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Sara – America’s Next Top Model

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Q) Who is your favorite designer?

A) My favorite designer is probably Dolce and Gabbana, just because I feel that no matter what I love everything that comes out of their line. I feel that women who are thin and have curves can both look beautiful in it, no matter what. I’ve never, actually, gotten to wear any, but I hope that I get to soon!

Q) How did it feel to be hunted down at a mall and asked to apply to the show?

A) It was definitely an unexpected experience. Coming out of college, I never would have guessed that eight years later I would be on a reality TV show. It was one of those occasions of being in the right place at the right time.

Q) What was your favorite part of life in Thailand?

A) Everything was amazing in Thailand! I had a wonderful time! I think the most amazing experience for me there was definitely the elephant shoot and being on the elephant. It was unlike anything I had ever done and I will always value that memory.

Q) What made you choose the gifts you picked for your go-sees?

A) I, actually, had a hard time picking out what I should bring. Of course, I wanted to be respectful and that culture is all about respect. I never wanted to offend anyone. I saw these little pots that were hand-painted and really pretty. I thought that they would be a safe gift and one that, hopefully, the designers would enjoy.

Q) Why do you think the judges chose Danielle over you?

A) I think going into the elimination and walking in with Danielle, I knew that it was my time to go. I have improved a lot and I am proud of how far I got, but when it comes to the feelings we both had at that moment in time, I think that she had more experience and poise when it came to modeling. She just had more skills at that moment, that’s what it came down to. I feel good about her moving on.

Q) Did you write anyone a note when you left and if so, to whom and what did you say?

A) I didn’t really have a lot of time to write notes. I think I just wrote one note just in general to everyone saying, “Good luck and I’ve enjoyed my experience.” I don’t think I had the time to write individual notes.

Q) Nigel felt that you were unable to relax during his photo shoot. Did you notice any discomfort or inability to relax and if so, why was it so hard for you?

A) I definitely noticed during the photo shoot. There were a lot of factors, just the elements, as we were in water. Also, having Nigel Barker as our photographer was a little bit intimidating! I think that definitely stiffened me up a little bit. I was kind of still trying to put everything together and when I started getting negative feedback it made me kind of  freeze up. Instead of really getting comfortable and getting into the shoot, I just really couldn’t shake it off.

Q) Joanie mentioned that she didn’t feel you were in the competition for the right reasons. Have you decided  to pursue modeling or become a lawyer?

A) I am going to pursue modeling and I am really excited. Going into the competition, I didn’t know if I was going to have a passion for modeling or enjoy it. Coming out, I want to give it 100%. I want to see what I can do and where my potential will take me. I definitely was a little bit taken aback by what Joanie said, just because I didn’t know that’s how she felt. Also, Joanie and I are great friends now. We hang out quite a bit and whatever she said it is in the past and I am no going to hold it against her in anyway.

Q) Viewers heard you say that you were not pleased with the hairstyle chosen for you. Have you maintained your new look?

A) It’s grown out a little bit. It’s so funny because it’s something I never would have done to myself, but now that it’s this short I do kind of like it. I am not sure if I’m going to keep it short for a long time, but as of now it’s growing out and I am enjoying it.

Q) The judges also mentioned that you seemed to have a difficult time with your runway walk due to your height. Do you feel like by the end of the show your work had improved?

A) I definitely do. Especially, being able to watch myself now and what I was doing, I think that has been almost the most helpful thing. I talked to some of the girls while I was there and they helped with my walk. I feel a lot more confident and that with a lot more I could excel in that area.

Q) Who do you think will win “America’s Next Top Model” this season?

A) I really think that all the girls there are extremely talent and I’d feel good with any one of them winning.

Q) Who do you stay in touch with from the show?

A) I stay in touch with a lot of the girls. I talked to Joanie yesterday and just got a call from Nnena. I keep in touch with Mollie Sue, Danielle, Brooke and Leslie. I am really good friends Kari and talk to her quite a bit. I talk to most of them, actually! I also talk to Furonda! She’d be mad at me if I didn’t mention her!

Q) What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A) I cannot thank my fans enough! Going into this, I had no idea how people would react to me and if anyone would like me out there. I’ve gotten an outpouring of support and it really has made this experience what it is for me. I have started a webpage to keep in touch with people and serve as a point of contact when I got out and start modeling. Anyone who would love to drop by would be great because I’d love to stay in touch with people. Head to and leave me a message!

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