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By: Nicole Dintelman


This episode of “Scandal” picked up right where the last left off – Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) standing at Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) door when she falls out of the elevator playing kissy face with Curtis Pryce (Jay Hernandez). The look on everyone’s face when they see each other is priceless. We can’t wait to see what happens in this episode! Let’s get started…


Curtis introduces himself to Fitz and Olivia immediately wants to know what Fitz is doing at her door. Fitz tells Olivia that he was hoping for her help. He asks if this is a bad time and she starts to say yes, but Curtis stops her and says that he was just leaving. Fitz hands Olivia a file and tells her it’s an institute case that he and Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) are working on. He tells her that he’d like her help. Olivia asks Fitz if he’s crazy. Crazy about her maybe! Fitz tells her that hundreds of girls are missing and no one is taking notice because of the color of their skin. Olivia says that the President of Bashran (Faran Tahir) is in town and she doesn’t have time for his nonsense.


Fitz isn’t taking no for an answer. Olivia tells Fitz to go talk to Quinn. Fitz says he doesn’t want Quinn (Katie Lowes), he wants her. Oh yeah, he does. Olivia tells Fitz he’s not supposed to be there. Fitz says that he kept his head down for a hundred days, but now he has work to do. Fitz tells Olivia he wants her and she says that he can’t have her. We bet Fitz wasn’t expecting that reaction.


Mellie (Bellamy Young) is meeting with the President of Bashran to get ready for the nuclear summit. The sexual tension between these two is thick! President Rashad is getting some pushback in his country about the treaty. Mellie tells him that she will help him in any way possible. Liv comes in and interrupts their meeting. President Rashad excuses himself and Liv gets right down to business. She wants to know if Mellie knew Fitz was in town. Mellie tells her that he called her that morning to see when he can see the kids. Olivia asks if the visit has been on the books for a while. Fitz being in town has Olivia all discombobulated.


Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is still trying to figure out if he can keep the painting that Fenton Glackland (Dean Norris) sent him. It could be considered a bribe so he probably shouldn’t accept the painting. Cyrus’ assistant tells him that Glackland gave him the painting because he wants more than friendship. Cyrus dismisses her. He doesn’t want to hear all that.


Marcus tells the QPA associates that there are two hundred and nineteen missing girls. Two hundred and nine missing black girls. Quinn says that they need to pick a face for the case and get it on the news so people will take notice. Olivia tells Jake that she needs him to look into Fitz. Man, she’s pulling out all the stops! She tells Jake (Scott Foley) that she thinks there’s more to Fitz showing up out of the blue and she wants to know what it is. Olivia says that she and Fitz had an understanding – he was to stay in Vermont and out of her business. If he wants to visit he’s supposed to coordinate it with the White House. So is Olivia upset that he’s there or that she didn’t get to control him being there?


Jake tells Olivia that maybe the case is worthy of her attention. He asks Olivia what she’s afraid of. She tells him that she doesn’t know but it doesn’t feel right. QPA is still trying to find the perfect face for the case to take to the press. Marcus tells them they need a name that sounds white. If people hear a name that sounds black they will stop listening. Not everyone, Marcus. Abby (Darby Stanchfield) asks if this process is making anyone else feel sick. Marcus says that they’re all grossed out by it.


Rowan (Joe Morton) doesn’t think that Fitz’s plan is a good one. Fitz tells Rowan that a case will remind Olivia of who she is. Rowan says that they’re luring her into a cage. Fitz reminds Rowan that they are not doing anything. What he decides to do is up to him. Rowan says that he was lured into a cage too. By a woman. Fitz wants to know what Rowan’s point is. Rowan tells him that he is Olivia’s weakness. Rowan tells him that it’s why he’s always hated him. Rowan tells Fitz that if he wants to fix Olivia she has to fall in love with him, not a case. Fitz is the cheese.


QPA picks Zoe Adams to be the face of the case. She’s a straight-A student and disappeared on a school day. Cyrus goes to see Fenton Glackland about the painting. Cyrus tells him that he can’t accept the painting. Fenton tells him he gave it to him so he has to accept it. Cyrus says that there are laws that prevent him from accepting the painting. Fenton says that he will make arrangements to have the painting picked up. Fenton invites Cyrus in and reluctantly he agrees. Fenton gets Cyrus to play video games. Cyrus says he’ll never admit to enjoying it. Fenton makes it clear that he wants more with Cyrus than friendship. Cyrus tells him he has to go and rushes out.


Marcus heads to the White House to see Olivia. Olivia asks what he’s doing there. Marcus tells Olivia that he wants to see Mellie. Olivia tells him that Mellie is too busy to visit with him. Marcus also tells Olivia that they picked a girl for the cause. He tells her to stop by the office and get her hands dirty. Liv tells him that this is her office and her hands are plenty dirty. Olivia asks him how Vermont is. Marcus replies with “Cold, White.” Olivia says that she means Fitz. How’s Fitz doing in Vermont? Marcus repeats the same answer. “Cold, White.” Olivia laughs at Marcus. Marcus tells Olivia that Fitz misses her.


Olivia asks if the case is an excuse to see her. Marcus tells her that if it brings just one of the girls home it’s worth it. Olivia goes to the QPA office and sees all the pictures of the missing girls. You can see how overwhelmed she is. Huck (Guillermo Diaz) asks what Olivia is doing there and Marcus says that he invited her. Olivia tells them that Zoe’s mother has to speak for her daughter. Olivia says that people can’t identify with a missing girl but they can identify with a determined mother. Olivia runs into Fitz when she’s leaving.


Fitz tells her that he didn’t expect to see her there. Olivia tells him that she had a few minutes so she thought she’d pitch in. Fitz says that they should get a drink before he heads back to Vermont or they can keep meeting outside of elevators. Liv tells him that they will see how the summit turns out. Mellie tells the Prime Minister of Decal that the treaty is designed to level the playing field. President Rashad tells him that he will tell the Prime Minister he would tell him what he thinks of him, but there are ladies present.


The Prime Minister tells Mellie that he misses her husband. He says that Fitz would at least look him in the eye when he’s trying to screw him. Mellie tells the men that they need to take a break. Olivia tells Mellie that everyone can tell that she has feelings for President Rashad and that’s why the Prime Minister is upset. Fitz tells Zoe’s mother that they need to fight together to bring her daughter and the other girls home. She tells him that it’s about time he showed up.


Fitz and Zoe’s mother go on Curtis’ talk show. Curtis tells Fitz that these girls missing is a national crisis and wants to know why nothing was done when he was President. Fitz tells Curtis that he wasn’t aware of the problem. Curtis asks Fitz what happens when he goes back to Vermont. Fitz says that he’s considering moving his foundation to Washington permanently. President Rashad asks Mellie if anyone has ever commented on her drinking choices. She’s sharing the hooch with him. They share a moment before he excuses himself for the night.


Cyrus is still staring at the painting when Mellie comes in and sees it. Cyrus tells Mellie it was a gift from Fenton. Mellie tells Cyrus that Fenton wants him. He wants him bad. She kicks off her shoes and wants to hear all about it. Cyrus thinks that Fenton is beneath him. Mellie tells Cyrus that he shouldn’t just dismiss him. Cyrus says that he has standards and he will not lower them. This coming from someone who married an escort! Mellie confides in Cyrus about her feelings for President Rashad. She tells him he’s not the only one with issues around there.


Olivia goes to see her father. He’s named his dinosaur Annie and he’s painting her nails. Well, not really painting them, preserving them. Liv tells him that she’s been thinking about him lately – all the nights he said he was at the museum. Rowan tells her that it was lies. Rowan tells her that she really wants to know if she can be command and share her life with someone. He says it’s not. Rowan tells her that she’s so alone she’s resulted in asking him for boy advice. He says that despite her contempt for him, he’s all she has. Olivia doesn’t like what he has to say so she leaves. Rowan yells after her that she doesn’t have to like him but she’s a fool if she doesn’t learn from him.


Mellie tells the Prime Minister that he was right, there was a deal made. She tells him about the spy that was captured and in exchange for his release she agreed to host the summit. The Prime Minister asks if he would allow inspections of his facilities and President Rashad tells him that if he will allow his people into his. Well, now we’re getting somewhere. That is until a bunch of people burst in. Jake says that the people of Bashran have organized a coup and they’ve overthrown President Rashad.


Quinn is upset that the news is wall to wall Bashran and no mention of Grant vs. Price. Marcus tells Fitz that they need Mellie on it. Fitz says that he will handle it. Olivia asks Jake how they didn’t see this coming. Jake tells her that they need more agents. She needs to make up her mind. Is she command or someone’s girl. Mellie tells Olivia that it’s a real possibility that they need to send troops to Bashran to reinstate Rashad. Olivia tells her what a bad idea it is. It’s clear that Mellie is thinking with her feelings and not what’s right for the country.


Mellie reminds Olivia that they found a solution to a problem that the country has been trying to solve for years. She feels it’s because of President Rashad being willing to come to the table. Mellie asks if that’s not worth going to war for what is? Olivia tells her she needs to think about it and goes home. Fitz shows up at Olivia’s door. Olivia asks him what he’s doing there. Fitz says that the events in Bashran is dominating the news cycle and they need Mellie to make a statement.


Olivia reminds Fitz that he is Mellie’s ex-husband and the father of her kids, he doesn’t need her. Fitz says that he does when Liv controls Mellie. He knows how it works. Olivia asks Fitz why he’s there. He says that he told her why he’s there. Olivia tells him that she gave him the tools he’s using so he needs to quit using them on her and tell her why he’s really there. Fitz says that he needs Olivia. Liv tells him to stop lying and tells him to leave. Fitz tells her he’s not going anywhere.


Olivia asks again why he’s there. Fitz tells her because she is there. He loves her. Fitz says that he was better with her and that she’s better with him. He tells her to tell him she knows that and she responds by kissing him. This is what we’ve been waiting for “Scandal” fans! The next day Mellie asks Olivia what she decided. She then tells Olivia that she has feelings for President Rashad, even though she knows she shouldn’t.


Olivia tells Mellie that she’s prepared two statements for her. Mellie says that Olivia may run the playbook, but she’s the one that has to stand in front of the country about those calls. Mellie says she knows they have a chance to do what’s right and add some peace to the world. Olivia says again that she has written two briefs. One is about sending troops into Bashran to restore peace. Olivia tells Mellie that she’s never alone. She has her. The second folder contains a brief about Zoe Adams.


Quinn goes to tell Zoe’s mother that Zoe is alive and is coming home. Cyrus is still staring at the painting. He goes to see Fenton and gives him twenty dollars to buy the painting from him. He also tells him that he will teach him about politics. Olivia goes to QPA to tell them they’re starting a special division within the FBI to focus on missing persons of color. She hand-picked an investigator for it.


Olivia gets a call from Jake. He tells her that Fitz did what he was supposed to do. He stayed in Vermont and didn’t misbehave. However, she finds out that her dad went to see Fitz in Vermont. Olivia goes to see Rowan to read him the riot act. She also confiscated his dinosaur. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out the extent of Rowan’s punishment. Something tells us Olivia isn’t going to go easy on him.

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