Orange is the New Black – Pissters

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By: Gladys Luna


Baxter (Alan Aisenberg) is at his father´s pet grooming facility helping him while looking miserable. His father seems to be pretty busy with his task at hand, barely paying attention to his son. So, when Baxter asks for his opinion about if he is a horrible person, the older man just comes with an answer that leaves the boy even more confused than he was before.

Back at Litchfield, CO Piscatella (Brad William Henke) finds out that Judy King (Blair Brown) is still inside the prison so he is commanded to not to break into it while the woman is in there. In the meantime, Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore), Alison (Amanda Stephen) and Watson (Vicky Jeudy) are trying on the clothes they just found discarded on the floor when they hear a voice coming from one of the guards outside telling the inmates that they are ready to hear their demands. Leanne (Emma Myles) and Angie (Julie Lake) are just recovering from the sleep they were put into and are now at the chapel where they find the CO´s uniforms so they decide to disguise themselves as guards and prank the inmates by pulling theirs pants down.

Piper (Taylor Schilling) is teaching Linda (Beth Dover) how to move around without drawing much of attention towards her while Alex (Laura Prepon) suggests to simply leave her behind since she only seems to be a burden. So, when she finally convinces Piper to do it they are about to walk away from her when the woman decides to threaten them by telling them that she´ll advise the MCC that they have killed a guard. This makes Piper turn into protective mode, pushing her against the wall and instantly making Linda regret her words.

A glimpse of Linda´s past is shown as we see her as a young girl trying to maintain her stand in the sorority back in college, but failing miserably. Back to the present, Alex and Piper have decided to take her with them and are now creating some sort of a backup story for her just in case she is questioned about it.

Alison is trying to convince Taystee and the other girls that aside from their request of putting Baxter in jail they should seize the opportunity and ask for other things that may help them along the way. So, they start a brain storming about the possible things they may need.

Outside the prison, Reg King (Tom Lipinski) is losing his mind since he doesn´t know a thing about Judy, but he is assured that she is totally fine. In the meantime, Judy has found a way to call her lawyer and asks him to send her a helicopter so she can run away from there as soon as possible. The man confirms that Reg is already there so soon he will get to her.

Back at the hostages’ room, they are busy blaming each other about the riot and the gun that wasn’t supposed to be brought into the prison. McCullough (Emily Tarver) breaks the heated conversation and brings them back to reality by confessing that she is almost sure that they don’t have the gun anymore, which makes everyone in the room to come to a halt.

Flores (Laura Gómez) is interrupted by Red (Kate Mulgrew) who comes into Mr Healey´s (Michael Harney) office while she is reading the file of each of the guards just in case she needs it in the near future. Red asks her about “Wes Driscoll,” a man who she believes is somehow related to Piscatella as she saw his initials tattooed on his wrist. Flores shows her a newspaper article about Piscatella that may help Red in her quest.

Gloria (Selenis Leyva) enters the kitchen and sees some inmates taking as much food as they can and trying to run away with it. She chases them away. She asks two of the girls to stay and help her to cook some dinner. Suddenly, Daya (Dascha Polanco) comes in and approaches to Gloria carefully. The woman scolds her for her earlier behavior and then Daya confesses her that she doesn’t have the gun anymore so Gloria asks her to stay with her and out of trouble.

Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman) is guiding DeMarco (Lin Tucci) through some meditation, but the latter is not following her quite properly and gets completely distracted when she receives a notification on Judy´s phone that she possesses now. The text comes from Judy´s husband who shows his concern about her. In the other side of the prison, Red and Flores are still working together on the files to get as many information as they can.

Maureen (Emily Althaus) and Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) have left the infirmary and are walking through a dark alley when they stumble with Judy who is trying to find her way out of the prison. Piper, Alex and Linda meet Maria (Jessica Pimentel) in the hallway, who questions Alex about her behavior on the chapel. Then, she notices Linda and realizes she hasn’t seen her before, but the woman comes up with a sudden story about the reason why she is there and Maria seems to believe her.

Nicky (Natasha Lyonne), Morello (Yael Stone) and Soso (Kimiko Glenn) are at the med room helping other inmates with their medication. Suddenly, Soso asks her for something that stops her from feeling the way she does, but is surprised by Nicky´s speech that started as a way to let her know that regardless the meds she takes, grief cannot be cheated. She also turns into an indirect confession of her love for Morello who seems to have understood the message loud and clear.

In the dining room, Alison calls for the inmates’ attention and expresses her thoughts about how she believes the whole “hostage situation” should be conducted. She lets them know to make a civilized negotiation so they can be seen as humans and not animals.

The inmates seem to agree with her and start to enlist their demands on the sheets provided by Alison, Taystee, Cindy and Watson. Red enters the room and walks straight to where Morello, Nicky, Alex, Piper and Linda are placed. She tells them that there´s something wrong about Piscatella but the other girls doesn’t take her seriously and she ends up leaving with the promise of finding the truth.

Back to Linda´s younger years, Meggs (the leader of the sorority she belonged to) was found frozen to death outside of the sorority house. When Linda was interrogated about it, she lied shamelessly about the girl´s behavior and the probable reason she had died.

Baxter gets himself drunk while watching Caputo´s video all over again and then he walks straight to the Litchfield Municipal Building. He tells the officers in there that he is a bad man so he is there to be arrested. As he is slurring his words due to his current state, the officers think is just a joke so they take him to one of the cells and let him rest in there until next day where he is sober enough to tell them why he is really there for. Judy keeps running through the dark trying to find her way out but no one is in there to help. She finds someone sitting in a chair in the middle of the hallway and when she turns the chair to face the man in there, she sees CO Humphrey (Michael Torpey) who has some tape and drawings all over his face and asking for help as well. Judy runs away from him and meets Angie and Leanne who she mistakenly believes are guards. She begs them to help her, they assure her they will but instead, they take her pants down and then leave.

The CO´s are plotting their escape and after an awkward exchange of ideas, they come up to the conclusion that maybe they should ask for dinner and then they will try to run away. After a while, Ouija (Rosa Colon) and Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) decide they should feed them with the same lame food they receive every day. Back at the dining room, Big Boo has taken Caputo´s suit and dressed herself in it. She goes through the tables and then stop by Piper´s where she immediately notices Linda with whom she shares a quick flirt. When she tells them she´s taking some prison food to the CO´s, Linda offers herself to help her.

Since Meggs is gone, Linda has now taken her place and turned herself into a clone of the deceased blonde girl, pushing the girls to move on just as the older leader would´ve wanted. Judy finally manages to escape from the prison through a window. Maureen and Suzanne enter to the dining room and when Suzanne sees some girls walking by the area where Poussey (Samira Wiley) was killed, she immediately chases them off. She gathers some cups, trays and candles and surrounds the area calling it a sacred place. All of this is done before the astonished look of everyone around. Soso joins Maureen and Suzanne and the three of them sit inside the circle Suzanne has created and Gloria hands them some trays with food. Alex and Piper are snooping through Linda´s phone when they see a picture of her and Caputo where the man is kissing her cheek so they realize that she is Caputo´s girlfriend. When Maritza (Diane Guerrero) sees that Flaca (Jackie Cruz) is not paying attention to her anymore because she seems to be pretty wrapped up by her cellphone. She throws some food at her, which causes a food fight.

Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) is setting an alarm per minute on her cellphone and then she goes to bed and puts the device inside her pants. Suddenly, the alarms go off and start vibrating making the girl moan in pleasure while Coates (James McMenamin) watches her from where he is hiding in the ceiling.

Yoga Jones and DeMarco are in the search of Judy and her “panic room” when they realize that other inmates have opened one of the doors and are now smoking outside. Suddenly, they see Judy running away and they go after her. In the front door of the prison, Alison starts to read the ten demands they have for MCC and sticks the sheets to the windows for them to see. Back to the CO´s, they are getting ready to strangle whoever enters the room and feeds them. When walking by the window, Caputo spots Linda and after a while she stares back at him and they remain looking at each other in panic.

Another episode, another step forward. Meet you on the next chapter. ¡Hasta la próxima!

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