Reflections on Dragon Con: Sharon Belle and Winny Clarke

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By: Krista Ann Freego



Q) This was your first Dragon Con?

SB: Yes, it was!

WC: It was awesome! Really overwhelming. MUCH different than other conventions I’ve been to.

Q) How would you describe your Dragon Con experience in three words?

SB: All the feels. Kidding! I have more than one answer for that question. Exciting. Stimulating. Kamboucha.

WC: Extraordinary. Beautiful. Accepting.

Q) What advice would you give to someone who is coming to Dragon Con for the first time?

SB: Kamboucha. Drink it. Also, be prepared but accept that you are not prepared. Go with the flow. Wear your comfy shoes. Food is important. Meet all the people. Don’t forget to check out Artist Alley!

WC: Go into it with an open heart and mind and try not to have any expectations.

Q) What did you do while you were at Dragon Con?

SB: Hung out in Artist Alley! [laughs] Mainly met up with fans and continued to mingle and meet people all weekend. Winny and I had a day off and spent a few hours at the Little Five Points? Did I say that right?

WC: At the Con itself we enjoyed the vendors. Artist Alley was INCREDIBLE! So many amazing talents.

Q) What is your favorite experience at Dragon Con?

SB: Besides the parties? So many good parties. There was a moment where I was fangirling over Leigh Luna (an incredibly talented artist) and she was fangirling over me. It was this beautiful fangirling circle and I felt complete. Also, the Swerve meetup was insane and so much fun!

WC: Artist Alley.

Q) Would you come to Dragon Con again?

SB: Yes.

WC: Yes!

Q) Did you get to meet anyone on the Walk of Fame? Who did you get to meet?

SB: I did not! But I did admire people from afar.

WC: I didn’t meet anyone on the Walk of Fame. Just people watched. It was so lovely seeing fans meet some of their fav actors.

Q) What panels did you attend?

SB: Um, the newbie panel. [laughs] That’s about it. I’m new! Give me a break! For our first time there we just did a lot of scoping things out and adventuring.

WC: No panels this time around, except the Newbie panel.

Q) What was your favorite Cosplay that you saw at Dragon Con?

SB: A big fluffy dog that was shaved to look like Mufasa. Even though that dog did NOT look cool with it. I’m sorry puppy!!

WC: Baby Groots!

Q) Did Dragon Con live up to your expectations?

SB: I honestly didn’t know what to expect so…yes? It was an incredible experience.

WC: Definitely!

Q) Fill in the blank. If you are going to Dragon Con you absolutely have to pack _________.

SB: A water bottle!

WC: Water!

Q) One thing you absolutely have to do at DragonCon is ______.


WC: Artist Alley!

Q) One things I wish I had known about Dragon Con beforehand is ______________.

SB: Eighty. Thousand. People.

WC: I’m glad I didn’t know that much. I think that’s the way to go.

Q) My best advice to you if you are going to Dragon Con is ________.

SB: Do all the things! It’s three days, just go all out.

WC: Go to the newbie panel! It was very informative.

Q) One thing I wish I had gotten to do at Dragon Con is ________.

SB: I wish I had went to a panel or two to be honest.

WC: Meet John Cusack.

Q) One song that describes my Dragon Con experience to a T is _______.

SB: “This Is What You Came For” because every time it came on in the car Sheila, Winny and I would just immediately bust out into a dance party.

WC: “I Knew I Loved You” – Savage Garden

Q) Next time I go to Dragon Con, I absolutely have to ________.


WC: Have my own cosplay.

Q) If you have to come up with a Top 10 List of What You Learned at Dragon Con, what would it be? You can each come up with 5.


  1. Do all the parties.
  2. Always be drinking Kamboucha.
  3. Bring your orthodix and running shoes. Please.
  4. Come up with some sort of plan.
  5. Be prepared to throw the plan out the window while meeting people.



  1. The 6, 2, 1 rule is a good rule to live by, not only at DragonCon!
  2. To be more like the attendees at DragonCon in regular life. Everyone was so nice and patient!
  3. Water is life. Alcohol is also pretty good.
  4. Complimenting people is ALWAYS a good idea.
  5. You should never feel bad about needing some alone/down time.










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