Riverdale – The Outsiders

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By: Jay Smith

In a flashback, Alice (Mädchen Amick), Betty (Lili Reinhart), Polly (Tiera Skovbye) and Hal (Lochlyn Munro) are taking a family photo while Jughead (Cole Sprouse) narrates and describes them as “The Stepfords of Riverdale.” Everything was perfect between the family until Jason (Trevor Stines) came in the picture. Polly and Jason had a forbidden romance because of the bad blood between the families, until an upsetting conversation caused them to breakup. The news of her pregnancy makes Jason reconsider the breakup and the two hatched their plan while also getting the engagement ring and blessing from his Nana Blossom (Barbara Wallace). Keller (Martin Cummins) is asking Polly questions in Hermione (Marisol Nichols) and Veronica’s (Camila Mendes) living room with Betty present as well. She gives her side of the story and owns up to him delivering drugs for a biker gang, which Keller assumes is the Serpents, one time to support their future with the baby. Polly gets upset at the news of the car being torched with all of their things, especially the ring, so Veronica ends the chat. Jughead and Archie (K.J. Apa) are playing video games when Fred (Luke Perry) comes in, makes a remark on the room smelling bad and tells them it’s time for bed. He apologizes to Jughead on tomorrow being a big day for him to finally start work on the drive-in lot. Jughead asks him to make sure whatever is going up is beautiful and Fred tells him it will be big. The gang is in the student lounge when Betty tells them about Polly’s dilemma of no one wanting the baby and Kevin (Casey Cott) jokes that the baby snatching Blossoms want the baby and apologizes to Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch), but she isn’t offended. Jughead puts the situation into Blossoms want the baby, but not Polly and her parents only want her and not the baby. Betty calls it impossible and after a story, Veronica suggests they have a baby shower at the Lodge’s apartment. The parents and Polly should have a public pow wow and she tells Jughead she expects his presence at the baby shower because he’s Betty’s boyfriend. Kevin, Betty, Jughead and especially Archie react to the word “boyfriend.” Before Betty can agree to the party, Alice walks in and demands Betty and Veronica.

Fred and Hermione are getting ready to leave the trailer when a worker comes in and apologizes to Fred on having to turn down the job and take his crew because Cliff is offering a two year contract starting today for a big future job. Fred begrudgingly understands. Alice is telling the girls Keller told her everything including Polly’s location. Betty isn’t okay with them wanting to make Polly give the baby up and tells her that isn’t their decision to make but choosing to be in her life is. Betty informs her of the baby shower, to which Alice doesn’t approve of, and Betty tells her to come and be a supportive or stay away. Fred is on the phone pleading with someone to borrow a few people for work when Archie walks in. He hangs up the phone, gets a beer and tells Archie that Cliff snaked his crew. He also finally admits to him that the business is in trouble and Archie, at first peeved that his father waited this long to tell him, comforts him by saying they’ll figure it out.

The ladies are having dinner while Veronica and Betty are trying to convince Polly it would be fun to have the baby shower. Polly really wants Alice to be there and Veronica promises to at least try to get her there. Polly also wants both the Blossom women there and we can see in Betty’s face that she isn’t too jazzed about Penelope’s invite. Hermione asks to speak with Veronica in private and she lets out her concern for having both families in their home and if the Blossoms find out that they are the ones who acquired the drive-in land. Hermione is also surprised about the news of Alice coming, but Veronica comes clean and asks for her help to talk to her to get Alice to change her mind.

Cliff (Barclay Hope) is exiting the estate when Fred blocks his way with his truck. Cliff tells Fred he did what he did because the land originally belonged to the family and they were in the process of getting it back before it was snaked. Cliff thinks the sudden urge to have something built immediately shows that the buyer has limited funds so he took the crew to wait it out. Fred tells him it’s a great plan but since it seriously affects him he’s not okay with it especially since he isn’t the target. He threatens an unphased Cliff and the men part ways. Fred tells Hermione what’s happening and she nervously asks if he knows who the buyer is. He admits that they’re all still in the dark about that. They hear a car and its Archie with the guys ready for work. Fred is happy to have them and he shows them to the site. Hermione and Alice are in Pop’s and, of course, Alice isn’t okay with the living arrangement and disproves of the teen pregnancy. She does admit she wants her family back and Hermione tells her to come to the shower and help Polly or she’ll regret it. The guys joke on the job and Archie tells Jughead that he doesn’t see himself doing construction, but he has no problem helping his dad because he does so much for him. Jughead agrees while also getting sad about his own dad not having his back. It’s the end of the day and the guys are ready to go home. Moose (Cody Kearsley) runs back out to retrieve his phone and sees two people destroying a machine. He tells them to stop and they turn to attack him. The destruction of the machine causes a power surge and the guys run out of the trailer. The assaulters leave a battered Moose when everyone rushes to his aide. He doesn’t know who did it but tells the group they threatened that as long as they are working on the land there will be continuous damage.

Keller arrives on the scene and Fred tells him what happened. He also informs Keller that Cliff has made it clear that he doesn’t want the project to prosper. Keller refuses to think Cliff would hire hit men and Archie puts his two cents in and suggests maybe it was the Serpents since they are in their territory. Jughead immediately chimes in that they never bothered him with an anxious look on his face. Archie thinks it’s unfair that more isn’t going to be done by Keller and mentions if it was the Blossoms there would be. Polly asks Veronica and Betty for an Alice update and gets a little sad when she isn’t a confirmed “yes” for the shower. Betty comforts her and Polly gives her the news on choosing her as the Godmother.

Val (Hayley Law) is in Archie’s room trying to calm him down and to make him think about his next actions, but he doesn’t listen and leaves anyway. In the diner, Jughead tells the girls of the attack and jokes that Moose is fine because of his nickname. Archie walks in, slightly upset at Jughead, and invites him to find the Serpents who attacked Moose. Betty is taken aback about the absence of the Serpents in the story and Jughead reacts saying they don’t know for sure that it was them. Archie tells him that Kevin’s boyfriend can get them into the bar where Serpents hangout. Betty says they’re dangerous drug dealers and Jughead gets upset at the accusation, but Betty reminds him that Polly said they were. Jughead says it’s a bad idea, but Archie doesn’t care and asks Jughead one more time if he’s coming. His silence was all Archie needed for him to be mad that Jughead didn’t have his back and walks out. Joaquin (Rob Raco) gives Kevin, Moose and Archie the rundown and Archie says they’ll leave as soon as Moose identifies someone. Joaquin and Kevin flirt while playing pool when Moose semi identifies someone. Archie approaches the guy and makes him turn his back to them and he asks if the guy likes beating up teenagers and the gang member isn’t pleased with the accusation. Before a serious fight breaks out someone calls for the member to stop and it’s Papa Jones (Skeet Ulrich) who called him off.

Papa Jones kick them out, but makes Archie stay behind. Archie tells him the site was trashed, figured it was Serpents since it’s their territory, but Papa Jones tells him it wasn’t. Fred pulls up and Papa Jones admits to calling him as soon as they stepped foot in the bar. Val, Mel (Asha Bromfield), and others arrive at the apartment for the shower. Jughead is helping and Betty gives him a kiss for being there. Alice walks in and tells Polly she’s happy she’s safe with the baby and the two share a tearful hug. While embracing Cheryl comes in pushing a stroller with Penelope (Nathalie Boltt) and Nana Blossom right behind her. Cheryl semi jokes that Polly should make her godmother because of the expensive gift. She pushes Nana Blossom away to the food table when Penelope apologizes to Polly. Fred accuses Papa Jones of being involved with the attack and he tells him he would never put him or Archie in danger. He apologizes and Fred levels with him that it’s bad for him. Papa Jones offers assistance and the men part on a cordial note. Nana Blossom is giving Polly a reading. Cheryl tells the onlookers that she has dementia and Gypsy blood, when Nana Blossom reveals to Polly that she sees that she’s carrying twin boys. Polly opens presents and the thoughtful childhood momentum from Alice makes her happy. Penelope suggests their gift next when Archie comes in and finds Jughead. Archie is upset that Jughead was protecting his father and asks Betty if she knew he was a Serpent. Jughead wants to explain, but Veronica doesn’t think it’s the time to be doing it since it’s about Polly right now. Archie leaves and after explaining the family history of the gift, Cheryl invites Polly to the estate. Penelope assures Polly that the invite is genuine and her and the baby would be taken care of. An annoyed Alice calls out Penelope for trying to buy Polly and steal her from the family when Penelope accuses her of exiling Polly. Alice tells her they did it to keep Polly from the Blossoms and Penelope again accuses her of sending Polly away because they were ashamed and asks why she isn’t with them now. Tired of hearing the fighting, Polly tells them the hate between the families is why Jason is dead and today was suppose to be her day.

After the shower Alice tries to apologize, but Polly doesn’t want to hear it especially since Penelope isn’t the one who sent her away. Alice invites her back home and promises to love and cherish her. Polly asks about Hal and Betty says he’ll get over it but Polly wonders if he’ll make another doctor’s appointment for her. Alice is clueless and Polly reveals he made an appointment for an abortion before she was sent away. Archie arrives home to Fred in the kitchen and explains tonight’s actions. Fred is defeated and opens up about him always trying and only knowing construction. Archie only wants to help and tells his dad that the construction business is their legacy. Jughead has been waiting for Betty and he apologizes for not telling her about his father because he was ashamed. Betty assures him that she wants to know everything about him and that they should asks his father questions. They arrive at the house, startling Papa Jones, and he and Betty officially introduce themselves. Jughead asks his father what he knows and he confesses to helping Jason because no one would suspect him. He also figured Jason ran away with the drugs when they didn’t get the call. Jughead asks Papa Jones if he was involved in the murder and Papa Jones owns up to not being a perfect father but he isn’t a killer. Betty and Jughead leave and share a passionate kiss after she tells him she believes him once he admits to believing in his father. Hal is watching TV when an angry Alice interrupts and asks him about the abortion appointment. She reveals that he did the same thing to her just like Polly and he tells her he didn’t involve her because she would overreact. He didn’t think she was ready and neither is Polly. Hal finally confesses that he doesn’t want to be in a house with Polly because the baby has Blossom blood once Alice tells him she’s moving back in. Alice tells Hal to leave and threatens him knowing he knows of what she’s capable of, and he doesn’t think she will because of the town. She doesn’t care and tells him to go one last time.

Archie is playing his guitar when Jughead comes into the room and explains why he didn’t tell the truth. Archie just wants him to talk to him about anything and after an awkward exchange they call each other brother. Papa Jones packs up Jason’s jacket and calls it insurance before tossing it to Joaquin for safe keeping at the moment. Joaquin gives his update and starts to feel bad for Kevin since he really likes him. Papa Jones doesn’t care and says they all have a part to play. Hermione gives Fred a rundown on places she’s called for crew members and he says they’ll just be a two-member crew. Papa Jones shows up and is ready for work. Fred is happy and directs the crew to the site when Papa Jones and Hermione have a private chat. He tells her he did some digging and it’s Hiram who was behind the attack. Papa Jones suggests that he did it because of her and Fred’s romance and posses the question on who told. Betty informs Polly that their mother didn’t know anything and she kicked their father out so she can finally come home. Polly gets out of a cab and we see she’s at the Blossom estate. Alice is devastated and Betty comforts her. Cliff and Penelope meet Polly at the door and she tells them she’s there because of the baby. The parents give each other a look before Penelope finally closes the door.

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