Powerless – Green Furious

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By: Jay Smith


Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) is reading the tabloids on the breakup of Green Fury (Natalie Morales) and The Olympian (Joel Michael Kramer) when a townsperson tells her Green Fury is saving people in a burning building. When she puts the male victim down, the paparazzi bombard her with male driven questions and photos. Emily defends and saves her when Jack O’Lantern throws a flame ball. More photos are taken of the women as Green Fury thanks Emily and gives her a personal ringer. Emily is in the office upset at the headline and the photo chosen to insinuate her and Green Fury’s new romance when Teddy (Danny Pudi) walks up to her desk and expresses his feelings from the “betrayal.”

Ron (Ron Funches), Wendy (Jennie Pierson) and Teddy admire the personal Green Fury ringer and Teddy offers to buy it off her. Emily reiterates is for emergencies and that the heroine just got out of a relationship and he may not be her type. Wendy offers to throw in money for Emily to give Teddy the ringer so she can watch his heart be broken. Emily walks away from the conversation and to Van’s (Alan Tudyk) office. Emily is excited for her first board meeting and Van tells her the board doesn’t and her and he only invited her to make himself look good at the advice of the board. Emily isn’t offended by that tidbit and offers to give a heads up on her notes for the poncho, but Van bursts her bubble by telling her she doesn’t talk and is only there to laugh. Emily shares her distaste for Van wanting her to be in the background to Jackie (Christina Kirk) and she agrees with Van. Jackie gives the advice that Emily shouldn’t pitch her ideas and to tell the men their ideas are great. Jackie praises Van for being the #1 Yes Man and he pops out of his office to asks her to send a colleague a cheese log to celebrate their vasectomy. She offers to add chestnuts and a nutcracker to really sell the joke. Van laughs while also whispering he doesn’t get it before closing is door and Jackie talks Emily he doesn’t get it.

Ruby (Willa Miel Pogue) calls for Jackie from the break room and tells her she’s bored. Wendy is happy to see Ruby and asks if she wants to go shopping after explaining no one will check a child’s pockets. Jackie tells Wendy Ruby is grounded for hitting someone to which Wendy is impressed and Jackie also puts a stop to destructive fun between the two because Wendy is a bad influence and Ruby hasn’t told her why she hit the other student. During the board meeting, because of low sales, Boucher (Matt Oberg) wants to no longer continue the poncho and Emily objects. She offers that they find a spokesperson to give the poncho a cool factor. Van suggests Kevin James and Emily suggests a superhero instead. Of course, they all laugh and she tells them she can get Green Fury. Emily secretly presses her ringer and the group of men continue to laugh at her and Green Fury soon arrives on the roof making them be quiet. Boucher finally asks for her name and Emily happily offers the information.

Green Fury exclaims to Emily she gave her the button for emergencies and Emily tells her it is an emergency. She then spins that the work emergency can work in her benefit because the world currently sees her as a donut fiend thanks to the tabloids. Green Fury is upset that this is the reason the Justice League doesn’t take her seriously. Van offers his advice to Green Fury on her past relationship and body and Emily shuts him up before he makes it worse. Emily pushes for the heroine to do the commercial and she finally agrees to it. Everyone in the office has gathered around Van’s and are swooning at her presence. Wendy offers to show her the secret bathroom and then her and Ron fight over who the green haired heroine is really looking at. Teddy approaches Wendy and Emily and he’s upset the ringer was pressed without him being there. Emily informs him Green Fury is working with them and he needs to cool it while also telling him she hasn’t even given him the time of day. Teddy tells them she hasn’t because Green Fury didn’t see him in a new jacket. Teddy tells them the jacket is from a new designer named “Yaast” and Emily makes a crude joke with the name. He leaves them to get another opinion and it’s from Ron’s focus group. He asks the ladies how do they feel about the jacket and they all hate it. Teddy can’t handle the group consensus and calls them all stupid. Ron pulls him aside and tells him he’s testing very terrible with women between the ages of 18 and 35.

Emily gives her commercial pitch and with an awkward silence and Van trying to figure out how to piggy back his response. Boucher shows his approval and tells Emily she’ll go far in the company. Wendy and Ruby are in the middle of being destructive of a dummy when Jackie stops the fun. Jackie tells Ruby to go sit at her desk and the child calls her mean before leaving the room. Wendy shows Jackie her excitement for having Ruby there and Jackie is taken aback when she discovers that Ruby told Wendy what happened. She asks for the details but Wendy tells her she can’t spill because the two girls pinky swore.

Teddy corners Emily to answer his self centered survey and she side steps him to continue her journey to the top. Ron has been overhearing and he tells Teddy not to focus too hard on the focus group’s thoughts on him because of their morning decision making skills and praises his friend. Teddy considers the advice but says he’s always tested well with black men and after the men say hello to another black male employee Ron says they need to hire more black people. Emily is happy to be there and Van is excited for the beef jerky on the food table. Emily asks Boucher about the car and he tells her the new exploitative commercial idea. She tells him this isn’t her idea while Van throws jerky in her purse. Boucher says it’s her with tweaks from marketing. Emily is upset and worried about Green Fury’s reaction when she arrives and she yells at Van to take the jerky purse as he’s trying to get jerky while she’s expressing her frustration. Green Fury arrives and her and Van proposes the question on what they are doing to an apprehensive Emily.

Teddy is walking with a female crew member telling her how he’s longer supporting “Game Of Thrones” when Ron asks what’s going on and calls out his lie. Teddy, who happens to be wearing a “This is what a feminist looks like” shirt explains to Ron that he researched the type of man Green Fury would be attracted to. Ron tells him it may not be in the cards for the two to get together, but Teddy ignores him to go put “guyliner” on before approaching her and Ron says he’s lost his mind. Jackie gives Wendy the toys for Ruby, her bedtime and birth certificate while calling Wendy her new mom because Ruby didn’t tell her why she hit the classmate. Jackie is upset and rails into Wendy on being a grown child herself before Ruby finally steps in and explains why she hit the kid. She did it to protect Jackie’s feelings and the mother-daughter duo hug as Jackie tells her its okay to tell her anything. Wendy is now upset because Ruby broke the pinky swear and had given the little girl a locket expressing them being “best friends forever.”

Emily tries to explain the new commercial when Teddy, who introduces himself to Green Fury as “Theo” buts in. Green Fury asks about his new shtick, Teddy tells her he’s “woke” now and she explains to him it’s a lot to handle before finally denying him. Teddy is at a loss of words and Ron whisk him away from another failed encounter with the heroine. The two agree not to do the commercial, but Green Fury stops Emily from fully pulling the plug because of the potential headline. The mentioning of The Olympian because the one who is probably leaking false stories and only caring about the spotlight sets a light bulb off in Emily’s head. Teddy appears again for one last attempt and Green Fury flashes a green fireball making him leave for good.

Emily and Van with the help of Green Fury explain the commercial concept to The Olympian and once they mention him being naked he immediately agrees to it. Boucher loves the new edition and tells Emily she’s going places. Van, of course, tries to insert himself into the compliment. The Olympian asks Green Fury to dinner, but she declines and reduces him to being a bootycall later that evening instead.

We see the final commercial, which secretly tells you the poncho doesn’t protect against magic or rain and the focus group loves it minus Teddy being in the room with Ron. Teddy apologizes to Ron for not listening and being in a slump with women. He puts on his jacket and it catches the attention of a female focus group member. Of course, he uses the designer’s name when answering a question and another member reiterates her distaste for the jacket again before Teddy calls her a name again. Wendy is eating in the break room when Jackie finds her and apologizes for her actions. She gives a backhanded compliment to Wendy and she’s confused on how to take it. Emily and Green Fury are at the news stand when Green Fury mentions a bedroom secret of The Olympian’s before pointing out a positive story on herself. Green Fury says the Justice League Europe contacted her, even though they’re not in the Top 5 like Emily tried to claim because of the good headlines now. Van again tries to insert himself into the good news for the heroine and “mansplain” feminism before both women fly and walk away.

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