Scandal – Dead in the Water

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By: Nicole Dintelman

Last week left us with a huge cliffhanger: Is Huck (Guillermo Diaz) dead? This week dives right into answering that question. We pick right up with Jake (Scott Foley) going to the hotel to see Jennifer Fields (Chelsea Kurtz) like he does every morning, only she’s not there. The room has been cleaned out and is bare. Jake, of course, goes straight to Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) office where she and her team are trying to figure out why her dad would have shot Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira). “What did you do with her?” Jake asks Olivia. “Did you bring her here?” Of course, Jake is going to think Olivia took her – that is her style after all. Jake tells her that she’s the only one who knew where she was and Olivia tells him, no that Huck knew and he took Meg (Phoebe Neidhardt) there to see Jennifer this morning. Now, Huck isn’t picking up the phone and Quinn (Katie Lowes) knows something is wrong.

Quinn and Charlie (George Newbern) head over to the hotel to search and initially find nothing. Charlie being “Positive Polly” says that Huck probably just went out to find some food; however, Quinn is a pessimist and decides to bust out the luminal to spray all over the room. Yes, I’m sure we all carry luminal in our purse, right? Charlie turns off the light and the room lights up like a Christmas tree. “Oh my God, what did she do to him?” Quinn is in shock at first then she just gets pissed off. She knows Huck isn’t dead and she’s going to find him no matter what it takes.

Meanwhile, our not so good friend, Meg is pushing the car with Huck in the trunk over a cliff into the water. Oh yeah, Jennifer is in the trunk too. It flashes to inside the trunk where we see that Huck is ALIVE! Once the car goes over the cliff it begins to fill up with water. The person getting him through this, as usual, is Olivia. In his mind, he sees Olivia, Quinn, and Charlie and he’s giving them to details to where he is and how to save him. Hey man, whatever works and gets you out of that trunk! Huck figures out how to get himself out with the voices in his head and waits for his chance to open the door, only the door is stuck on a rock. All of the sudden he sees Rowan (Joe Morton) who you think is going to beat him down but instead ends up encouraging him to keep going and get out of that car. He also sees Meg, who is trying to shoot him again before he can get out of the trunk. Huck then grabs the headrest and breaks the window and swims to the surface.

At the White House, the backstabber Abby (Darby Stanchfield) is on the phone with Ms. Ruland (Zoe Perry) wanting to know what happened to Huck. Samantha lets Abby know that Huck is dead. We all know that he’s not but Abby doesn’t. Samantha then lets Abby know that she made a deal, Jennifer for Cyrus, and Huck wasn’t part of that. Then, she hangs up on her. Abby does the only thing she knows to do at this point; she goes to confess to Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). She tells Fitz she feels even though he’s the President, and her boss, she feels like he’s her only real friend and the only person she can trust right now.

Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) goes to Olivia and wants to help, but all she wants is someone to sit with her. She is questioning whether she’s a good boss or not. Jake comes in and says he has a hit on Meg, but it’s Abby who gets the next hit – literally. Three of them actually! When Abby walks in Liv lets her have it. If there were an Emmy for best slap Olivia Pope would be the winner. Once Abby told her everything and that she couldn’t find Huck, Olivia retorts, “Then you’re worthless.” Abby starts to leave and Olivia tells her she’s not going anywhere. She’s going to stay right there where they can keep an eye on her.

Meg may have dyed her hair blonde and cleaned out her apartment, but that didn’t stop Quinn and Charlie from finding her. She has now got herself in a precarious situation because if she doesn’t tell them where Huck is Quinn is going to torture it out of her. Quinn puts the plastic down and that’s never a good thing. She starts with cutting fingers off one by one and then she gets a rake and goes for her face. This is getting bloody pretty fast and we thought Huck was the one that liked to torture! I guess not. She takes the tape off and of course Meg smarts off and spits at Quinn. Quinn, not being able to control her rage, kills Meg before finding out where Huck is.

With this new development, everyone now fears the worst. They don’t feel there is enough time to find Huck alive. Charlie lets Olivia know that she has to do something. She has to put on her “White Hat” and fix everyone. Olivia tells him if Huck is dead she can’t fix that and Charlie retorsts that she doesn’t get to quit, she’s a miracle worker. She made him good. She’s made him want to get married and have a family and anyone that can do that can work miracles. Olivia finally gets up and goes to the conference room and takes charge. She lets them know they are not giving up, they will work until they found him.

Once they figured out Huck wasn’t the only one out there and they should track Jennifer’s phone as well, they know where to look. Thankfully, Olivia and Jake find Huck. Quinn also found out what Abby did and Charlie and Marcus have to hold her back from going after her. Quinn tells Abby she will kill her. Did these two ever really like each other anyway? Huck has made it through surgery, but the doctors say that he lost a lot of blood and time will tell if he had permanent damage or if he would even wake up.

Of course, Fitz shows up to be a shoulder for Olivia to cry on. He always comes to the rescue and it’s still hard to believe they’re not together anymore. He also wants her to forgive Abby, but that’s an impossible thing for him to even ask yet knowing Olivia she will do what he wants her to do. Fitz wants Olivia to save Abby, save her from herself is our best guess. Olivia forgave Fitz, for more than one thing if we remember correctly, so why shouldn’t she forgive Abby too is his thinking.

Quinn is yelling at Huck telling him what an idiot he is. His blind spot is love. She doesn’t want him to die and she can’t forgive him if he dies. She starts to leave the room and Huck begins to wake up. Quinn runs back to his bedside and gets in beside him and lays down, all while Charlie watches from the window. We’re thinking the story between Quinn and Huck isn’t over. Sorry, Charlie. Olivia finds Abby sitting outside on a bench crying and takes her hand letting her know everything is going to be alright.

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