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By: Allison Schonter


Are your throats sore from screaming yet? “Scream’s” latest episode Psycho was jam-packed with heightened moments of tension and plentiful with the mystery and suspense. So much so that we are still left on the edge of our seats trying to figure out this giant mystery surrounding Lakewood.


Stalker Collage


In last week’s episode, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) ventured into the abandoned Troy household and discovered pictures of her, newspaper clippings and even a person. In Psycho, this reveal haunts her, especially when she returns with her mother to the house and discovers that there is nothing there. It is completely abandoned, just as it was supposed to be.


The mystery of the stalker collage and the person behind it makes Emma question whether or not she was truly ready to come home from treatment. When Brooke (Carlson Young) suggests that it was possibly a hallucination, that belief is only strengthened. This prompts Emma to take up her Psychology teacher’s offer to talk, and the two meet at a coffee shop, the same exact one where Emma had first encountered Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire). Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith) tells Emma that hallucinations are common with PTSD and it isn’t something that she should worry about. But when Emma gets their coffees and turns around to see a woman with glasses typing on a laptop, she panics. It was a trigger that reminded her of Piper and she can’t shake the thought that maybe she’s just screwed up for the rest of her life and that what happened to her dad is happening to her. Psychology teacher offers some words of wisdom and tells Emma that she’s not a victim; she’s a survivor.


Adding to the ever-surmounting stress in Emma’s life is the newfound information that Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) is leaving for Atlanta. Neighbors have been calling the police about noise complaints and the police discover that Kieran’s legal guardian, his Aunt Tina (Karina Lague), lives nowhere near him. Kieran is the only person that Emma feels that she can really talk to, the only person who truly understands her and what she’s going through and losing him is a figurative punch to the gut. Maggie recognizes this and goes to speak with Aunt Tina.


Later Emma goes to Kieran’s house and is confused when the same boy that she had run into earlier in school opens the door. It turns out that his name is Eli (Sean Grandillo) and he is Kieran’s cousin. Kieran and Emma talk outside, and being that their time is limited, Emma has one final request – there is something that she’s been wanting to do and she only wants to do it with him. The two drive out to the dock where the fight with Piper took place and Emma relives the moment. She remembers every detail: the knife to her stomach, Piper being shot and Piper falling into the lake. For a moment, she believes that she sees the masked figure in the woods, but she closes her eyes and reopens them to discover that it was only a hallucination. And things are suddenly better. She’s not afraid.


Things keep getting better when they discover that Kieran’s Aunt Tina has decided that they are going to stay in Lakewood. But Emma’s happiness is short-lived because as she walks home and notices a car following her, she begins to run. The person driving the car is revealed to be her father, the man whom she hasn’t seen in years.



Lakewood 6 or Lakewood 5?


Is it the Lakewood 6 or the Lakewood 5? It seems that our group of serial-killer fighting teenagers is short one member and nobody knows where he is. After a break up with Jake (Tom Maden), Brooke (Carlson Young) hasn’t heard anything from him and she’s worried. She eventually caves and decides to be the first one to text, but she still gets no response. So, she heads down to the police station to file a missing person’s report where she has a brief run-in with Gustavo (Santiago Segura), the sheriff’s son who is a bit creepy. Before Brooke can file the missing person’s report; however, she receives a text from Jake. Brooke is later surprised by a bundle of roses and a sorry note on the hood of her car. How sweet. Unfortunately, when Brooke decides to finally go over to Jake’s house, there is no answer.


Eddie Krueger


Noah’s (John Karna) still is keeping up on his murder board and all things relating to everything that has happened in Lakewood, including the prank that was played on Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus). He has a new lead from a commenter on his podcast, keenly named Eddie Krueger, who says that he saw Piper’s accomplice. This isn’t good for Audrey who, as we found out in last week’s episode, was Piper’s accomplice.


At school, Audrey gets another text from an unknown number asking if she is afraid. If her friends discover that she was the one who brought Piper to Lakewood, they would turn against her. As she looks up from the screen, she sees one of the pranksters, Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon), texting on her phone and jumps to conclusions too quickly. She follows her into the stairwell and threatens to press charges against her, but when she looks at the girl’s phone she discovers that she was only texting her boyfriend. Paranoid much, Audrey?


Later in the day, Noah tells Audrey that he’s contacted the tipster and his story checks out. The commenter is willing to be a guest on Noah’s podcast, where he’ll make his big accomplice reveal. Audrey throws doubt the tipster’s way when she questions why he didn’t just go to the police, but Noah tells her that the police had no evidence that Piper had an accomplice. Audrey offers to film the podcast for Noah so that it can be posted on the website, though she has ulterior motives for wanting to be there.


As Noah arrives at the motel where “Eddie Krueger” (Chase McCleery Bouchie) works, Audrey isn’t there and she isn’t responding to his texts. He eventually goes in to talk to the tipster alone. Before “Eddie Krueger” can make the big accomplice reveal, though, he receives a call from someone using the same voice changer that he killer uses. The person threatens him by saying that he’ll kill him if he says who the accomplice is. It turns out that the person on the other end of the phone is Audrey, who is watching from the street.


Audrey’s plan only partially works. Noah was able to get valuable information from “Eddie Krueger” before he shut down. He now knows that Piper’s accomplice was a girl and that Piper had a storage unit, which he has already arranged to check out in the morning. Audrey beats him to the punch, though, and goes at night. She really doesn’t want anyone to know her affiliation to Piper. The storage locker is filled with car fresheners hanging from the ceiling, all to mask the smell of Jake’s body.


Final Thoughts…


There are a lot of creepy people in Lakewood and I’m not sure whom to trust. First, we have Gustavo who continually says creepy things in Psychology class, has his own ranking system for the Lakewood 6 and just all around seems a bit sketchy. Then, there are the new arrivals to town: Aunt Tina, Eli and Emma’s dad – none of whom seem all that great. Finally, let’s not forget about Audrey who is mock-playing the killer in order to prevent her friends from discovering her part in Piper’s arrival.


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