Pretty Little Liars – Driving Miss Crazy

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By: Michelle Lopez

Ezra (Ian Harding) finally roped Aria (Lucy Hale) into taking pre-wedding Salsa lessons. Aria’s going through the motions, but looks like she’d rather be anywhere else. The class ends and Aria notices three missed calls from AD. She tries to get rid of Ezra so she can handle AD but he’s got real problems. His mother has an issue with his brother’s date to the wedding and everyone expects Ezra to fix it. After complaining for a few minutes he leaves, deciding it’s better to go deal with the issue than try and talk with his near catatonic fiancé. As soon as he’s gone, Aria returns AD’s call. She’s done enough for AD and deserves her reward, which happens to be a police report Aria filled out calling Ezra a predator after she found out about Ezra’s true crime novel. AD gives Aria a choice, mess with Spencer or send Ezra to jail.

Marco (Nicholas Gonzalez) stops by the loft to ask Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) about the flood at The Radley since someone saw the two of them there. Since Caleb currently lives at The Radley they easily brush off Marco’s accusation. Marco asks about Caleb living at The Radley versus the loft so Hanna explains Caleb getting free room and board for upgrading the security system. Marco thinks he’s got them on the hook, but neither is phased when he flings accusations at them. Before leaving Marco tells Hanna that they’ve found more compelling evidence in the Rollins case.

Veronica (Lesley Fera) and Peter (Nolan North) have decided to relocate to Harrisburg where Veronica’s base of operations will be as Senator. Their realtor wants them to clean out the house before showing it. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) sorts through the clutter as Emily (Shay Mitchell) that Ali’s in New York visiting Jason and avoiding Marco’s questions. Spencer finds the blanket they brought her home in from Radley in the trash pile and Emily suggests she keep it. They receive an SOS text from Hanna and head to a liar meetup.

At the meetup, Hanna’s panicking about Marco’s visit. She wants to take another turn in the game since finishing the game means Rollins’s body disappears. Hanna realizes that Aria hasn’t taken a turn yet and she, much like Spencer last week, starts getting suspicious. The liars get nervous when they hear a noise, but it’s just Mona (Janel Parrish) showing up to save the liars from themselves.

At The Radley, Caleb runs into Ashley (Laura Leighton) who’s concerned about Hanna after speaking with Marco. She asks Caleb to look her in the eyes and tell her that Hanna is not in trouble and he tells her exactly that.

Aria stops by the Hastings house with dinner and a mission from AD. She declines an offer to stay for dinner, but lingers to chat with Spencer. Spencer rants about Mona’s involvement while Aria pairs the houses sound system with a phone over Bluetooth. Once the pairing is complete she drops the phone in a packed box and rushes out the door. A recording of Peter and Mary (Andrea Parker) discussing Jessica’s death starts playing over the sounds system. Peter runs downstairs yanking speakers off the wall to try and shut the recording off. When he fails he runs outside to try and catch Mary, who they assume delivered the recording. Peter returns empty handed and deflects any questions Spencer throws at him. Veronica is ready to call the cops, but stops when Spencer asks her not to.

At the DiLaurentis house, Emily wraps up a call with Ali trying to hide that she and Ali are together. Mona’s no dummy and calls Emily out because everyone’s known Emily loves Ali since they were kids. Emily’s still hesitant about Mona playing the game, but Mona knows they need her. She’s not only helping with the game, she found the fertility doctor that did Ali’s procedure and made them an appointment to see him in the morning.

At the Brew, Hanna tells Caleb about the mistakes the liars could have made outside Spencer’s receipt mishap. Her main concern is the way she dumped the shovels the liars used to bury Rollins. Ezra interrupts their conversation with some complimentary coffee and complaints about his problems. His brother might not go to the wedding and he’s regretting not eloping in Tuscany. Aria walks into the Brew and despondently blows them off because she’s had a long day messing with her friend’s lives.

At their meeting with Dr. Handlin (Max Deacon), Mona and Emily pose as a couple. Mona casually compliments the doctor’s degrees hanging on the walls and mentions that they were referred to him. He takes the bait asking who referred them, but he freezes up when Emily drops Alison’s name. He realizes why they’re actually there and tells them to find another doctor as he kicks them out of his office. Outside Emily is annoyed because their plan failed, but Mona’s not concerned. She grabbed a magazine with the doctor’s home address and they’re going to do some sleuthing.

Hanna’s out in the woods talking to a forest ranger by the shed she left the shovels at. She claims her car skidding off the road and she needs a shovel to dig her car free from where it’s currently stuck. The ranger tells her that any shovels he had were confiscated by the police for testing.

Aria gives Spencer a call and is relieved she finally got ahold of her, but she’s concerned when she hears how broken Spencer sounds. Spencer tells Aria about the recording and her struggle to reconcile the woman who wrote Spencer that letter and the woman who killed her own sister. Spencer’s prepared to tell Veronica about AD, but Aria begs Spencer to hold off and see what Mona digs up. When the call ends, Ezra plays Aria the song he wants for their first dance. Aria’s not in the mood to dance or listen to the song, which Ezra misinterprets as Aria having doubts. He believes she hasn’t forgiven him for taking advantage of her and her friends when they were children in high school for the sake of a true crime novel. Aria gives him a hug to reassure him that she’s still with him.

Outside the Hastings house, Marco approaches Spencer for a follow-up. He claims to be sparing Spencer any embarrassment by holding the meeting off the books, but she’s got nothing to be ashamed of. Marco learned that Spencer and Caleb were dating and correctly guesses that’s why she stopped their activities that night at The Radley. He accuses her of showing interest in him because she needed a cop in her corner and Spencer calls him out for not being able to distinguish personal from professional. She tells him any further questions can be addressed at the police station and watches him drive off. She gets in her car and is grabbed by Mary who tells her to drive. They end up at the Lost Woods and have a much-needed discussion. Mary finds it funny that Spencer’s afraid of her when she’s been living with the likes of Peter. Spencer wants to know why Mary planted the phone in her house, but Mary didn’t do that. She overheard the recording while lurking outside waiting for Spencer. Then, Mary flashes back to when she figured out Peter and Jessica were planning on killing her. Peter invited her over to tell her she’ll never see Spencer again when Jessica stopped over and was shocked to see Mary because she thought they were supposed to have “taken care” of her. Mary figured out their plan to poison her and flipped it back on them, eliminating the person who locked her away at Radley. Mary wants to get to know Spencer so she invites her to live with her under the radar of the police.

Hanna returns to the loft with a dead phone, no shovels, and a lot of anger. She made the trip to the woods for nothing and spend the afternoon having Lucas’s car detailed to get rid of any evidence. Ashley walks in from the other room happy to finally be reunited with Hanna. Ashley stopped over with a bottle of wine and hopes of having dinner with them. Hanna sends Caleb to grab some wine glasses and Ashley tries to get a lay of the land. She asks if Caleb’s back in her life because Hanna needed help, but Caleb’s quick to explain that he loves Hanna and wants to marry her. That shuts down any and all of Ashley’s concerns.

Aria dreams of herself in a veil with toilet paper flowers fighting to get Ezra, dressed as a prison inmate, to the altar. Mona, dressed as a jail warden, dances around singing “Jail House Rock” while Ezra gets beat up by the other inmates. Eventually, she and Ezra make it to the altar in front of Veronica. Aria apologizes for delivering the recording, but Veronica’s got no sympathy. Aria wakes up in a panic and is relieved to see Ezra asleep on the other end of the couch. She receives a text from AD letting her know that her reward in downstairs in The Brew. She heads down and searches the place high and low, finally finding a folded up envelope under a chair leg. Inside are a puzzle piece and a note telling her to add it to the game board. She turns around and sees Mona watching her as she makes herself some coffee.

After snooping around the doctor’s house, Emily and Mona stop by his office again. They have proof that he got a huge sum of money recently and want to know who paid him to do the procedure on Alison. He doesn’t have that information, but he can give them the donor’s ID number.

Spencer returns home to find Veronica and Peter reading Mary’s letter. Peter wants her to forget everything in the letter because Mary’s a manipulative sociopath. Spencer calls him out on plotting to kill Mary and is backed up when Veronica demands an answer. Peter confesses that he was willing to do whatever it took to protect his family and storms out. Veronica tells Spencer they can begin unpacking because she’s going to forfeit her Senate seat. It’s only a matter of time before this gets leaked and her career goes up in flames.

Caleb’s set up a tent in the woods for him and Hanna so they can get away from prying eyes for a while. Hanna asks him if he actually meant what he said to Ashley about wanting to marry her. He did. Hanna pulls out a bottle of Champagne and they celebrate.

Spencer stops by the Lost Woods to let Mary know she can’t run away with her. Yes, she is ready to leave Rosewood but she can’t abandon her friends and mom. Mary’s upset, but understands and hopes that someday Spencer can forgive her. Spencer tells her she already has but Mary needs to forgive herself.

Dressed in her black hoodie, Aria puts her puzzle piece on the game board. The game phone pops up a message telling her that her reward is behind her and she finds the police report in a vase on a shelf.

Mona returns home to find Emily anxiously pacing in front of her apartment. She’s brought the phone Aria dropped off at Spencer’s house in hopes that Mona can find something on there to help them. Mona’s had a long day and has no time for Emily so she grabs the phone and tells her they’ll talk tomorrow. She locks the three deadbolts on the door and enters her newest lair equipped with a wall of notes and a pile of shovels in the corner.

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