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By: Nicole Dintelman



The race is still on to find Quinn (Katie Lowes) on the latest episode of “Scandal.” Olivia (Kerry Washington) and company know she was abducted but they have to find out by who and why. It becomes clear early in the episode that the person who has Quinn isn’t playing around. Let’s run down what happened in this week’s episode!


The show starts with Quinn arriving at QPA for her wedding. She looks stunning, by the way. While in the elevator the power goes out and the elevator stops. Quinn can hear someone on top of the elevator and next thing you know she’s been chloroformed and is unconscious. Huck (Guillermo Diaz) comes in and asks Charlie (George Newbern) if he knows what a fidget spinner is. He has an idea to make his own. Huck says they can put razor blades on each end and when they find Quinn they can use it on the person who took her.


Charlie is going through a police book to see if he can identify Quinn in any of the photos. Abby (Darby Stanchfield) says that they found a pregnant woman in Germantown. Charlie has to go see if it’s Quinn. Mellie (Bellamy Young) is giving an interview about the treaty. Olivia is trying to coach her but Mellie says she’s got this. Mellie asks Liv how her friend is. Has she been found? Jake (Scott Foley) tells Olivia whoever took Quinn was good. Olivia tells him that he needs to be better. Olivia says she wants the entire Federal Government turned into a machine to find Quinn. She wants whoever took her to face command. Jake tries to comfort Olivia but she shrugs him off.


Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) is watching Mellie’s interview. He’s very impressed. Marcus tells Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) that they could use Mellie. Her political capital will help them. Fitz tells Marcus that it’s not an option. When he goes to pick up Teddy from the White House he’s on the premises for a matter of eight minutes. He’s allowed to pick up his son and leave. Fitz says that if they want to pass their agenda they have to do it themselves.


Olivia arrives home to find Charlie at her door. She asks him what he’s doing there. Have they found Quinn? Charlie explains to her that he’s tired of looking at dead pregnant women. He wants Olivia to level with him. Quinn is dead, right? We feel so bad for Charlie. Charlie says that he had nowhere else to go and that’s why he’s at Olivia’s door. Charlie says that Quinn has to be dead or they would have found her by now. The baby’s due date is the following day. They need to find Quinn and fast! Charlie is already referring to her in the past tense.


Olivia is shaking so bad she can’t even get her key in the door after Charlie leaves. Charlie goes to Germantown to see if the body found is Quinn. It’s not, thankfully. Abby heads to visit with Cyrus (Jeff Perry). Cyrus convinced Fenton (Dean Norris) not to file charges against Charlie. Fenton has left town for a while to recuperate. Cyrus asks Abby how they got things so wrong. Abby says they went off the intel they had. Abby explains that the data came directly from the NSA. Cyrus asks if it was Jake and Abby shakes her head yes.


Cyrus ambushes Jake in the hallway. Cyrus tells him that he knows Jake has to be burning the candle at both ends. Cyrus asks Jake how he was able to link Fenton. He’s done digging on his own and hasn’t discovered any connection. Jake says that there’s a lot going on and things can happen. Cyrus knows that Jake set Fenton up and we bet that it’s just a matter of time before it comes out to everyone.


Olivia asks Jake if he has any news. Jake tells her no but they will. Olivia says that this is on them. Jake tells Olivia that Curtis Pryce (Jay Hernandez) is who they need to worry about. Olivia’s assistant comes in and tells her that her father has been trying to get a hold of her and it’s urgent. Liv goes to meet Rowan (Joe Morton) at a restaurant. She’s not happy about being summoned. Rowan tells Olivia what the specials are. Liv tells him that Quinn is missing and she doesn’t have time for this. Rowan then drops a bombshell. He has Quinn.


Rowan tells Olivia that he has Quinn and he’s not giving her back until he gets his freedom from her. He also wants his dinosaur bones back. Let’s just take a moment to comprehend this. Rowan took a 9-month pregnant Quinn to blackmail his daughter. Talk about ruthless! Rowan tells Olivia that the recognizing he said was coming, is here. He says that he has her downfall and the key to his freedom: Quinn Perkins. Quinn can take her down and Rowan knows it. Olivia asks if he’s going to kill Quinn if he doesn’t get what he wants. Of course, he is! Did you even have to ask?


Olivia tells Rowan that he’s pathetic and she’s in charge. He’s not to harm a hair on her head until he’s told what to do, by her. Rowan says he’s not bluffing. Olivia replies by telling him he better not waste her time again. Jake wants to put a team together to rescue Quinn. Olivia says they’re going to wait him out. She’s sure that he’s going return Quinn. We’re not as confident as you Olivia. He killed Fitz’s son, or have you forgotten?


Marcus stops by to see Mellie. He congratulates her on signing the treaty. Mellie says that someone wise told her to do it. Marcus brings her the project that he and Fitz are working on. Mellie doesn’t want to work with Fitz. Marcus tells Mellie that with her influence they might be able to accomplish everything they want to. Mellie asks Marcus why he’s there. Marcus says that he’s there because Fitz can’t be. He’s not allowed at the White House anymore. Mellie isn’t too happy with that answer and tells him to leave. After he leaves, she picks up the material and looks at it.


David (Joshua Malina) brings Abby a binder of dead women to look through. Abby tries to flirt with David, but he’s not going for it. We don’t blame him. Rowan finds Jake out in front of his house. Rowan asks Jake if Olivia sent him to case the joint. Jake tells him that he’s not going to win. He doesn’t know what Olivia is capable of. She’s not going to give in this time. Olivia is furious with Jake for going to see her father. She says that she specifically told him not to do that. Jake tells her that he went to deliver a warning. Jake took Rowan’s guns but Olivia tells him that’s not going to help. Her father is going to think he has the upper hand now.


Jake explains to Olivia that she needs to realize that her father is capable of putting a bullet in Quinn’s head. She needs to figure out what the hell she’s doing. Curtis goes to a hotel room to see Olivia’s assistant. She tells him that Olivia doesn’t know that she called him. She says she has information about the assassination of President Rashad. She tells Curtis that if she tells him what she knows, Olivia can’t know it was her. Olivia is just getting double-crossed all over the place!


Olivia does something extremely surprising. She goes to visit her mother. Mama Pope (Khandi Alexander) is locked up in a swanky apartment. She may be living in style, but she still is under lock and key.  Maya tells Olivia that she thought she forgot about her. Olivia says that work has been busy. Maya asks if she’s been busy as chief of staff or as command. Olivia says both. Olivia asks Maya if she likes her new apartment. Maya says that it’s fine but she didn’t need to move. Olivia says that when she found out Rowan was scheming behind her back, she couldn’t take any chances. Last time he found her he shot her.


Maya asks what Rowan has done this time. Olivia explains that he took Quinn and won’t give her back until Olivia gives him his freedom. Maya thinks this is hilarious. Olivia tells her that Rowan put a clock on it. If she doesn’t give him his bones back he’s going to kill Quinn. Maya asks Olivia what she’s going to do. Olivia says that she was hoping she would help her. Maya says that’s going to depend on what she’s getting out of it. Olivia tells her that she can either be her mother or a bitch. Maya chooses to be a bitch or so Olivia thinks. She starts to leave. Maya tells her to sit her dramatic ass down.


Maya wants to know what Quinn has on her. Olivia says that she knows secrets. Maya thinks that Olivia is there just to get her permission to let Rowan kill Quinn. Maya tells her “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” She says that the only way to be Rowan is to let Quinn die. She needs to do nothing. Olivia’s assistant calls Jake and tells him it’s done. Apparently, she wasn’t double-crossing Olivia. She was working with Jake to bring down Curtis.


The weight of the Quinn situation is weighing on Olivia. She’s trying to sleep and instead breaks down. The news is reporting Curtis missing and presumed dead. David returns to Abby’s office and asks her how it’s going. Abby says that she’s still looking at dead bodies so he can take a guess. Abby asks David why he rejected her earlier. David says that her world is terrifying and he doesn’t want to be in Charlie’s position some day. Abby tells him that it is risky but it will pay off. This time David doesn’t avoid her advances.


Fitz heads to the White House to pick up Teddy and finds Mellie waiting for him. Mellie tells Fitz that she wants to talk to him about justice reform. Fitz asks Mellie if she’s allowed to talk to him. He’s a smartass and we love it! Jake asks Olivia if she heard about Curtis. Olivia tells him she doesn’t want to know any of the details. What you don’t know can’t hurt you we suppose. Jake and Olivia sit in silence drinking wine until Olivia tells him that she’s tired. The game is exhausting.


Jake tells Olivia that the clock runs out in the morning and she needs to decide what she’s going to do. Olivia says that she can’t let Quinn die. Jake tells her to give Rowan back his bones. Olivia says no. Rowan wants power and she’s not going to give it to him. Olivia is convinced that Rowan wants to steal her power. Jake tells Olivia that she needs to kill Rowan. He’s the problem. Olivia doesn’t want to do that either. Jake tells her to stop hiding. Is she command or is she not? She doesn’t get to have it all. Olivia promptly kicks him out.


Mellie wants Olivia to stay and be with her when she signs the treaty. Olivia wants to just hand her her speech and bolt. Mellie says that everyone else has failed but thanks to Olivia seeing the big picture everything is working out. Mellie tells Olivia that she’s a champion. They need to be worthy of the sacrifices. Mellie says nothing, no one, no man will stand in their way. Jake tells Olivia that time is up and Rowan is summoning her. Jake asks her what it’s going to be. Rowan’s freedom or Quinn’s life.


Olivia arrives at her father’s house and tells him that he doesn’t summon her. Rowan pulls a gun out and asks her if it will be Perkins life or his freedom. Olivia tells him that he’s not going to kill her. Rowan says that he won’t have to. She won’t be able to live with herself after he kills Quinn. Olivia explains to him that he’s not going to kill her but he should. He needs to sever the head of the snake and she is the snake. Olivia tells him that a bullet in her head is the only chance of freedom. Rowan raises his gun again but his hand is shaking.


Olivia says that if he’s not willing to kill her then he has no more cards to play. She wins, he loses. Olivia makes a call to put a kill order on her father. It will begin in twenty minutes and she instructs them to shoot to kill. Rowan says that he will kill Quinn. Olivia says that he thinks that she cares but she can’t figure out why. Everything she is is his fault. Rowan taught her the only constant to hold onto is the Republic. Olivia is just as he made her. Olivia will not choose Quinn over the Republic.


Olivia gives Rowan sixty seconds to change his mind about killing Quinn. She will walk out the door and let them kill him. Rowan tells Olivia that she’s bluffing. Olivia says that if Quinn has to die for the Republic then she has to die. Rowan stands and stares at her for sixty seconds then walks away. Then there is a shot followed by a woman crying then another shot. Olivia has to brace herself so she doesn’t collapse. Her face is stone by the time her father comes back. He asks her if she wants to see the body. Olivia just stares at him. The big question is: Did Rowan really shoot Quinn? We won’t know until January when “Scandal” returns from winter hiatus! Gotta love those cliffhangers!

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