Pretty Little Liars – In the Eye, Abides the Heart

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By: Michelle Lopez

Avataria & Arcturus

In the alley behind The Brew Aria (Lucy Hale) receives a FaceTime from AD who figured Aria might enjoy a familiar face so they created an Aria filter, Avataria, for their video calls. Aria tells AD that she will not hurt her friends, but AD threatens to tell the liars what Aria’s been up to and reminds her that they have documents that’ll send Ezra to prison. Aria knows she’s beat so she asks what AD wants. They want what everyone wants, the end of the game.

At The Brew Aria, Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) try and figure out what Lucas’s childhood friendship with Charlotte means. Everyone, except Hanna, believes that he’s hiding something. Hanna’s friends and business partners with Lucas so she’s not willing to jump to any conclusions. Aria’s phone goes off with another call from AD so Aria hugs her purse hoping that nobody notices. They agree to search the loft later and parts ways. When everyone’s gone Aria pulls out her phone to see she has one missed FaceTime from AD.

Aria returns home to find Ezra (Ian Harding) on the phone with Nicole’s dad. He wants Ezra to go back and help them deal with Nicole. Aria’s not happy with this development, but she lets it slide as Ezra heads out to run some errands. As soon as he’s gone Aria receives another FaceTime from Avataria. They’re pissed that Aria didn’t answer earlier and demands to know what the liar meeting was about. Aria tries to blow off the question, but AD won’t be deterred. They remind her of their blackmail materials and Aria spills. Hanna and Spencer went out of town to find Mary, but instead found Charlotte’s father.

At the loft, Emily and Hanna search Lucas’s stuff to try and find anything Charlotte related. After mocking Lucas’s stuff they come across a box of comics. At the back of the box, they find one called “Arcturus” written by Lucas and Charlotte.

Hanna and Emily show Aria the comic and bring her up to speed on the story. Basically, it’s Charlotte’s struggle with reconciling who she was to who the world expected her to be. This is enough proof for them to consider him and AD candidate. Aria posits that Lucas could be the male part of the “Emison” baby. Emily freaks out and forbids anyone from mentioning the comic to Ali (Sasha Pieterse).

In the alley behind the Brew, Aria receives another FaceTime from Avataria. After Emily and Hanna left, Aria tells AD about the comic. Avataria is glad that her informant is cooperating and now tells her to steal the comic for them.

That evening Hanna returns to the loft and finds that the comic is gone. She rushes out of the loft to The Brew and calls Spencer to tell her. Spencer guesses it was Lucas, but Hanna’s still not convinced since he’s supposed to be out of town. Spencer tells her to calm down and they’ll come up with a plan in the morning. As Hanna picks up her order, Mona (Janel Parrish) storms up to Hanna asking if she knew about Lucas putting their factory space up for sale. This move finally turns Hanna against Lucas and she decides to take action. She asks Mona to tag along so she can show her something.

Aria skulks through the halls of Rosewood High up to locker 214 where she deposits the comic. She second guesses herself after a few steps and tries to get the comic back, but all that’s left in the locker is a black hoodie. Freaked out, she takes the hoodie and gets out of there.

At the barn, Hanna shows Mona the board game. Mona swoons over the craftsmanship and begins to analyze how it works. Hanna’s nonplused by Mona’s gawking since the game is currently torturing her, but as OG-A Mona knows how impressive the game is. Mona takes some time examining the game and drawing up schematics of home it works. It can’t be opened so when the battery runs out the game is over, ergo they need to beat the game before it runs out of juice. Hanna asks Mona to help her play and beat the game, but Mona knows better than to get involved in these games. She’s lived that life and dipping her toe in the water is playing with fire, but she can’t say no to her best gal pal Hanna.

Aria arrives home after her thieving shenanigans to find Ezra packing for a trip. Nicole’s parents have convinced him to fly over there and talk to the doctor. Aria’s spent the day betraying her friends to make sure that her relationship with Ezra survives and now he’s running off to help Nicole. She puts her foot down and Ezra accuses her of putting him in the middle but she didn’t do that, the universe did and he’s got to deal with it. She wants him to stay and stop trying to fix everything because it’ll only make things worse. Ezra blows her off and leaves claiming they’ll figure everything out when he gets back.

Ezra returns to the apartment a while later claiming that his flight was delayed overnight. Aria makes them both some coffee, but the atmosphere is icy after their fight so Aria apologizes for how she presented her argument earlier. She doesn’t regret what she said just how she said it. Ezra admits she was right and that his flight wasn’t delayed he just didn’t get on it. As they talk, Aria’s phone starts buzzing in her bag across the room. She’s missed another FaceTime call from AD. Over in their lair AD’s putting together a creepy Avataria message promising revenge for the missed call.

Snowball Effect

Spencer stops by Marco’s (Nicholas Gonzalez) office to drop off some cupcakes and ask about the finger he received. She wants to know what he thinks happened to Dunhill. Marco thinks Mary might have been involved after hearing about the fight the two had. Marco takes this opportunity to ask if Spencer thought Mary was involved in Dunhill’s death when she asked him to help find Mary, but Spencer is too smart to get caught up in wordplay. She “didn’t” know Dunhill was dead when she asked for Marco’s help.

Spencer returns to the barn to find that someone’s been there and left a dirty wine glass on the counter. She notices the back door ajar with an empty wine bottle sitting in the doorway. Inside it is a note from Mary asking to talk. She writes a response and plays note tag with Mary for a while until she receives a note with a key to the Lost Woods.

Marco has Ali stop by his office for a quick chat. He looked into the other Wellby patients who might’ve known Dunhill was a fraud and nobody fits the bill for murder. He tells Ali his theory that around four people were involved in Dunhill’s death and they sent his jacket out of town. One must be having second thoughts, hence the finger. Ali doesn’t have much of a response to that since it’s pretty spot on.

Spencer lets herself into the Lost Woods with the key Mary provided. She scopes the place out and finds that it’s empty so she takes a seat and prepares to wait. Fifty-eight minutes later, someone finally enters the motel. It’s not Mary, it’s Marco. He saw her leaving the barn, followed her, waited outside and now he’s got a lot of questions. Every theory he can come up with about Dunhill comes back to Spencer. Spencer doesn’t like where this is going so she decides to leave but before she can get out the door Marco asks if she knew Dunhill was at the bar the same night that Marco and Spencer met. That stops Spencer in her tracks as she flashes back to that night. When she paid for the last round of drinks with Marco she accidentally used Dunhill’s card and signed it with her name. Marco’s requested paper receipts and when he gets them there’s nothing he can do to help Spencer. Instead of responding she leaves.

At the airport, Ezra turns away from the flight boards to see Spencer sitting with some guy arguing. Spencer spots him and calls him over. She introduces him to Wren (Julian Morris) who explains that he texted Spencer when he got stuck on a long layover. Ezra turns down an offer to join them, but is stopped by Spencer before he can walk away. She asks him to not tell anyone about seeing her because she doesn’t want Marco to find out about it.

When Spencer returns home, she finds one final note from Mary. She understands where they stand since Spencer brought the cops with her to their meeting. Spencer looks devastated and little annoyed at Marco.

Baby Drama

We open on Emily asking Alison what she’s planning on doing about the baby. Ali asks Emily what she’d like her to do but Emily points out that it’s not up to her. It’s Ali’s body, therefore, Ali’s decision. Ali’s numb to all the emotions at this point so when Emily’s denial reappears she agrees to get a blood test to confirm that they’re in fact Emily’s eggs.

Emily’s filled Paige (Lindsay Shaw) on Ali’s pregnancy situation sans the eggs part. Paige sympathizes with Ali, but their conversation gets cuts short when the bell rings. Paige rushes off while Emily receives a call from Ali. She got the results and Emily is the mother, but Dunhill’s not the father.

At the barn, Spencer pours Emily some wine while Emily begs Spencer to tell her what to do about the baby. She asks but she seems to have already made her mind up. She wants Ali to have the baby but knows she doesn’t have a right to ask her to. Deciding to do it anyways, Emily stops by Ali’s house to do just that. Ali’s shocked since they don’t know who the father is. Emily knows it a huge ask and understands if Ali can’t do it, but wants her to think about it.


At The Radley, Emily explains the entire baby situation to Paige who is rightfully flabbergasted at the story. She goes and grabs more drinks. When she returns she tells Emily that she’s going to take the assistant coaching position in Iowa. Emily doesn’t want her to leave, but Paige can’t stay. She’s not going to try and make things work with Emily and Alison, so she’s removing herself from the equation. It’s the healthiest option for everyone. Paige tells Emily that this is the third and last time she’s ever saying goodbye to Emily and gives her one final kiss before walking away.

Ali and finds Paige standing over her. Paige knocked but the door was open so she let herself in because she’s got some serious stuff to discuss. After grabbing Paige a glass of water, Ali tells Paige that she doesn’t need to leave Rosewood but Paige knows what’s best for her. She came back to Rosewood and got the closure that she needed. Before she leaves she has one thing she wants to know, does Alison love Emily because everyone knows that Emily loves Ali. The concept of love terrifies Ali and she tries to avoid answering but Paige won’t let her off the hook. For one brave minute, Alison explains how she feels when Emily looks at her. She doesn’t say she loves Emily, but her speech says otherwise. Having her answer Paige leaves after telling Ali she’s going to have a beautiful baby.

Later on, Emily finds Ali sitting on the floor. She asks what’s wrong and Alison tells her that she’s decided to have the baby. She’s not 100% sure, but she knows that they can do it together.

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