Orange is the New Black – Fuck, Marry, Frieda

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By: Gladys Luna

The episode opens with a flashback of a Young Frieda (Mia Sinclair Jenness) when she was part of the Girls Scouts. As the girl was teased by two of her team mates, she always stood her ground causing the leader of the group and the rest of the team to stare at her in shock at the way she was able to defend herself by scaring others with the craziest of thoughts. Back to her present at Litchfield, while the other three inmates with whom she has been locked in are lamely attempting to distract the guards by playing the “Fuck, Marry, Kill” game in order to set themselves free, Frieda (Dale Soules) makes sure to keep herself busy finding a more functional way to get herself out of there.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the place, Daya (Dasha Polanco) wakes up after been knocked out by another inmate and manages her way out of the office. There she stumbles onto Maria (Jessica Pimentel) who gives her some quick instructions to follow in order to keep having control over the prison.


Tastyee (Danielle Brooks), Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) and Alison (Amanda Stephen) are losing their heads over the video that Josh (John Palladino) posted. They don’t understand why the video hasn´t received any response yet but both Josh and Caputo (Nick Sandow) try to calm them down by assuring them that it takes some time to get full attention. They are interrupted by two other inmates that announce there is a meeting soon to be held on the chapel and lead by Maria, but the other three girls just refuse to go. In the library, Judy King (Blair Brown) is using all of her resources to convince Soso (Kimiko Glenn) to go and check who is in charge of the riot. Although the girl declines to go at first, she finally leaves and tries to get as many information as possible.


In the meantime, outside the prison, some CO´s and cops have gathered trying to figure out what is happening inside the prison, but none of them have any solid information in regards the situation. Back inside Litchfield, we see that Maria has taken the stage and gives a full speech making clear to the other inmates that they have the power now and as a “riot gift” she orders to bring the CO´s they have taken as hostages to the stage which happened to be blindfolded and tied by hands. The CO´s are led by Maritza (Diane Guerrero) and “Flaca” (Jackie Cruz).


Sophia (Laverne Cox) and Nurse Adarsh (Gerrard Lobo) are checking on the patients in the infirmary. When they arrive to the room where Suzanne (Uzo Aduba), Maureen (Emily Althaus) and CO Humphrey (Michael Torpey) they find the two girls trying to figure out if they have died and are now in limbo. When Suzanne throws the question at Sophia, she plays along and confirms they in fact are.


Back at the chapel, Maria and her team have decided to take the game a little bit further so they choose to strip the CO´s down starting with Luschek (Matt Peters), then moving to CO Davis (David Roberts) and CO McCullough (Emily Tarver) who gets frightened by the sudden decision and begs Maritza and Flaca to help her. However, they reassure her saying that she has a great body so she shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It seems like for those two, everything is a mere game.


Meanwhile in the kitchen, CO Blake (Nick Dillenburg) and CO Stratman (Evan Hall) have fallen for Sankey (Kelly Karbacz), Helen (Francesca Curran) and Brandy’s (Asia Kate Dillon) games and now they are deciding who of the three inmates they want to “Fuck, Marry and Kill.” They are so absorbed by the inmates’ game that they barely register Frieda has a game of her own and they are not going to like it. So, it is not until she throws a dart to CO Blake that the two guys realize what they´ve been doing. Right after, Frieda throws another dart, but this time it lands right on CO Stratman’s ass. The other girls jump out of excitement now that they can be finally free.


Back to her younger years, Frieda was enjoying of a trip to the woods with her father who taught her about the constellations and ways to survive in case she gets lost. Next morning, the girl wakes up and finds herself alone in the middle of the woods. She calls for her father, but the man is nowhere to be seen; the only thing she finds is a piece of cloth placed on a log and over the cloth it lays a jar filled with water, a needle, a knife and an empty can. The girl seems to understand the message pretty clear. Back to the present, Piscatella (Brad William Henke) arrives at the prison and informs the other guards what the inmates have done. He attempts to enter the place, but faces with inmate Flores (Laura Gómez) who challenges him and won´t let him in. Red (Kate Mulgrew) is covering the walls of the prison with Piscatella´s photos and then she faces him and shows him one of the pictures she stole but the man is unfazed before her. Then, he demands her to open the door and slams a hand against the glass showing Red the two capital letters that he has tattooed on his right wrist which shed some light over the woman who looks at it discreetly and then walks away from them wearing a devilish smirk.


Taystee and her team are still waiting for something that shows that their message was not sent in vain. All of a sudden, the video is retweeted but soon they are disappointed when they realize that someone just took the part where Cindy is drinking her latte and they now have made a joke saying “Black Lattes Matter.” Taystee finally loses her tempter by thinking that no one really cares about their situation.


While on the infirmary, Maureen and Suzanne are discussing possible ways to kill CO Humphrey when the man wakes up and mocks their lame ideas. So, he begins to teach them some of the ways they may kill someone leaving the girls surprised before the new information.


Back to the chapel, Maria and her team are still figuring what their next move is going to be. So, they strip CO Dixon (Mike Houston) and try to emulate an inspection on him. Alex (Laura Prepon), who has been utterly uncomfortable the whole time she and Piper (Taylor Schilling) have been there, stands up and makes her voice heard. She doesn’t want to be a part of it so she leaves which makes other inmates to start a fuzz and wanting to take the lead. Finally, Gloria (Selenis Leyva) stands up and makes them realize they have been using their power in the wrong way. So, she proposes to use the hostages against the officers outside the prison in order to buy them sometime while they find other ways to get away with their riot. Maria, decides right there that is time for a “family photo.”


Daya, Cabrera (Daniella De Jesús) and Ouija (Rosa Colon) are entrusted with the mission to get Caputo and Josh to the chapel, which is when Daya confesses to the other two girls that she was knocked out and she has lost the gun. The girls encourage her to relax and pretend that she still has it so she can make Taystee and her team hand the men to them. They also assure her that they won’t tell anything about it to Maria.


In the meantime, Josh is having an interesting conversation with Caputo where he assures him that the hostages always die. He tells the older man that whenever the hostages are taken to another location is just because they will be killed. So, Caputo begins to list the movies where hostages have been saved in an attempt to calm the guy down, but Alison makes sure to confirm that they are not always safe. Suddenly, Daya, Cabrera and Ouija show up and make their intentions clear and after a careful review, Taystee decides they will collaborate with them.


Soso comes back to the library that Judy swore to protect while she was out and almost gets a heart attack when she notices that the older woman is not there and other inmates are now stealing Poussey´s (Samira Wiley) books. She manages to snatch some of the books out of a girl´s hand claiming those were her girlfriend´s favorites.


In the kitchen, Frieda is trying to convince the CO´s that she has poisoned them with her darts and starts to list a number of things they will start to feel as the poison takes over their bodies. She tells them that if they let her out, she may give them an antidote making the two men believe her so when they open the door, she punches them with the help of the other three girls. Another flashback of the woods where was left by her father is shown and we see how Frieda manages to make a compass with the tools her father left for her. She hunts her own food and then she decides to take a swim on the lake. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that said lake was full of leeches that are now stick to her body.


While on the infirmary, Humphrey has Suzanne and Maureen entertained with his knowledge about all the ways you can kill someone. When he abruptly begins to slur his words Suzanne realizes something is just wrong with him. She calls Adarsh and he explains to them he has cerebral ischemia. When he runs out of the room to find some medicine to help him, Maureen rephrases Humphrey´s earlier words about that “sometimes it´s best to use what´s available on hands” and confesses that she just blew oxygen bubbles on his IV leaving Suzanne dumbfounded at such revelation.


Caputo and Josh are taken to the chapel and on his way, they see the mess the prison has been turned into. Frieda returns home and meets her father who has been tracking the time it took her to comeback. He tells her that the communists will soon arrive, but when they do she will be strong and ready. Older Frieda walks out of the fuss and into a hidden place that it can be called as her “lair.”


While on the chapel, the inmates have gathered all the CO´s and left them only in their underwear. Then, Taystee takes a picture of them make them look not so photogenic. There goes another episode where another story is revealed. Frieda sure is a handful.


Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. ¡Hasta la próxima!

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