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Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?

A) We are on a three week hiatus right now because we are shooting twenty-two episodes. We’re going straight into filming our last eleven episodes after the break.

Q) How was Chloe originally described to you?

A) It was a really interesting process because I was based out of Vancouver at the time. I was putting a bunch of auditions on tape, as one does. I got the audition sides for Chloe and I read them over and thought, “This girl is amazing.” I think actually in episode three in season four (which was my first episode that I shot because we shot out of order) it’s the scene with Dov and Chloe when they are in the car for the first time. That was one of my audition scenes. I just remember having so much fun with it. It wasn’t really explained to me. I just got the sides. The synopsis was that she was the new rookie who was the goddaughter of the Staff Sergeant. I was just really taken by her right away. I love her honest and her kind of no filter attitude that she had. Then, I didn’t hear back anything. About a month later, I got a call saying they wanted to do a callback. I didn’t know what it was for because I had put a bunch of stuff on tape. They said it was for “Rookie Blue” and I was like, “Awesome!” We did the callback via Skype so it was very futuristic. I couldn’t see them, but they could see me. I could just hear them through these odd speakers in the wall. It was really, really weird. Then, they flew me out to Toronto and I did an amazing test screen. It was like two hours long and we talked about the character. It felt so inclusive. Then, a week later I was in Toronto shooting. It was so quick!

Q) What was it about the role or show that made you want to be a part of it?

A) I think, for me, when I get my hands on a good audition with the person’s scenes have something that I wish I had I’m always drawn to it. I’m always drawn to people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and don’t apologize for who they are. I felt that when I read Chloe. Also, there is something so real about the show. It makes sense when you come to set because the crew has been working together forever, even before “Rookie Blue” for years and years. And they are all so tight-knit. Even myself, I feel so grateful because I’ve made such good friends from this show. It’s evident when you watch the show because everyone has this incredible chemistry together.

Q) I was just going to ask what it was like joining such an already well established cast!

A) I feel like it is rare. It was scary for me moving to a city that I had never spent any time in. This is the first series that I have gotten to be on, but I was welcomed with such open arms. I was getting emails from the cast welcoming me. In the summer, they get together on weekends to play soccer together. So, they invited me and I got to meet everybody. It’s pretty awesome. We get together every week and watch the show and make fun of each other. It’s really awesome!

Q) We know that Chloe is still married. What can you tell us about why she may not have gotten a divorce just yet?

A) That’s the million dollar question! Here is what I think: I think that sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes people don’t think about the outcome or the consequences of a random decision. I wish I could tell you more about her relationship with Wes. You will be able to see that as the season progresses. I think what it is is that Chloe is someone who up until now…because she is so, “Everything is going to work out,” I really feel like that was her view. She thinks that things get taken care of. I think this season, which was really exciting for me, she is having to deal with her decisions. She is having to handle them by herself and I think that because she is still married the audience is getting to see a different side of her with something she probably didn’t think through. Now she has got to deal with it. It’s painful for fans, I understand. But it was really exciting for me to play.

Q) What do you think it was about Dov that drew her to him?

A) That’s a great question. I think we’ve all been in relationships with people that seem really good at the time, but there has been something that just doesn’t quite make you a match. It’s not because the other person is a bad person. We all have different perspectives on what happens in a relationship depending on our experiences in life. I think what is special about Chloe and Dov is that they are quite similar in their differences. I know that sounds weird, but the have this kind of dorkiness about them and I think that they bring the best out of each other. Sometimes people can be too different and I think that may have been some of the issue with Wes and Chloe.

Q) Chloe isn’t a desk job kind of girl, but she is stuck with one while recovering from her injury. Will we see that taking a toll on her?

A) Absolutely! You guys will see (I’m not going to give away too much) that it is a painful process for her. She is recovering from the shot wound and she feels like people probably think she is a little bit helpless since she is now kind of seen as weak. She is having to deal with decisions she has made in the past. She had put them aside, but what goes around comes around and she now has to deal with that. And to top it off, she has to sit at a desk and do paperwork. It’s interesting because while we are shooting her go through that process me, Priscilla, I was angry that I wasn’t out there. You’ll get to kind of go along with her on that journey. That’s probably my favorite thing about this season. The writers have done a really great job of allowing us as characters to struggle through this change. I like that we are picking up where we left off last season because usually there is a jump in time. So much is dealt with in that time that you don’t get to be a part of it. In Season 5, we’re picking up right where we left off. And there is a mini jump in between episode one and two, but you get to go with us on this journey through the season and it makes for some really, really exciting moments.

Q) What were some of your most challenging scenes to film?

A) Being in a hospital bed is really, really challenging. And I didn’t realize that until I was in it. I am European. I’m Portuguese. I talk with my hands. I move a lot and it was difficult play ill and play in pain and having to deal with emotional stuff, but subdued from the ailments that I was healing from. It was unexpected, actually.

Q) At least you got to be serenaded by Matt Gordon!

A) Matt Gordon is such a blast to work with. You guys see it. That is the great thing, you guys get to see how fun it is for us all to work together. It’s not just Matt. That’s the great thing about this show, we get to flip between partners and ride with different people. Every episode makes for a new adventure and it is really fun because every episode we get to do a read-through and it’s like, “I’m riding with you this week! I can’t wait!” So, it’s cool. It’s really fun because you get to watch different characters and different personalities work together. We’re very grateful.

Q) What do you think it is about “Rookie Blue” that continues to make it such a fan favorite show?

A) Honestly, besides the people, I think the show has done an amazing job of putting in really relatable people in these characters. It’s the relationships that makes the show standout. It’s the fact that we are cops and I think the writers do a really good job of giving us stuff that we have to deal with. But I do really believe the show is relationships centered. We want to see what it is like for Sam and Andy having struggles and seeing them in the mornings talking about serious things and then watching them at work. Things shift depending on the environment. So, it is exciting to watch these characters struggle through their personal relationships and then having to flip and do their job.

Q) You are a part of social networking sites. Do you enjoy the instant fan feedback you get when you speak to fans during the episodes?

A) It’s a crazy world, Twitter! It blows my mind. I think “Rookie Blue” has the best fans. They are so loyal and they love being a part of our “Rookie Blue” parties when we are watching the show. I’m kind of shy. I know that it doesn’t seem like it. It’s very humbling to have people support you blindly without having ever met you, love the show and support you no matter what you do. It’s insane and awesome. I don’t totally understand it, but I am just going to ship it because I think it’s awesome!

Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and your work?

A) I think they are rad! And I tell them that on my Twitter. I just write, “You guys are so badass!” That is that. That is completely how I feel. Thank you! Thank you for your undying support. It’s incredible. 

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