Nashville – You Can’t Lose Me

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By: Nicole Dintelman


If you don’t have your tissues ready for this week’s episode of “Nashville” you better grab them now because you’re going to need them! Immediately we find Scarlett (Clare Bowen) waking up with a sharp pain in her stomach, which she ignores and gets up to join Gunnar (Sam Palladio) in the living room. After the events of the previous night, he slept over to make her feel safe. Being robbed at gunpoint they were both shaken up. However, the fact they were fighting right before it happened is probably why Gunnar is riding the couch.

Gunnar tells Scarlett the police called and want them to come down to look at some mug shots. Scarlett isn’t ready to deal with all of that again so Gunnar tells her that he’ll take care of it, even though she wants to talk about what happened between them last night. Daphne (Maisy Stella) is in a rush to get to summer school. Deacon (Charles Esten) tells her he’s never seen a kid so excited for summer school and Daphne says that they hang out before class. Deacon asks if that includes her boyfriend and Daphne asks: “What boyfriend?” Deacon says Flynn (Ben Taylor) and Daphne getting flustered tells Deacon that Flynn is not her boyfriend.

Deacon tells Daphne that’s good because he’d have to have a long talk with him about his intentions. Daphne is mortified and tells Deacon he better be kidding. Deacon gets a message from a manager about Jessie Caine. Daphne asks who it was and Deacon tells her it was a manager wanting his advice on something. Daphne asks Deacon: “Who would want your advice?” Deacon tells Daphne that he’s going to walk her into school today. We’re loving the father/daughter banter with these two. They’ve definitely come a long way in the past few weeks.

At the Highway 65 offices, Zach (Cameron Scoggins) is telling Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) how impressed he is with her. Her new single has had 50,000 downloads since Monday and is still climbing. Glenn (Ed Amatrudo) tells Juliette that she’s back on top and she knew she could do it. Zach tells her that her promo party on Friday is going to be insane. Maddie (Lennon Stella) pops in and Zach tells her that he asked Maddie to join and tells them that he had an idea on his run this morning. Maddie has a show that night and he was thinking that Juliette could pop by and sing her new song at the end of Maddie’s set. Maybe they could sing it together. Maddie thinks it’s a great idea and Juliette reluctantly agrees. When Zach mentions Maddie meeting Travis Stroud (Stacey Hinnen) Juliette really gets nervous.

Deacon drops Daphne off at school and tells her to tell Flynn he says hi. Daphne looks really annoyed with her dad. Deacon then calls Jessie to let her know about the call she got wanting information about her that morning. He tells her that he’s going to put a good word in for her and invite the manager to her show at The Bluebird that night. Gunnar is looking at mug shots at the police station and the kid that attacked them is not there. Scarlett is awakened again by pain in her stomach. When she sits up and looks down she sees blood on the bed.

Deacon gets a call from Scarlett and knows something is wrong and rushes to her house. He finds Scarlett in the bathroom scrubbing blood out of her clothes. Scarlett collapses into his arms and he tells her he’s got her and carries her out. In the hospital waiting room, Scarlett tells Deacon not to call Gunnar because she doesn’t want him to freak out and doesn’t want him to freak her out. She tells Deacon that a bunch of the sites she’s looking at say that bleeding can be normal. Just then Scarlett is called back to be examined.

Juliette arrives home and Cadence is with Emily (Kourtney Hansen). She’s gotten a large flower delivery and when she asks Emily who they’re from she tells her that Travis Stroud sent them. Juliette calls Travis to thank him for the flowers and to talk him out of coming to her party on Friday. Can’t have him running into Maddie now can she? She tells him that her party is going to be so boring and she wouldn’t go if she didn’t have to. Travis tells her that as long as she doesn’t mind and, of course, Juliette says that she doesn’t mind.

At the hospital, the doctor is doing an ultrasound. With Deacon by her side, Scarlett asks if her baby is okay. The doctor tells her that she’s so sorry but the baby’s heart has stopped beating. Scarlett breaks down and asks Deacon what she’s supposed to do now through her tears. Scarlett needed the happiness that little baby could bring, but in an instant, it’s all gone. Gunnar arrives at the hospital and it’s clear that Deacon has told him what has happened because he lingers longer than normal by the nursery.

Deacon greets him in the hall and Gunnar asks if Scarlett is okay. Deacon says that she will be, but tells Gunnar that he has to get control of himself because Scarlett is holding it together and she won’t be able to if Gunnar goes in there falling apart. When Gunnar gets in the room he asks Scarlett what happens now and she tells him they wait here until she comes out. Gunnar asks the doctor if this is because of last night. The doctor looks confused and Scarlett tells her that she told the ER nurse what happened. Gunnar tells the doctor that they were robbed and the guy had a gun and pushed Scarlett and she fell.

The doctor tells them that she’s sorry that happened to them, but that would not affect the pregnancy. Gunnar asks how could it not. The doctor said she knows it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. She tells them there is a test they can do to see exactly what happened but it wasn’t anything Scarlett did or didn’t do, sometimes these things just happen. Scarlett gets a contraction and Gunnar asks the doctor if there is something they can give Scarlett for pain. Scarlett tells him she doesn’t want anything. The doctor says that Scarlett knows her options. Scarlett tells Gunnar that she needs him to go. She doesn’t want him or Deacon in the room with her. Scarlett says she has to do this on her own so she tells Gunnar not to ask her why – it’s just what she needs.

Deacon calls Jessie to apologize because he didn’t have a chance to call the manager for her to come to the show. He accidentally slips and tells her about Scarlett and the baby and instantly regrets it. Deacon is at Maddie’s venue and she’s trying to get his attention so he tells Jessie (Kaitlin Doubleday) he has to go and he promises to call the manager for her but she tells him it’s okay. Gunnar arrives home with Scarlett after she delivers her baby girl. She heads for the bedroom where she sees her blood stained sheets. Gunnar rushes in and starts to change them for her. She tells him that he doesn’t have to do that, but he tells her that it’s not a problem.

Scarlett gets a message from Alyssa (Rachel Bilson) wanting to talk about details about the woman’s clinic fundraiser. Gunnar tells her not to worry about it, he’ll tell her that they can’t do it. He asks Scarlett if she needs anything. Scarlett tells him that she just wants to be alone and Gunnar tells her that it doesn’t feel right just leaving her there. Scarlett tells him that it’s what she needs. As he’s leaving, Scarlett then asks him not to tell Alyssa about the baby. She tells him that she doesn’t want anyone to know yet. Scarlett then takes the receiving blanket from the hospital out of her purse and weeps for her baby girl.

Maddie’s show is going great. She has a stage presence just like her momma did. Her audience is very excited to see that Juliette is a special guest and that they’re singing Juliette’s new song together. Maddie gets the feeling that something is going on with Juliette just by her body language on stage. At home, Will (Chris Carmack) asks Gunnar what’s going on with the cops and Gunnar tells him that the bastard is just going to get away with it. Will says that when he was jumped he was on edge for weeks. Gunnar tells him that it’s not the same and it was just a stupid kid and he could have taken him. Gunnar is, of course, drunk.

Will tells Gunnar that he did what anyone would have done and they both got out of it okay. Gunnar tells him that they’re not okay and he’s going to bed. Gunnar goes into the bathroom and turns on the shower. He sits on the bathtub and looks like he’s about to break. The next morning he wakes up to the sound of someone pulling the hammer back on a gun and when he turns he sees Jimmy standing there telling him to get on his knees. He’s obviously hallucinating.

Scarlett is reading the tabloids on her phone when she sees someone walking off of her porch. She comes outside to see a woman leaving and says: “Excuse me.” It’s Jessie Caine! Scarlett tells her that she’s Jessie Caine and she has two of her albums. Jessie tells her that she’s thinking of signing with her uncle and Scarlett says that he doesn’t live there anymore. Jessie says that she knows, but he had mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well so she just wanted to leave that for her. Scarlett at first is upset, but Jessie says that Deacon didn’t mean to tell her yet she’s been through it twice.

Jessie tells Scarlett that she included things that helped her. Raspberry tea, iron tablets and she included the new Ghostbusters DVD for a distraction. Jessie says she was so lonely and she didn’t want anyone else to feel that way. She tells Scarlett that she’s sorry for disturbing her and she’ll go now. Scarlett asks her if she wants to come inside. Juliette is video chatting with Avery (Jonathan Jackson) when Maddie arrives. Juliette tells Avery that she’ll call him back.

Maddie asks Juliette if there’s something going on with her. She tells her that she left kind of quickly and she wonders if something is going on. Juliette tells her everything is fine, but she’s just preoccupied with the new album. Gunnar is out looking for Jimmy. If the police can’t find him he’s going to do it himself. Jessie is able to talk to Scarlett and make her feel a little better by sharing her experience. She tells Scarlett she has to forgive herself before she can start grieving. Jessie tells her that she wishes there were some magic words of wisdom she could share to make everything better but there’s not. She also tells Scarlett to say off WebMD. Deacon arrives and sees them on the couch talking and becomes confused.

Gunnar finds Jimmy and chases him down and pushes him into a garage. He starts hitting him until Jimmy begs him not to hurt him. Gunnar gets sense back into his head and Jimmy runs away. Deacon and Jessie leave Scarlett’s and Jessie tells him to go ahead and say what he wants to say. Deacon asks her if she always drops in on people like that. Jessie tells him that she wasn’t dropping in. She was leaving something for her and Scarlett came out and saw her. Deacon asks Jessie if she thought Scarlett might have felt a little invaded or angry at all. Jessie tells him that she wouldn’t have invited her in if she was angry.

Deacon tells Jessie that he’s not talking about Jessie being angry with her. He’s worried Scarlett might be angry with him for sharing her private business with a complete stranger. Jessie tells him that she explained to Scarlett that Deacon didn’t mean to tell her. Deacon tells Jessie that he doesn’t understand why she would reach out over something so personal. Jessie says because it’s something that is personal to her, too. Ouch! Insert foot in mouth, Deacon! Jessie tells him that she’s lost pregnancies and she wanted Scarlett to know someone else out there understood. Deacon tries to apologize, but Jessie tells him that she thought they were more than just strangers – she thought they were friends.

Juliette is schmoozing people at her party when she spots Travis. She quickly ushers him to the bar to try to keep him away from Maddie. Maddie comes up right after she gets away from Travis and she convinces her that she’s sick. She tells her that she feels warm and she doesn’t look like she’s getting enough rest. Way to be a friend Juliette. Scarlett is cleaning off her table and finds knitted little pink baby booties. She tries to call Gunnar who is at home drinking a beer and he doesn’t pick up.

Maddie is waiting for her car when Travis comes out into the lobby. He introduces himself and she tells him that he has written some of her favorite songs. Travis tells Maddie that if she keeps saying things like that he’ll forgive her for passing on this one. Maddie is confused and asks him what he’s talking about. Travis tells her that he’s kidding, J said that it didn’t light her fire and he gets it. He tells Maddie that he’d love to work with her soon. Maddie storms back into the party where Juliette is taking a selfie with fans and Maddie asks her: “How could you?” Maddie told her she knew something was off and Juliette convinced her it was all in her head. Juliette asks Maddie if they can please go outside and talk. Maddie grabs a drink and throws it in Juliette’s face and tells her no, they don’t have anything to talk about. Someone is going to be in the news again!

Scarlett shows up at Gunnar’s door and he asks what she’s doing there since she said she wanted time alone. She tells him that she does, but she realizes that he’s hurting too and when he didn’t answer his phone she wanted to make sure he’s okay. Gunnar tells her that he’s not and comes outside. He tells her that he just wants to be able to take care of her and she won’t even let him do that. Gunnar tells her it’s his fault and wants to know how he’s supposed to be okay when it’s his fault. Scarlett tells him that it’s not his fault it just happened.

Gunnar asks Scarlett: “What about us? Is that my fault too?” Scarlett tells Gunnar that she knows it’s been really hard on him. Her being pregnant and them talking about starting a family, she was scared. Gunnar tells her that he was scared too and they can get through it together. He tells her that she’s everything to him. Scarlett tells him that that’s what makes it so hard. She feels like sometimes she’s the only thing that makes him happy and when she can’t be what he wants her to be she makes him miserable. He starts to tell her no, but she interrupts him and tells him that she can’t carry that weight anymore.

Scarlett tells Gunnar she can barely carry herself and she doesn’t know what she wants. She doesn’t want him to wait around while she figures things out because it hurts too much. These two have been through so much, hopefully, they will find their way back to each other. Avery calls Gunnar to check on him and Gunnar asks him how it’s going and Avery tells him it’s been a blast. Avery wants Gunnar to talk to him and Gunnar tells him he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Avery tells him to come to Texas and join the tour.

The incident with Juliette and Maddie makes the entertainment news. Glenn tells Juliette that she has to address it. They need to bury the hatchet before Maddie goes to the press. Gunnar goes by Scarlett’s to pick up some of his stuff and Scarlett is painting. Scarlett tells him that she thinks she wants to do the fundraiser. Gunnar tells her that she should do it and Scarlett asks him if he wants her to do it without him. Gunnar says it will have to be because he’s going to Texas to join Avery on tour. He tells Scarlett that she was right. He’s been so consumed by their relationship he’s lost sight of who he is and he needs to figure that out.

Juliette goes over to apologize to Maddie and Daphne answers the door. She tells Juliette that Maddie is not available. She gives Daphne her apology and Daphne tells her that she’ll give Maddie the message. Maddie is on the stairs listening and Daphne tells Maddie that Juliette seems like she really means it. Deacon comes in and asks Maddie what happened. Maddie tells him that it was nothing – she was just upset. Deacon says she must have been pretty upset to throw a drink at someone. Maddie tells him she really feels like she needs to handle this one her own.

Gunnar packs up the car to leave and says goodbye while Scarlett packs away her baby’s things in a small wooden box. Deacon runs into Jessie at the woman’s fundraiser and Jessie tells him that Scarlett invited her just so he doesn’t get the wrong idea. Jessie tells him that she’s sorry for how everything happened and she realizes that she blurred the lines between professional and personal and she doesn’t think she should sign with Highway 65 just to keep those lines straight. Maddie and Daphne come up and Deacon introduces them to Jessie as an artist they’ve been talking to and a friend. It feels like something is brewing between Jessie and Deacon and we’re not sure how we feel about that yet.

Maddie and Daphne see Scarlett and rush over to say hello. They ask her how she is and how the baby is doing. Scarlett tells the girls that there is something she has to tell them. When Scarlett is introduced she thanks everyone for coming. She tells the crowd that when she was in school that they were given one sexual education class and they were basically told don’t do it. Birth control was too taboo to talk about and it was things like this that left a woman with no one to talk to about their health needs and feeling alone.  

Scarlett tells them that they’re not alone and that’s why it’s so important to share their stories and fight for their rights. She then tells the crowd that she had a miscarriage one week ago and that’s one reason she is there. She’s doing this for her daughter. Scarlett tells them she wanted her daughter to live in a world that was limitless because that’s what she deserved. Scarlett then begins to sing a song about wonder, hope and being together forever. The hand painted box is still on Scarlett’s bed with her daughter’s name now proudly displayed: Amelia Rose.

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