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By: Nicole Dintelman



It’s the episode of “Scandal” we’ve all been waiting for. We will find out exactly what happened to Quinn (Katie Lowes) in the basement. The episode begins with Rowan (Joe Morton) in a store looking at suitcases. A salesman comes over to help. Rowan tells him which one he wants, but the salesman points out a different one he thinks will be better. Rowan takes his suggestion and buys the suitcase. Rowan then uses that suitcase to put Quinn in to get her out of the QPA building.

Quinn wakes up in the basement, confused. She doesn’t know where she is or why. She’s chained to the wall. Quinn yells for help. Rowan comes down into the basement. Quinn is shocked to find out who kidnapped her. She asks Rowan if he’s out of his freaking mind. Rowan tells Quinn that he’s constructed quite the bunker. He says that her friends think that she had cold feet and ran off. Quinn wants to know if Olivia (Kerry Washington) is behind everything.

Rowan tells Quinn that if she doesn’t calm down he’s going to kill her. Olivia did not send him. He wants to trade her for his freedom. Rowan leaves telling Quinn he’ll be back in a few hours. Once upstairs he talks to a small dinosaur on his coffee table. Rowan meets Olivia for dinner. He tells her that he has Quinn. He wants to trade her for his freedom. Remember the reckoning? Rowan says it’s here. He declares checkmate and insists he gets his bones back. He’s really pissed that Olivia took his dinosaur.

Olivia tells Rowan that he’s pathetic. He doesn’t make decisions. She is in charge. Olivia says that Rowan will wait to be told what to do. Rowan tells her that he’s not bluffing. Rowan is really pissed now. He goes home and locates all of his weapons. There’s something a little strange about the dinosaur on his coffee table. Rowan starts to go downstairs with a gun but changes his mind. B613 doesn’t kill women and children. They’re to be put first.

Rowan is still talking to the dinosaur on his coffee table. He’s officially losing it. Rowan returns to the store where he bought the suitcase. The same sales gentleman comes over to help. Rowan is looking at cribs. He says it’s for his daughter. He returns to the basement and Quinn has a list of demands. She’s starving, she needs to get out of her wedding dress and she really wants a fresh pair of underwear.

Quinn tells Rowan she wants to go home. Rowan says that he bought a crib. Olivia has asked for time. Quinn tells Rowan that Olivia is handling him. She’s not going to trade. She wants to win. Quinn says it’s over for them. He played everything all wrong. Quinn says that Rowan just killed her baby. Rowan gives Quinn a bag with cereal and a change of clothes.

Rowan goes upstairs and tells his coffee table pal that Quinn will be in a grave before he’s a slave. There are fifty-seven hours and counting left. Rowan meets the store salesman at a bar for a drink. We finally learn the gentleman’s name. Marv (Tim True). Rowan’s alias is Montel. The men enjoy dinner and drinks. They exchange war stories and complain about the economy. Relatively normal, if we didn’t know what was going on.

Rowan learns that Marv has delivered babies and has an employee discount. Marv tells “Montel” that he can use his discount. Rowan asks if he can get in trouble for giving out his discount. Marv tells him, no, he can give him cash and then he’ll pay for it. Marv tells “Montel” that he’s a great father. His daughter is lucky to have him. Rowan tells Marv that he’s a good person. Marv says that we’re all good people when someone gives us a chance to be. Too bad he doesn’t know who he’s really talking to.

Quinn starts freaking out in the basement. She begins hallucinating. She sees Charlie (George Newbern) first. Quinn then grabs her belly and tells the baby to kick. She does. Jake (Scott Foley) comes to Rowan’s to try to talk some sense into him. Jake tells Rowan that he came to warn him. He’s not going to win. Jake says that Rowan doesn’t know what Olivia is capable of. Rowan says that Liv is his daughter and he knows exactly what she’s capable of.

Jake tells Rowan that if he rides this train to the end of the line, he will lose. Quinn will be dead and so will her baby. Rowan asks Jake what he should do. Ask for a job like Jake did? Rowan tells Jake Olivia can do her worst. He’ll be ready for her. Jake says he may not be as ready as he thinks. After Jake leaves, Rowan starts putting together the crib. He goes downstairs repeating Jake’s words about not being ready.

It’s his old friend, dinosaur, that catches his eye. It’s been moved. Rowan then realizes that someone was in the house. He goes looking for all of his guns and they’re all gone. He starts ranting and raving to the dinosaur. He says that they’ve gone too far. Quinn is singing to the baby. She starts hearing Huck (Guillermo Diaz) tell her that she needs to do something. She just sings louder to try to drown him out.

Huck tells Quinn that she needs to start trying to get free. He also wants to know why she didn’t tell anyone that Olivia blew up the plane. Huck says that the Quinn he knows would be tearing down the walls trying to get out of the basement. Huck tells her that Quinn has a child to think about. Quinn asks Huck what he knows about raising a child. Where is his child?

Quinn says that she didn’t want to tell anyone about Olivia because that would make it true. She doesn’t want to believe that Olivia could do such horrible things. Olivia has become a different person. Huck says that Olivia still has a chance to do the right thing. Quinn says that Rowan bought her a crib. Huck says that the crib is for the baby, not her. Rowan is going to kill her if she doesn’t do something.

Rowan heads back to Marv’s store and asks him if they sell handguns. Marv tells him that they do. Rowan wants to use Marv’s discount to get one. He says that he wants his family safe. Marv says that it means the gun will be in his name. He’ll have to register it as himself. Rowan says that yes, but in three months they can transfer the registration to him. We don’t like where this is going.

Marv tells Rowan that it doesn’t feel okay to get a gun that way. Rowan appeals to Marv’s desire to screw the system and he finally agrees. Rowan arrives back home and shows his dinosaur his new guns. Rowan says that command ain’t nothing but a title. He’s seriously lost it. Jake calls Olivia and says that she’s going to want to see him right away. That little dinosaur? It was broadcasting everything to Jake. Somehow, we think maybe Rowan knew this?

Olivia shows up at Rowan’s after she’s summoned. Olivia tells him that she doesn’t summon her. Rowan tells her to choose either Quinn or give him his freedom. Rowan says that Olivia won’t be able to live with herself if he kills Quinn. Olivia tells Rowan that a bullet in her head is his only chance at freedom. She dares him to shoot her. Olivia tells him that if he’s not willing to kill her then he has no cards left to play.

Rowan asks Olivia if she has a soul left. Is she really going to let Quinn die? Meanwhile, in the basement, Quinn is tearing apart her wedding dress. Charlie asks her if she really needs to do this. Quinn says that she’s out of options. Abby (Darby Stanchfield) says that it’s not one of Quinn’s better plans. Quinn tells Abby that she doesn’t need her judgment right now. Quinn’s hallucinations are dead on.

Abby tells Quinn that she’s the leader and she needs to think like a leader. Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) wonders if it’s all a test. They all hear Olivia upstairs. She’s still arguing with Rowan. Olivia tells him that he’s bluffing. He doesn’t realize who she is anymore. Quinn has made a lasso. She uses it to bring some boxes to her. She doesn’t find anything inside that will help her. Rowan heads back down to the basement with his gun.

It doesn’t appear that he really wants to do what he’s about to do. When he gets downstairs he doesn’t see Quinn anywhere. She grabs him from behind with the chain and the gun goes off. He gets away and knocks her down, cutting his hand in the process. Rowan points the gun at Quinn. She begs him not to kill her. Rowan tells Quinn that he’s sorry and that he can’t let her win. Quinn asks him to wait until the baby is born.

The gun fires a second time and Rowan heads back upstairs. He asks Olivia if she wants to see the body. He tells her that he’s earned his freedom. Olivia shakes her head in agreement. She tells him to wait a few days and figure out a way to bring her back to them. They need to bury her. Olivia leaves and Rowan goes to the kitchen to take care of his hand. He goes back down to the basement.

Quinn is alive! Quinn tells him that he got what he wanted, he needs to let her out. Quinn got her handcuffs undone with the hairpin that Olivia gave her for the wedding. Rowan did not shoot her, he shot the wall next to her. He told her to be quiet so Olivia would believe she was dead. Rowan asks Quinn if she would settle for a glass of wine. Quinn says that she could use some water. She and Rowan go upstairs to the kitchen.

Quinn says that Olivia is a bitch. Rowan tells Quinn that it was impressive. Quinn agrees but says she’s still a bitch. Quinn starts having contractions and then her water breaks. Rowan tells her to sit down and relax. Quinn says that she needs to get to a hospital. They need to get Charlie. Rowan tells her they will just do things the old-fashioned way. Quinn tries to leave but Rowan pulls her back. Quinn sees Charlie and he tells her everything is going to be fine.

Rowan injects Quinn with something and takes her back downstairs. He calls his good friend Marv. Marv says there must have been a misunderstanding since Rowan had told him it was an emergency. There is one. In fact, Marv had told him he’d delivered babies before. Marv tells Rowan that it was in Vietnam and it would be easier if he hadn’t knocked her unconscious. Quinn is trying to wake up. She mumbles to them to stop yelling. No yelling in front of the baby.

Rowan tells Marv that Quinn’s name is Christy. Marv tells her to push. Quinn see’s Marv as all of her friends. The baby is delivered and Rowan takes charge. Quinn wakes up later to Rowan rocking her baby girl. Rowan gives Quinn her baby. They’re upstairs in Olivia’s old room. Quinn is happy to meet her daughter for the first time. Quinn asks Rowan about the man that was there. Rowan says that it was a dear friend of his making a discrete house call.

Quinn asks Rowan if he dressed and diapered the baby. She then sees all of the supplies that he bought for them. Rowan asks Quinn if she understands she can’t go home yet. Quinn says that she does. Olivia thinks that Quinn is dead and they have to let her believe that. Quinn thanks Rowan and tells him he’s a good person. Rowan repeats the line he heard from Marv a couple days earlier about good people.

Rowan is cleaning up blood in the basement when Quinn comes down to ask him why there are clothes up to 24 months upstairs. Quinn can’t believe there’s a dead man in the basement. She tells Rowan that he’s not a good person. Rowan tells Quinn to shut up. Marv was a good person and Rowan’s only friend. Rowan killed his only friend for Quinn and the baby. Rowan says mothers and children first. That’s the rule. Quinn kneels down to help Rowan clean up Marv’s blood while cradling her newborn baby.


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