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By: Nicole Dintelman



Welcome back, fellow Gladiators! Hopefully, you all got through the holidays and are ready to find out the fate of Quinn (Katie Lowes) and her unborn child! If you remember, Rowan (Joe Morton) called Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) bluff on the winter premiere we heard two shots. Did Rowan really kill Quinn? Let’s find out!


The episode begins with Rowan looking into the trunk of a car with a body in it. He pours gasoline on the body and starts a fire. He even called it in. David Rosen (Joshua Malina) confirms our fears. They got a partial dental impression and confirmed the body is Quinn. The official cause of death is two gunshot wounds. One to the head, one to the chest. Huck (Guillermo Diaz) asks for the file and Charlie asks about the baby. David tells him that the baby was killed too.


Olivia asks Charlie (George Newbern) what he needs. Charlie says: “Robin.” Olivia tells him that she doesn’t understand. Charlie says they were going to name the baby Robin, their baby girl. Mellie (Bellamy Young) arrives at QPA to offer her condolences. Mellie tells Charlie that Quinn worked on her campaign and was always so lovely. She tells him that if there is anything he needs to let her know. Mellie says that this was the work of a monster and it’s unfathomable.


Olivia offers to head back to the White House with Mellie. Mellie tells her to take as long as she needs. She’s with her family. Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is anticipating the arrival of Fenton (Dean Norris). He wants to have a great dinner ready for him also. Abby (Darby Stanchfield), Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.), and Olivia try to help Charlie make the arrangements. Charlie tells them that nothing there is Quinn. He wants to put her ashes in bullets. Abby tells him that’s insane and Olivia says they can’t turn Quinn into ammunition.


Charlie tells them that Quinn died a warrior and she would want to go out like one. Olivia asks him if he’s sure. Charlie says, of course, he’s sure. He asks Olivia to write a eulogy. Huck asks Olivia if Quinn ever mentioned anything about a hairpin. It’s in the coroner’s report. Olivia tells him no it doesn’t ring any bells. She’s getting good at Lying.


Fenton has come to break up with Cyrus. Cyrus thinks he’s joking. Fenton gives no explanation, just tells him it’s over and leaves. Huck goes to see Quinn’s dead body at the morgue. He tells her that he’s going to find out who did this to her and hurt them. Jake (Scott Foley) delivers Rowan’s bones to him. Rowan says that it didn’t have to end this way. Jake tells him that it didn’t but he made a choice. He killed Quinn. Rowan says that he didn’t make that choice Olivia did. She gambled with Quinn’s life and lost.


Rowan says that Olivia is also dead. Does he mean dead inside or dead to him? Olivia is attempting to write Quinn’s eulogy when Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) shows up. He asks her how she’s doing. Olivia says that Quinn is dead, she’s great. She then blames everything on him. She tells him that if he hadn’t gone running to Mellie, she could have solved things.


Fitz tells Olivia that he’s there because he’s her friend. Olivia says that he’s all kinds of things but he’s not her friend. Olivia tells Fitz that she doesn’t want him for her friend. She says he’s not good enough to be her friend. Olivia takes his bottle of booze and slams the door in his face. Poor Fitz. Cyrus ambushes Jake in the hall again. He tells Jake that Fenton broke up with him. Cyrus wants to know if Jake had anything to do with the break-up. Cyrus is it possible that Fenton just isn’t into you anymore?


Jake says that he wishes he could help but he had nothing to do with the break-up. Abby arrives home to find Huck sitting in her apartment in the dark. Huck shows her the hairpin that they found on Quinn’s body. He found out it was Olivia who signed the pin out of the Smithsonian. He knows she lied about giving it to Quinn.


Huck tells Abby that he thinks Liv did a bad thing. Abby isn’t buying it. Huck also shows her evidence that her cell phone pinged off the tower by the War Memorial the night before Quinn went missing. Abby tells Huck that he’s crazy. Huck thinks that Liv took charge of the search. Abby says that Olivia was concerned. Huck is convinced that Liv killed Rashad and then killed Quinn when she found out.


Abby tells Huck he has to stop. He’s losing his mind. Abby says that Liv did not kill Quinn. She tells Huck to go home and throw away the meaningless documents he brought to her. Instead, Huck goes to see Fitz. Huck tells Fitz that the White House has turned her into one of them. He says that she’s a lot worse than Fitz ever was. Fitz asks Huck if he ever gets desa view. He says he’s already tried with Olivia. She wants nothing to do with him.


Fitz tells Huck that he came back for Olivia. He offered her an alternative to the person she’s become. Huck asks Fitz if he thinks there’s something wrong with her too. Huck tells Fitz that he sees that Liv isn’t the same person anymore. Fitz says that no, she’s not the same person. Huck confesses that he thought he was going crazy. He thanks Fitz for making him realize that he’s not crazy.


Cyrus goes to see Fenton. Fenton hasn’t been returning his calls. Fenton tells Cyrus that he had his people do some digging into Charlie. He found out that Charlie used to be a thug for hire and he used to work for Cyrus. Cyrus says that he closed that book a long time ago and he’s no longer that person. Fenton tells Cyrus that he doesn’t believe him. His instinct is telling him he’s a bad guy. Cyrus asks Fenton if he’s made all of his money honestly.


Fenton says that he never rigged the game. Cyrus reminds Fenton that he tried to buy him with a painting. Fenton says that he thought that painting was beautiful. He thought Cyrus was beautiful. That’s why he gave him the painting. Cyrus wants Fenton to admit that he’s no better than him. Fenton tells Cyrus that the difference is if he thought someone was trying to buy him with a painting he would never have allowed it.


Olivia is still having trouble writing Quinn’s eulogy. Huck is at QPA thinking of hurting Liv. He goes to an AA meeting. It’s not really about alcohol. It’s about killing and torturing. Abby goes to pick up Quinn’s ashes but has to call David to get her. She can’t bring herself to drive home with a dead person. Abby tells David that she wants a fancy casket and beautiful flowers. David says he just wants a simple headstone.


Huck hears noises when he gets back to the office. He gets his gun out and goes to investigate. It’s just a very drunk Olivia. She tells him that she came there hoping she’d be able to write Quinn’s eulogy. She’s wearing her white hat. Quinn saved it. Huck is wrestling with not using the gun on Olivia. Olivia is delirious. One minute she’s laughing and the next she’s crying. Olivia tells Huck that they were supposed to protect Quinn. They’re gladiators. It’s what they do. It’s who they are.


Liv then starts rambling about lions and how they’re all just dinner and a show. She gives Huck a kiss on his cheek then leaves. Charlie is trying to put Quinn’s ashes into bullets but he’s shaking so bad that he can’t. Abby sits down to help him. Huck loads the bullets into a gun once they’re finished. Jake drives Olivia to Quinn’s service. It’s small and just the inner circle.


Rowan is working on his bones. We hope he feels really bad. Olivia says that she tried to write something hopeful. Something that would help make sense of the loss. She says that it doesn’t make sense. There’s no silver lining, no hope, no good comes from Quinn’s death. Her death is awful. She apologizes to Charlie for not having more. Charlie tells her what she said is well said.


One by one they fire the bullet into the ground with a memory of Quinn. It is beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Quinn was such a powerful force and now she’s gone. How do you deal with a loss like that? The best way you can we suppose. They head back to QPA afterward, minus Charlie, Olivia, and Jake. Marcus grabs a bottle for all of them so they can sit, drink, and tell Quinn stories.


Huck wants to know why Olivia isn’t there. He asks Abby when she called her. Abby tells him an hour ago. Huck asks where she is then. Well, Huck, she’s at Fitz’s place. Fitz asks Olivia if she wants to talk. Olivia tells Fitz that she just needs a night. Queue the kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off. After the way she treated him, Fitz is still giving her what she wants. How do we get a guy like this?


David finds Charlie sitting in his car alone. He asks him if he’s okay. Charlie tells him that he doesn’t know where to go. There’s baby stuff all over the apartment and he doesn’t know what to do with it. He doesn’t want to see any of it. David asks Charlie for his keys. He and Abby head over to get rid of all the baby stuff. While trying to take down the playpen they find a flash drive.


Charlie shows up on Rowan’s doorstep. He asks for a job. Charlie says he wants to go back to not caring about anything. He wants Rowan to tell him to kill someone. Rowan tells him to go home and get some rest. He needs to take some time to think about what he’s really asking for. Charlie turns to leave but then hears a baby crying inside the house.


Charlie heads upstairs to find a baby girl in a crib. He asks Rowan who’s baby is in the crib. Rowan doesn’t answer and Charlie pulls out a gun. Rowan tries to take the gun away and Charlie begins choking the life out of him. Could this be the end of Papa Pope? We’ll have a to wait until next week to find out!

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