk to her. Maddie tells him that she has nothing to say to him. She wants him to leave her alone. Maddie asks what’s going on with Mia. Jonah assures her that they broke up. It doesn’t take long for people to realize that Jonah Ford is on the sidewalk and the two of them get swarmed with people. Jonah’s friends get him back in the car and Maddie is left alone.


Deacon is performing at the Bluebird. Daphne, Scarlett (Clare Bowen), and Jessie are in the audience for support. Daphne looks over at Jessie who appears she’s enamored with Deacon. Daphne doesn’t like what she sees. At all. Maddie is on the computer when Deacon and Daphne get home. Maddie is upset so Deacon asks Daphne to give them a second to talk. He closes the computer and makes her stop watching.


Deacon asks Maddie who Jonah is to her. Maddie says that she’s not sure. Deacon says that he might be a good guy or a bad guy. Maddie tells him not to judge. Deacon says that he’s not judging, he just sees her hurting and he cares about her. Maddie says she’s worried that sometimes Jonah is so with her but other times he’s just gone. Maddie says that she cares about him.  


Deacon warns Maddie that when you get involved with someone as famous as Jonah, it’s easy to lose yourself in their life. Maddie says that that’s not going to happen to her. Deacon asks Maddie how many songs she’s written in the last few weeks. Maddie thinks that her dad is judging her now. Deacon tells Maddie that he’s not judging her. He just doesn’t want her to forget who she is. She’s amazing.


The next morning, Jonah shows up at Maddie’s door. Deacon answers the door. He tells Jonah that he wants to have a quick word with him before he talks to Maddie. He doesn’t get the chance because Maddie comes to the door. Jonah asks Maddie to hear him out. He’s just as upset about what Mia did. He says he can handle anything except Maddie not believing him. Jonah tells Maddie that he can’t keep up the charade that is his life.


Maddie tells Jonah that he’s at the top of his game right now. Everyone loves him. Jonah says that his music is crap. He’s always anxious. Maddie says that she gets it. Jonah says that he feels like a freak in his own life. He tells Maddie that when he’s with her, he feels like that he can be himself. Jonah tells Maddie that he needs her, he doesn’t want to hide her. He asks her to come out with him. She tells him that she has plans but she will change them.


Daphne comes into Deacon’s music room raving about Jonah being at their house. Deacon tells Daphne to leave them alone. She also lets him know that the sleepover she was supposed to go to is off. Deacon calls Jessie to tell her their date has to be postponed since Daphne will be home. The guys call Alannah to let her know they want her to play with them. She accepts the offer. They tell her that they have a gig that night.


Deacon is writing when Daphne comes in to tell him that the sleepover is back on. He calls Jessie to let her know then agonizes over what to wear. When he walks out of the bathroom he sees the picture of Rayna and the girls. Daphne tells him that her ride is there and compliments his shirt choice. Juliette is feeding Cadence when Avery gets home. Avery tells Juliette that rehearsal went great and that he’s going to have to leave early for the gig that night.


Juliette has no idea what he’s talking about. She forgot he had a gig. She says that she had a lot on her mind. Juliette tells Avery that she has to give Darius an answer about the service project. Avery still isn’t on board with her going. Juliette says that she needs a private life of her own. Avery says that he’d settle for any kind of life right now. Juliette asks what he means. Avery tells her that she’s completely obsessed with Darius’s group. Avery asks Juliette if she even needs them anymore.


The new group’s gig went great. Do these four have a name yet? If they want to continue to play gigs they really need to figure out a name. Jonah takes Maddie to his EP release. He kisses her in front of everyone and ushers her out the door. Deacon is at Jessie’s and they’re back to being awkward. Both of them are incredibly nervous. Jessie breaks the tension with a kiss. It looks like these two are on track until mid makeout Deacon pulls away and starts to cry.


Deacon apologizes for his freak out. Jessie assures him that it’s okay. She understands. Deacon continues to apologize. Jessie tells him to stop apologizing. He wants to leave but Jessie asks him to stay. She tells him that if he needs to talk about Rayna, it’s fine. Deacon says it’s been eleven months. He says there hasn’t been one of those days that he hasn’t broken down. The girls seem to be doing better but he’s not.


Jessie tells Deacon that he can’t keep everything locked up inside of him. Jessie reassures him that it’s okay and holds him while he cries. Adding Alannah to the group has really helped their sound. She’s fitting right in. Jessie and Deacon are eating ice cream out of the carton. Jessie asks about Deacon’s childhood. Deacon tells her that his dad hit him a lot so he tried to stay out of his way. He still wanted to hang out with him. Deacon says that he secretly wishes he had a son.


Jonah takes Maddie to a donut shop and buys them out. He buys donuts for everyone in the shop. Deacon rubs Jessie’s head while she falls asleep. He tells her it’d be nice if they could sleep outside together sometime. Jessie says maybe by a river. You can tell Deacon is thinking about Rayna and the house they had by the water. Jessie falls asleep and Deacon apologizes. He feels like he might be broken.


Juliette wakes up and Avery isn’t in bed with her. She finds him on the couch. She wakes him up and tells him that she’s sorry she’s not a normal person. He deserves a normal person in his life. She tells him that she needs him more than anything. At least someone is getting lucky tonight. Deacon wakes up sleeping on Jessie’s floor next to her. He tries to untangle himself so he can head home.


Jessie is awake. She asks Deacon if he’s leaving. He says he should go. She starts cleaning things up and it’s clear she’s upset. Jessie tells Deacon that she knows that Rayna is a tough act to follow. She knows that she’s not her and she can’t compete with her. Deacon tells her that’s not what he was going to say. He felt close to her last night and he never thought he’d feel that again. He asks her to not give up on him.


Deacon and Maddie get home at the same time. Can you say awkward? Deacon asks Maddie if she had a good night. She tells him that she did. When they get in the house Daphne is home. Her friend got food poisoning. She asks them where they were. Deacon tells her that Maddie was with Jonah. He tries to explain what he and Jessie were doing but stumbles all over himself. Maddie hands Daphne a bag of donuts to distract her.


Avery wakes up the next morning to find Juliette nowhere to be found. He tries to call her but it goes straight to voicemail. Avery realizes that she probably left for Bolivia. So much for having a say in it, right Avery? We’ll have to wait until next week to see if that is where Juliette went. The sad thing is she did it without even considering her husband and child. This feels like the old Juliette, not the new and improved person she’s claiming to be. Things are definitely rocky in “Nashville” right now!

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