Paul Wesley – The Vampire Diaries – Comic Con

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By: Shadia Omer



Your show is going in such a dark direction which is unusual because it naturally is that dark, but anyways. Are you ready for it? 

“Yes. I’m ready for there to be a shift in the dynamic. I think it’s cool, obviously it’s a different sort of theme, you know, obviously Elena’s gone and there’s going to be a natural shift. I think that is, you know, obviously the original triangle of Damon, Stefan, Elena is what made the show such a big hit and is what brought the fans, but Nina wanted to leave, and the show, sort of, needs a fresh spin. It was almost like a fortuitous, opportunity to create something you get you new. We might completely botch it, but we’ll do our best not to.”

The Salvatore’s have been uprooted out of their own home by their mother.


With all these other crazy people living in their home. 

“Yes. Yes. It happens.” 

How is Stefan going to get along with the Heretics?

“I don’t think he’s going to. I have to Google heretics, by the way. I don’t know, is that a common thing? I mean, I consider myself average in intelligence, but I didn’t know what that was, and they use that word so much season 1. I feel like we need, like, a little thingy that says, heretics, definition. “

“No. He doesn’t get along with them. Nobody does. They’re sort of like the badasses of season 7.”

We hear there’s going to be another flashback episode. Are we going to see Stefan and Damon before they turned?

“Oh, really? That would be dope. I didn’t know. I have scripts one, two, and three on my iPad, but I’ve only read one. I just haven’t, because I’m in the middle of filming one, and I haven’t had a chance to read two.”

Will Elena’s absence drive them apart?

“Actually, their mom is going to drive them apart. You know how moms can get. They have their favorite son. You know Stefan is the mamma’s boy. I think she’s going to get in between them, and I’m not kidding.”

Julie was mentioning that this season was going to be, there’s going to be a focus on family, because their mom abandoned them then she comes back with these new people who is also family, and so Stefan’s going to be mad about that, yes?

“Yes. I mean, I think there’s definitely a sense of abandonment and hurt, and they’re wary of her, but then it’s like that natural, maternal, like you just sort of naturally want to forgive your mom and assume that she’s a great person and she really did love you. That’s a natural thing, and so I think Stefan’s going to be prone to forgiveness and naivete as opposed to Damon who’s, like, cynical and suspicious and wary of her.”

How patient is Stefan going to be in waiting for Caroline to get her life in order?

“I think she gets her life in order pretty quickly. By that I mean I think she gives him the green light. I can’t guarantee that, but that’s what I hear.”

It sounds like that

“That’s on the rumor mill, yes.”

Maybe they’re going to be a little closer than we would normally see them?

“Yes. Intimate environment. No, you’ve already seen them close, right?”


“They’ve already murdered people and had sex together, so I don’t see how much, what else they could do, to be honest.”

Do both at the same time?

“Right. Oh, God, that’s dark. That’s season 9.”

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