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By: Nicole Dintelman

Welcome back “Scandal” lovers. In the last hour, we learned that Maya Pope (Khandi Alexander) didn’t hire the assassin, she is the assassin. So, Olivia (Kerry Washington) came up with the brilliant idea to let her go. Rowan (Joe Morton) was right. Family makes you do questionable things. Hopefully, Olivia’s decision doesn’t get Mellie (Bellamy Young) killed before she’s been sworn in as the first female POTUS. Rowan is also trying to talk Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) into reinstating B-613 as his final act as President, but not for him to run. He suggests that Fitz runs it himself.


This hour picks up with a very ticked off Fitz heading into his bedroom to a naked Olivia in bed ordering him into bed. He yells at her instead, asking her if she knows what she’s done. She tells him that they’re not going to spend their last night together talking about this and he needs to come over to her. Olivia is used to getting what she wants and this is no exception. Fitz finally gives in, telling her that she’s very bossy. Olivia tells him that he loves it and we all know that he does.


Maya is meeting a shady character in a diner and gives him an envelope. Jake (Scott Foley) and his officers are there to intercept the man with the money, but they were not fast enough to nab Maya. She dug out her tracking chip and went out the bathroom window at the diner. Fitz wants Mellie to cancel the inauguration, but Mellie is deadset that she’s going forward. Luna (Tessie Santiago) tells her that she is not comfortable with her children on the dais. Mellie says they will proceed with no children.


Fitz gets David (Joshua Malina) to set aside the funding for B-613. It’s just enough to fund a secret group, but not enough that Congress will notice what it is. David asks what the money is for, but Fitz isn’t willing to give out that information to him. Remember, B-613 is on a need to know basis and right now David does not need to know. Jake has stepped up the security and snipers for the inauguration in hopes that if Maya does try anything, they will be ready.


It is time to swear in Melody Margaret Grant as the next President of the United States of America. The first woman President. It really is a shame that this only happens on TV! We have goosebumps! Rowan and OPA are all tracking the burner phones connected to Maya in hopes to see where she is in reference to the dais. Maya is able to attack one of the snipers from behind after he checks in and has control of his gun. Huck (Guillermo Diaz) tracks one of the burners to the Capital. While Mellie is being sworn in Olivia’s phone rings. It’s Maya.


Maya asks Olivia to move a little to the right so she doesn’t shoot her on accident. Huck is able to track the burner to the stage. Charlie (George Newbern) says: “The call is coming from inside the house.” Maya tells Olivia that she’s not trying to shoot Mellie and she needs to move her big bubble head. Mom’s are so brutally honest. Olivia hears a shot and ducks but it wasn’t a shot from Maya. Rowan shot Maya. He tells Olivia that her mother has been neutralized. During all of this Mellie was being sworn in and now the country has a female POTUS.


After the inaugural parade, Olivia heads to the white house to find out who authorized her mother to be shot. Olivia tries to explain to them that Maya was about to give her a name of who hired her. Fitz tells her that Maya had a gun pointed at Mellie so he doesn’t care, they did what they had to do. Mellie yells “enough” and tells them to stop fighting. She doesn’t want to hear it anymore. She has to go pick out an outfit for the ball and then focus on running the country. Hey, at least she doesn’t want to golf, right?


Abby (Darby Stanchfield) brings Quinn (Katie Lowes) a seating chart from the inauguration and before she leaves Quinn asks her to take over OPA. Quinn tells her that she needs to go somewhere she can be normal to raise the baby. She says that Charlie can’t be normal but she’s done it before. Abby tells her that she’ll think about it. Olivia goes to see David and asks him what he’s working on for Fitz. David tells her that he can’t show her. Olivia being Olivia blackmails David into telling her what Fitz is up to. Olivia confronts Fitz and Fitz tells her that he’s going to run B-613 himself. Fitz tells her this is his one chance to make a real difference. Olivia tells Fitz that she was going to ask him to stay there with her. Fitz says that he is staying, but Olivia says but not with her. Oh, Fitz what did you do?


Fitz comes to say goodbye to Olivia, but she tells him to just leave to his chopper. She asks him how he’s going to spin not leaving Washington, but he tells her that he had David rescind the Executive Order. Fitz tells her that he can’t stay. He’s not faking the goodbye and it’s for real. Olivia, with tears in her eyes, tells him: “Okay, it’s for real.” Fitz tells her goodbye and leaves the room. There’s a chopper waiting and a million press with cameras on the White House lawn when Olivia runs out and yells “Mr. President!” Olivia runs into Fitz’s waiting arms and they embrace. Fitz asks Olivia about the cameras and she tells him that she doesn’t care. Now, this is what their goodbye should be.


Olivia tells Fitz it has been an honor and he says the honor has been all his. The question we have is will Fitz be in Season Seven or is he really going to Vermont? The White House crew is busy switching the Oval into a more female-friendly color palette for Mellie while everyone else is getting ready for the inaugural ball. OPA is still trying to figure out who in the house would want to kill Mellie. Looking at the seating chart wasn’t giving them any clues because it shows Mellie’s children in seats, but they did not sit on the diaz. Then it hits Olivia and she asks for to see the footage of Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) assassination. Once she saw that she knew who was behind everything.


Luna Vargas comes into her office to find Olivia waiting for her. Olivia starts by congratulating her and then tells her that she will not be attending the ball that evening. Olivia tells her that she lost, Mellie’s alive. She asks Luna if there is a Plan B and Luna tells her that if she had evidence she’d already be in handcuffs. Okay, so wait. Luna Vargas killed her own husband? Stop the presses! Luna freaking Vargas killed her own husband! She tells Olivia that she can’t do anything because Mellie’s presidency will go down in flames. Olivia tells Jake just as much when she tells him what happened. She tells Jake she’s pissed and they have no choice but to let Luna be VP.


When she goes to see her mother, Olivia asks her if she was going to shoot Luna. Maya tells her good job for sniffing out Luna finally. She tells Olivia to walk away and Olivia tells her that Luna doesn’t get to take it away from her that she deserves it. Maya tells her to do what she needs to do to get her baby back. She tells her that no one can fight her and win. Abby tells Quinn that she’s not going to take over OPA, but she will come work for her. Abby also offers to help Quinn with the baby. Quinn tells Charlie that they’re going to have a baby and Charlie is genuinely happy. Huck seems a little sad, however.


Mellie loves her freshly decorated Oval Office. Oh, Mellie we love it too and you deserve it. Mellie goes to Cyrus’s (Jeff Perry) apartment with a tux and tells him to get up and shave. She needs a date to the ball. At least she’s rescuing him from eating any more brownies. Olivia looks absolutely stunning and Captain Jake shows up to be her escort. She tells him that she has a plan. Olivia tells Luna that she’s going to die right there, tonight, in that room. Luna yells for the agents, but Olivia tells her they’re not secret service, they work for Jake.


Luna tells Olivia she’s not going to kill her. Olivia says: “Raise your hand if you’ve killed a Vice President before.” Olivia looks at Jake and he says that the one he killed was Argentine and Olivia told him it counts so he raises his hand. Olivia tells Luna they’re not going to kill her, she’s going to kill herself. Luna says she’d never leave her kids, but Olivia tells her that she killed her husband so what would she rather them deal with? The fact that she killed their father or herself. Olivia gives Luna a choice. She can take the pills that will put her to sleep and eventually kill her or Jake can shoot her.


Olivia takes documents to Mellie to sign and one of them is funding for B-613. Olivia is so sneaky. She goes to visit Rowan and lets him know that Fitz is gone and he has no hold over him. Olivia tells him that she is reinstating B-613 and she will run it herself and he is retired. They will have Sunday dinners together and that will be that. Seeing Olivia boss her father around is a different look for sure.


Cyrus shows up at the Lincoln Memorial to have a drink with Olivia. They promised each other to toast when this was all over. Olivia tells Cyrus that it was Luna that was behind everything. However, when Cyrus repeats the things that Luna said almost verbatim, Olivia knows it was him. Cyrus was behind everything, just like Olivia always knew.  Cyrus wants to be Vice President. Cyrus also knows that the Executive Order that Olivia had Mellie sign is for B-613. Olivia tells Cyrus to stay in town so she can nominate him for VP. He asks her how it feels to be the most powerful person in the world. “Right,” she says. “It feels right.”


Wow! What an epic two-hour finale! We hope you will join us next season when “Scandal” comes back for its seventh, and final, season! In the meantime, stay scandalous!

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