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By: Lisa Steinberg


Q) What are the recent projects that you have been working on?

A) In my downtime, I’ve been trying to hang out with my family a lot since I don’t get to see them that much. I’m just trying to get to see them.

Q) “Stuck In The Middle” went the water park for an episode and we have a whole new season. What can you tease is in store for the Diaz family?

A) I’m just going to say in Season Two we’ve all matured a lot and you are going to see that in every character. As fort eh fun adventures, you’re just going to have to stay tuned!

Q) We’ve been seeing new facets and sides to Rachel. How have you been playing her as she matures?

A) Well, I think the writers see it as Ronni growing up. I thnk that is what inspired them to have Rachel go from Point A to Point B so quickly. I really think about Rachel and who she is as a person and how she would change. That is how I’m trying to figure her out as a character.

Q) She seems to be coming closer with her family. How have you grown alongside Rachel?

A) First, Rachel still loves the mall and everything, but I think she really realized she needs her family. As for me growing up, I’m realizing that family is always going to be there and are going to love you unconditionally. They are just your best support group. That’s what you realize as you mature.

Q) Have you been taking your own family dynamics and applying them to Rachel?

A) Absolutely! My family is just as crazy as the Diaz family. The more I talk to my siblings it is easier for me to play Rachel. It’s a great time!

Q) What is new with Rachel’s love life this season?

A) As for boyfriends, Rachel is just open. She doesn’t really have one this season. This season is more kept toward the family dynamics.

Q) Who are some guest stars we will be seeing this season?

A) I can’t tell you who it is, but we definitely have someone super cool that guest stars!

Q) Will get to finally meet the grandparents?

A) No! we haven’t gotten to meet Abuela yet. Hopefully, the writers will bring her in at some point.

Q) Who would you like to see playing her?

A) I don’t think I have one person in mind, but I have been wanting a guest star to come on. Maybe Selena Gomez…

Q) Would she be Alex from “Wizards of Waverly Place” or herself?

A) Ooo! I think Alex. I think that would be funny.

Q) We get a full night on Friday of new Disney shows. Is there a show you’d like to see a crossover with “Stuck in The Middle?

A) “Best Friends Whenever!” I would love to do a crossover episode with them.

Q) There was a special water park episode of your show. Are there other locations we will get to see?

A) We’re always going to the park. I can’t tell you the location of another special place.

Q) What was it like filming at the water park?

A) Well, I thought it was amazing because we got to shoot really far from the studio so we were all staying in hotels. I love staying in hotels so we were having a great time. Going to a water park to shoot is so much fun! It gives it such a light vibe. You are having a good time, always.

Q) You received the full Disney treatment where you got your own wand commercial!

A) That was so insane getting to do that! It didn’t feel real. My mom emailed it to me and I had just woken up from a nap. When I see it I was like, “Is this happening?! Am I dreaming?!”

Q) What like filming it? It is quite an honor!

A) Absolutely! Honestly, when I was there I couldn’t comprehend the situation. I just had to be in the moment.

Q) What kind of fan reaction have you received to the commercial?

A) Fans have been loving it! The fans have been so supportive and when you see that you freak out. It really warms my heart.

Q) I know you are involved with charity work for the environment. What causes are you currently involved with?

A) Right now I’m working with The Thirst Project, but I really want to move into animals and have a charity for them.

Q) With our current political climate, how has it made you want to get more involved?

A) Right now I just focus on family and work, but this summer I will be going on mission trips. So, keep an eye on Twitter! My father is a dentist so he brings a lot of equipment to doctors. I will be assisting him and we will be going to Colombia.

Q) What is something that is your latest obsession?

A) I think my one addiction in life is just food. The main thing I like to do is hang out with friends and get food. Watch a movie. I have been trying to make connections with great people so I’ve been hanging out with friends and getting closer.

Q) Is there something outside of acting that you would like to try your hand at in the future?

A) I would say the next thing I want to move into after the show is studying archeology and going to school for that.

Q) What do you hope viewers take away from watching the new season of “Stuck in The Middle?

A) I hope that see the writers have put each of a little of us into our characters and our maturity and how close we have gotten on screen.

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