Scandal – Vampires and Bloodsuckers

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By: Nicole Dintelman


If you tuned in to this week’s episode of “Scandal” to see a wedding, you were sadly disappointed. The bride is missing and it’s up to QPA to find her. Let’s put on our white hats and break down the episode!

Olivia (Kerry Washington) has to deliver the news about the plane explosion to Mellie (Bellamy Young). She brings her a red folder. We’re guessing red means bad news because Mellie’s face immediately fell when she saw it. Olivia tries to comfort Mellie but she doesn’t want to be touched. She’s all business. Mellie instructs Olivia to have several people to the Oval in ten minutes. Next, we see Jake (Scott Foley) telling Olivia that it’s done. President Rashad (Faran Tahir) and his niece are dead. If your mouth isn’t hanging open, it should be! B613 blew up the plane! This is a side of Liv that we never thought we’d see.

Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is doing the walk of shame from Fenton’s (Dean Norris) apartment. Fenton is wearing nothing but an apron, cooking breakfast when Cyrus tries to leave. Fenton asks him why he has to rush off and Cyrus explains he has a meeting to get to. Fenton asks if it’s about Rashad and the explosion. Cyrus tells him he doesn’t have clearance so he can’t disclose any information. Fenton tells Cyrus to get him clearance. He can’t learn from him if he doesn’t know everything. This seems a little weird to us but Cyrus doesn’t seem to be miffed. Cyrus makes up a story about vampires but Fenton isn’t amused.

Liv explains that Mellie has to be at the body delivery the following day. Olivia has prepared remarks for Mellie and tells her she can’t be with her. Quinn (Katie Lowes) is getting married and that takes precedence. Olivia receives a package from the Smithsonian and the aide also tells her that Quinn has been trying to get a hold of her. Liv thinks that Quinn is just having wedding jitters. Olivia meets Quinn at the DC War Memorial and starts to try to ease her mind. She also gives her something borrowed. A hairpin from the Smithsonian.

Quinn obviously has something else on her mind. She asks Liv how she could do it. Olivia asks Quinn what’s going on. Quinn knows about the plane. She knows that Olivia is behind the explosion. Liv tells Quinn to be very careful about things she doesn’t know anything about. Quinn tells Olivia that she killed a teenage girl because it was convenient for her. Olivia says that sometimes she has to be the person no one else could be. Liv asks Quinn what she is planning to do. Quinn plans to get justice for Yasmine. Olivia explains to Quinn that Yasmine isn’t her family. She also says that if she knows what’s good for her she’ll go home, get some sleep, get married, and move on.

Mellie heads to Andrews Air Force Base to see the coffins being loaded to head to Bashran. She’s fighting back tears. We all know how she felt about President Rashad. Jake tells Liv not to let the Quinn thing get to her. He says that they had to make a deal with the rebels to get the treaty. Jake asks Liv if she thinks Quinn will talk. Olivia says that she doesn’t think she will. Quinn will get married, have her baby, and everything will blow over. Quinn is in her apartment looking very worried so who knows what she has planned.

David (Joshua Malina) arrives at QPA for the wedding when Abby (Darby Stanchfield) is rushing out. She tells him she’s headed to get the bride because she’s late. Abby tells David that the day is going to be romantic and she doesn’t want him to get moved or anything. David tells Abby that she doesn’t have to worry. Huck (Guillermo Diaz) asks Olivia if she has the poem he sent her. Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) is trying to figure out where the macaroons go. Huck tells him they go with the food. Huck is the best man and maid of honor all in one and he’s running around like a chicken! It’s absolutely adorable!

Olivia tries to call Quinn again and she doesn’t pick up. It’s disturbing how Olivia can act like nothing is going on. Mellie meets with the ambassador (Shaun Toub) of Bashran. He gives Mellie a message. The new regime of Bashran is prepared to honor the treaty. Mellie tells him to tell the new regime that she is coming for them. She tells him to tell them to run, to hide, because she’s going to make them pay for what they’ve done.

Huck tells David that he needs to be going over his part in the ceremony. David says that he’s officiated many weddings. Huck doesn’t like that answer. He starts to give David all the reasons why that isn’t good enough when Charlie (George Newbern) comes in much to David’s relief. Charlie gives Huck engraved cufflinks as a best man gift. Huck tells Charlie that he didn’t have to get him anything but Charlie insists that this is the best day of his life and Huck has a lot to do with that. Abby calls Huck to tell him that Quinn is missing. She’s at her apartment and Quinn is gone.

Huck tells Abby that something is very very wrong. Olivia takes the phone and Abby tells her that Quinn ran. She left her ring behind and ran. Olivia immediately goes to the bathroom freaking out. Did she have something to do with this? Charlie doesn’t buy it. He says that Quinn had to have taken her ring off and forgotten it. People are packing up the wedding and Charlie tells them not to. Quinn will be there he knows it.

Huck heads to Quinn’s apartment to look for clues. He sprays luminol but nothing lights up. He opens Quinn’s computer and this makes him go back to QPA. He tells them to open the folder that says vows. Inside is pictures of the luggage being put on President Rashad’s airplane. Huck tells them that Quinn was investigating Rashad’s death. Huck then finds cleanser on Quinn’s ring. The kind that cleans off blood. Huck says that Quinn didn’t run…she’s been taken.

Jake tells Olivia that nothing has happened to Quinn. He thinks she’s just biding time to build a case against them. Olivia tells Jake he needs to find Quinn before the rest of the team and bring her to her. Huck says they need to build a timeline and he’s going to hack Quinn’s cell phone. Charlie tells Abby to send everyone involved in the wedding home. They’re already over budget so he doesn’t want to spend any more money. Charlie tells Abby that he spent so long trying to write his vows but nothing seemed good enough for Quinn. Abby asks him what he settled on and Charlie tells her he didn’t. He decided to wing it.

Charlie tells everyone that Quinn went for a walk about ten the night before to clear her head. Olivia asks if Quinn came home after going to the War Memorial. Charlie says that Quinn was only gone for an hour or so and the last he saw her was that morning. Abby has printed all of the photos on Quinn’s computer. Abby tells Olivia that they need to run the photos through facial recognition. David thinks they should call the F.B.I. and let them do it. David, you should know by now they do everything themselves.

Someone knocks on Huck’s door and he starts telling them that Quinn’s phone is a dead end. The phone is turned off. Curtis Pryce (Jay Hernandez) asks whose phone? He’s the one standing in the doorway. Huck immediately tells him he has no comment. Curtis continues to press and Huck continues to say “No Comment.” Olivia sees Curtis and comes to see what he wants. Curtis asks Olivia what she’s doing there. Olivia asks him what he’s doing there. They could go on like this all day! Curtis turns to leave while Olivia is asking him about the message Quinn left him.

Curtis is deadset not to answer Olivia. Liv asks him if he’s just planning on ignoring her now. Curtis tells her that not everything is about her. Curtis tells her that he’s protecting a source. Olivia tells him that his source is missing. Curtis tells Olivia that Quinn left a message saying that she had evidence that President Rashad was blown up by an American. Curtis tells Olivia that he will let her know if he finds anything. Olivia tells him that he can’t but Curtis knows there’s a story there and he’s going to get to the bottom of it.

Huck says that he could hack into Curtis’s phone to retrieve her message to him. She had to have used a burner phone because her personal phone didn’t make any calls to Curtis. David says they’d be better off if they could only hire Quinn to find Quinn. Mellie tells Liv that she was supposed to be back by now. Olivia says that she needs a few more hours. The people there are important to her. Mellie asks what she is. Mellie tells Olivia to find her friend and then get her ass back there.

Liv meets with Jake and Jake tells her he hasn’t found Quinn but he found out what she knows. An Air Force sergeant was on the tarmac and saw something. He then said something to Quinn. Jake tells her they can use this to their advantage. They’re going to frame the sergeant for conspiracy. The two don’t stop there. They need a bigger fish that he was conspiring with. Jake has picked Fenton Glackland to hold that spot. Liv tells Jake that they’re going to run an innocent man’s life. Olivia tells everyone that they need to find Fenton. If they do they’ll find Quinn.

Abby goes to Cyrus to try and get information on Fenton. Cyrus is taken off guard when Abby tells him why she needs the information. She figures out that Cyrus and Fenton are in a relationship and that’s why he doesn’t want to help her. When Abby leaves Cyrus remembers Fenton asking for a security clearance that morning. He goes to QPA and tells them he thinks he was wrong. He thinks that Fenton was using him for a security clearance. Olivia tells Cyrus to call him.

Fenton can’t come to the phone right now, but he’s not dead. Not yet, anyway. He’s getting ready to be tortured by Charlie. Charlie wants to know where Quinn is and if Fenton doesn’t talk he’s going to make him talk. David catches Olivia going through Quinn’s office. She explains to him that she was hoping Quinn left behind something concrete. David asks her if she found anything and Liv says that she didn’t. He then tells her that he did. He looked into the Air Force Sergeant. He was found dead in his apartment. It was an opioid overdose. David thinks that Fenton got to him. We know it was Jake.

Mellie summons Jake to her balcony. She asks Jake that if she knew hypothetically about his unofficial business he takes care of off the clock and she wanted the leaders of the coup removed he could do that. Hypothetically of course. Jake tells her if he was given that order he could. Jake then says that she can’t give him that order. Mellie reminds him that he serves the office of President of the United States. Jake says that yes he does as director of the NSA but when he’s off the clock he doesn’t work for her.

Marcus is visiting Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) new office space in D.C. when the Secret Service tells him he has a visitor downstairs. It’s Mellie. Mellie tells Marcus that she needs his advice. Mellie says she doesn’t know what to do in Bashran. Mellie says she wants to honor Rashad. He was a great man. Marcus explains that Rashad is dead and he’s just one man. Mellie has the opportunity to do whats right. She needs to move on and get her treaty signed. Mellie says that the oval is lonely and Marcus replies “It’s lonely at the top.”

Huck discovers that Quinn made a second call to Curtis Pryce. The second message says that Quinn met with whoever blew up the plane and she taped the whole conversation. Cyrus tells them that Fenton can’t be their guy. He was with him all night. David says that the monument has security camera’s and he’ll get the footage sent over. Olivia calls Jake and tells him he needs to get the footage immediately. Abby comes to tell Olivia that they have a problem. Charlie is gone. They think he went after Fenton. They’re right.

Fenton is begging Charlie to stop. Fenton tells Charlie that he’s a coward and he’s always been one. He says that if he knew where Quinn was he’d tell him. Charlie decides there’s only one way to be sure and starts to cut off one of Fenton’s fingers. Huck busts in and stops him before he can. He tells Charlie that Fenton is innocent. He wasn’t at the monument. Well, who will Jake and Liv pin it on now?

The Ambassador comes back to Mellie’s office and tells her that he hasn’t delivered her message yet. He’s just not sure how to go back with that information. Mellie says that it’s fine. She’s decided to agree to the terms of the agreement. The Ambassador says that it’s wonderful news. He knows that the new regime will be eager to start negotiations. Mellie tells him that there will be no negotiations. She will set the terms of the treaty and they will sign it. Go, Mellie, go!

Olivia explains to Charlie that Cyrus is going to talk to Glackland and try to smooth everything over. Charlie says that he doesn’t care about Glackland, they still don’t know where Quinn is. Who has Quinn? David comes in with the security footage of the DC War Memorial. They begin to watch and see Quinn standing to wait for someone then the footage goes blank. Huck tells them that someone erased it. Charlie says they need to get all the wedding crap out of there. He’s losing it. Huck tells him they’ll take care of it.

Olivia is freaking out in the bathroom when Abby knocks on the door. She asks Olivia if she’s okay. Abby tells her that they’re going to find her and they will get to the bottom of things. Cyrus is at Fenton’s trying to smooth things over. He says how sorry he is. Fenton tells him that he did try to warn him about the vampires. These two are a very interesting couple that we’re still trying to get used to.

Huck brings Charlie a drink which they silently share together. Abby finishes packing up the wedding items and David comes in and apologizes. Abby asks him why he’s sorry. Abby takes his hand then kisses him. Could these two be getting back together? Olivia is back at the White House having her own drink in the B613 office. Jake tells her that he found something. He has the footage from the QPA offices. Someone taped over the footage. Jake was able to recover one image. It’s Quinn in the QPA elevator on the way to her wedding. Olivia says that she’s not out there building a case against them. Jake says that she was taken from the elevator. The big question now is: Who took Quinn and where is she?

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