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Q.  What are some of the recent projects that you’ve been working on?

A.  Dream House is in theatres right now. It’s a psychological thriller starring Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, and Rachel Weisz. I play Chloe Patterson, Naomi Watts (Ann Patterson) daughter. It was incredible to work with such amazing actors, as well as one of the most incredible directors, Jim Sheridan. I recently finished filming Jewtopia, which is an hysterically funny movie based on the longest running off-Broadway comedy. It stars Jon Lovitz, Rita Wilson, Joel David Moore, Jennifer Love Hewitt and many more great actors. I play Jill Lipschitz. I’m recurring on the hit, number one comedy on ABC Family, “Melissa & Joey.” I play Ryder Scanlon’s  (Nick Robinson) girlfriend Holly Reback.

Q.  You were recently seen in the movie Dream House, what made you want to be a part of this project?

A.  When I read the script for Dream House, I fell in love with the project. I thought the story was genius and loved the fact that it was so unpredictable. If you read what moviegoers are tweeting about Dream House, so many are saying that their minds feel twisted and turned, and they use other, stronger terminology to describe their mind bending experience. I also knew that Jim Sheridan was attached to the project and I knew that his movies were emotional and beautiful works of art, and I wanted to work with him.

Q.  What is it about your role in the film as Chloe did you find challenging?

A.  Chloe Patterson is an introverted character because of her overbearing father and other issues in her life. It was challenging to make Chloe both introverted and likable. Sometimes introverted characters can come across as unlikable or aggravating, but that is not who Chloe is in Dream House. Even though she has this inward way about her, she is also likable in the sweet friendship that she has with her old best friend’s dad, Will Attenton (Daniel Craig), and in her relationship with her mother,  Ann Patterson. Not too quiet, not too weird, not too soft, just the right amount of guardedness and pain was needed to make Chloe introverted, likable, and just right.

Q.  How was getting to work with director Jim Sheridan?

A.  Working with director Jim Sheridan is one of the most memorable and best experiences of my working life. Jim Sheridan is a genius and a visionary and pays attention to every single detail, as well as the big picture. He is so kind and funny and warm and present. I learned so much from his direction, and from listening and watching everything he did.

Q.  We’ve also been getting to see you in the very funny show “Melissa & Joey,” has comedic timing always come naturally or has it been something that you’ve studied?

A.  First, I love the show “Melissa & Joey!” It’s hysterical and everyone on the show, cast and crew, are the best.
It’s hard to say if my comedic timing comes naturally. My first comedy work was on “That’s So Raven” as Buffy. I watched and learned a lot from Raven, who some people compare to Lucille Ball as far as comedy style. I’ve done other comedy work (“iCarly,” “Spork,” Jewtopia,), but I have to say I learn by watching shows and amazing comedians that I am fortunate to work. Examples of shows I learn from by watching are “Fresh Prince,” “That 70s Show,” “Two-and-a-Half-Men,” and others. On “Melissa & Joey,” I watch every single minute of Joey Lawrence’s work and Melissa Joan Hart’s work, and seeing them use different comedic timing on a line a number of times is the best study of comedic timing in the world.

Q.   Do you have a really memorable moment from filming the show?

A.  Yes! Joey Lawrence, Nick Robinson, and I were filming the pizza and movie scene in the kitchen, in an episode called “Toledo’s Next Top Model.” My line was originally, “No. But it’ll still have olive dew on it!” During the live audience filming, after a few takes of the scene, Executive Producer and Writer Bob Young, came up and asked me to change the line. He said that, “ the new line would increase the funniness quotient by 20 percent!”  When we filmed it again, I as Holly Reback said, “No. But it’ll still have olive poo on it!” and I remember hearing the audience laughing hysterically. Mr. Bob Young was more than right.

Q.  What is your latest guilty pleasure, are you into any particular book, music group, sport, or activity?

A.  My latest guilty pleasure is day trading. I’m hooked and it’s addicting.

Q.  For those interested, where can they go online to learn more about you?

A.                         Rachel Fox’s website:                                                        Rachel’s Twitter:                                              @rachelgfox                            Rachel Fox YouTube:                                      dhkaylaRachel’s Facebook:                                       –  Rachel G. Fox

Rachel Fox’s FB fanpage:                        – Rachel G. Fox

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