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Nnenna – America’s Next Top Model

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Q) Who is your favorite designer?

A) My favorite designer would have to be Dolce and Gabbana. I love them because I’ve seen their clothing and I’ve liked everything of their’s!

Q) Why did you decide to apply for the show?

A) I thought this would be the best way to learn a lot in the shortest amount of time and get exposure, as well.

Q) Have you maintained your new look?

A) My hair has grown out a little bit. My hair is now about the same length as Jade’s was on the show. I intend to keep it growing until maybe I am signed with an agency and if they need me to shave it again, I will. Until then, I am just going to leave it up to the client or whomever I am working with to determine however they want my look.

Q) What did you learn the most from Rachel McAllister and the interview process?

A) I learned that I have to be ready for questions that are thrown at you. You have to learn the most positive way to answer the question. You have to try to focus on the positive more than the negative.

Q) What do you think it was that gave the writer the impression you were snobbish?

A) I have no idea! I wish I had the chance to ask him, I would have. I don’t know why he thought I was snobbish.

Q) Why do you think the judges chose Faronda over you?

A) I think the judges chose Faronda because she showed more improvement and growth throughout the competition, comparing her from the first time she came into the competition and up to that point.

Q) Did you write anyone a note when you left and if so, to whom and what did you say?

A) I didn’t have a chance to write a note. I gave everyone a note when I left and I said, “Good luck.”

Q) After the show, did you clear the air with Brooke?

A) Oh yeah! We’ve cleared the air, made peace and we’ve put it in the past!

Q) Are you and John still together?

A) Yes, we’re working things out.

Q) How did it feel winning the majority of the challenges?

A) I felt blessed because I got the chance to receive some of the best gifts such as the clothes from Nanette Lepore and the ring. I was just very grateful!

Q) What was the most difficult aspect of the mermaid photo shoot?

A) The most difficult part for me was that the harness around my stomach was so tight. My stomach was aching so bad and I was upside-down. I was just in a lot of pain!

Q) What was the best part of your time in Thailand?

A) After I was eliminated, I spent two weeks in Thailand. I ate a lot of good Thai food and got one hour full body massages for like ten dollars! It is an inexpensive place to go shopping and I got to see the city. I learned a lot about the culture and it was just fun! It was the best vacation I ever had in my life. I enjoyed it!

Q) Who do you think will win “America’s Next Top Model” this season?

A) I have no idea! It’s a great group of girls left. The top five girls all have great potential. They are all great competitors and it’s anybody’s game at this point.

Q) Who do you stay in touch with from the show?

A) I stay in touch with Faronda, Jade, Gina, Sara and I’ve written Brooke. I’ve emailed almost everyone from the show back and forth.

Q) What are you going to do now that you are no longer on the show?

A) I intend to go out to New York, shoot with as many photographers as possible and, hopefully, get picked up by an agent that’s interested in me to market.

Q) What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A) I am thankful! I didn’t expect to get as much fan response as I did. I know the show said I was a bit snobbish, but I am absolutely not. I never thought I was better than anybody. I am just thankful that I made it in the top six and got to travel to Bangkok. I appreciate all of the fans! I really do!

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