Shadowhunters – A Dark Reflection

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By: Jessica Wolff


Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) has a nightmare of herself drowning in Lake Lyn.  Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) comes in and comforts her.  Clary describes the dream to him and he takes her hand, assuring her that she’s all right.  Clary admits that she can’t get the events at the lake out of her head and is having trouble processing the fact that her brother, Jonathan (Elias Toufexis), is alive.  Jace reminds her that he has demon blood, but Clary believes that she can get through to him and redeem him.  She remembers that her mother kept Jonathan’s baby shoes in a box and they realize that they can track him that way.  However, they find that the shoes have been stolen from the box.


Jonathan, under the disguise of Sebastian Verlac (Will Tudor), looks at the shoes he stole and confronts Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang) for telling him that his mother didn’t care about him.  Valentine tells him that his mother feared him and Jonathan burns the shoes.  Jonathan believes that Clary is different and Valentine assures him that they will be together one day.  Valentine asks Jonathan to trust him, but Jonathan shows Valentine the weapon he found under his pillow.  He reminds him that he is a wanted man, but promises that soon both of them will be regarded as heroes.


Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) tells Max Lightwood (Jack Fulton) that the clave has cleared him for his first mission.  Max is excited and Alec urges him to get over to training.  Jace and Clary come in and inform Alec about their inability to track Jonathan while Max listens outside.  Once Max leaves, Alec informs Jace and Clary that the clave lied about having the soul-sword.  Alec warns them of the dangers of the downworld finding out and Clary reminds them that the sword was deactivated.  Jace and Alec explain to Clary that if Valentine gets his hands on all three mortal instruments, an angel will grant him any wish that he wants.


Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) has Max track birds using their eggs, but Max insists that he’s already a good tracker.  Isabelle tells him that he’s not as ready as he thinks he is and Max tells her that clave has cleared him to go on his first mission.  She tells him that it’s not happening and confronts Alec about it.  He reminds her that it’s standard protocol at his age, but Isabelle is still haunted by Max nearly dying recently.  Alec counters that Max is a soldier and they should treat him like one.  Valentine forces Cleophas Garroway (Lisa Berry) to fix the soul-sword and accuses her of stalling.  She tells them that she can’t do it and pumping mind control serum into her isn’t going to help.  She warns Sebastian not to let his father sway his actions.  Valentine injects the serum into her neck and Sebastian points out that she turned her back on her own brother.  Valentine reminds her that he can destroy the downworld with a wish, but Cleophas believes that it is impossible.  However, Valentine tells her that it wouldn’t be the first time he’s achieved the impossible.


Sebastian goes into a bookstore and introduces himself to the owner, Elliot (Zach Smadu).  When Elliot asks if he can help him, Sebastian grabs his wrist and demands to know where the mortal mirror is.  Elliot throws him back, but Sebastian transforms into Jonathan and attacks him.  Valentine tells him to stop, but Sebastian tells him that Elliot attacked him.  Valentines tells Elliot that he owes him since he saved his life.  Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) visits Alec at the Institute and Alec realizes that he forgot their dinner plans.  Alec apologizes and Magnus decides to bring dinner to them, creating a lobster feast for two with the wave of his hand.  As they eat, Magnus reports on his meeting with the downworlders.  He says that the seelie queen believes that the clave is untrustworthy and that he convinced her that they will be transparent with Alec in charge.  Alec is uncomfortable but doesn’t tell Magnus about the soul-sword.


Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) enters the Hunter’s Moon and approaches Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright), asking her to go on a paddleboat ride with him.  She makes excuses to avoid it and then tells him that she wants to stay friends.  He blames himself for misreading the situation and then asks if this is about Clary.  Simon assures her that he’s over Clary, but she insists that she wants to stay friends.  Valentine and Sebastian interrogate Elliot, but he refuses to talk.  Valentine tells Sebastian to take him with them, but Elliot mutters an incantation to kill himself.  They are unable to stop him and the mark with the mirror’s location disappears from his arm.  Dorothea ‘Dot’ Rollins (Vanessa Matsui) arrives at the Institute and tells Clary and Jace that she believes that something has happened to Elliot and shows them that the mark has transferred to her arm.  Clary and Dot tell Alec that the mark is a protection spell that transfers to another warlock when the warlock carrying it is in danger and that the spell was cast to protect the mortal mirror.  Dot explains that the mark is a map and that she can figure out the location.  Jace, Alec and Clary offer Dot their protection.


At the shop, they find Elliot’s body and Jace identifies marks of a demon as well as the incantation Elliot used to kill himself.  Sebastian arrives at the shop and makes up an excuse for his presence.  Clary sees that the flowers in the shop were turned black and figures that Jonathan was there.  Sebastian asks who Jonathan is and Clary explains that he is her brother.  Jace declares that he will take care of Jonathan if he comes back, and clarifies that he will kill him if necessary.  However, Clary questions whether Jonathan is another victim of Valentine’s manipulations and declares that nobody is getting killed until they have the facts.


In a dark room, Max activates his tracking rune.  Simon jumps out at him and Max pins him to the ground easily.  Isabelle turns on the lights, thanking Simon for his help with Max’s training.  She tells Max to be quicker and that Simon is easier to catch than demons in the real world.  Dot makes progress on figuring out the mirror’s location and Alec warns her that the mirror will become property of the clave once it’s found.  Dot tells him that all she cares about is stopping Valentine and that the mirror will become property of Clary once it’s found.  Clary reports Jonathan’s role in the attack and Sebastian notices the mark on Dot’s arm.  Alec tells Sebastian to leave and refuses his offer of help.


Cleophas waits for Gideon (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) to come closer before grabbing him, stealing his stele, and freeing herself.  She uses the stele to send a rune message, but Gideon attacks her. They fight and Cleophas slams him into a car window.  Other circle members surround her, preventing her escape.  Sebastian finds Valentine and reports what he’s seen.  He tells Valentine that Jace is trying to turn Clary against him, but swears that he won’t let that happen.  After being told that Clary doesn’t care about him, Sebastian continues to insist that Clary loves him while his demon blood changes his eyes.  Valentine tells him to calm down and find the mirror, but warns him that nobody can know he is Jonathan.


Luke tells Magnus about the message he received from Cleophas.  Magnus wants to tell Alec that the clave lied about the soul-sword, but Luke warns him that he might already know.  However, Magnus believes that Alec would never keep this from him.  At the Jade Wolf, Simon and Isabelle discuss Max and Simon reminds her that Max was born to be a shadowhunter and that it’s only a matter of time before he goes into the field.  On their way out, Simon runs into Maia who mistakes his meeting with Isabelle as a date.  Outside, Isabelle asks what’s going on between him and Maia.  She says that Maia likes him, but he tells her the she turned him down.  Isabelle tells him that there’s probably more to it, but Simon declares that he’s done chasing girls who only want to be friends.


Dot narrows down the location of the mirror and Clary recognizes the park as the one her mom used to take her.  Before she heads to the park, Sebastian checks up on her.  She admits that she keeps losing the people she cares about and he asks what she thinks about Jonathan.  Clary admits that he’s still her brother despite the demon blood.  She thinks that they should try to save him if he has any humanity left in him.  Sebastian kisses her and then apologizes.  He promises to be there for her and steals one of her hair ties as she leaves.  Magnus confronts Alec and Alec tells Magnus that he just found out about the soul-sword.  He asks him when he found out, and he admits that he knew during their dinner date.  Alec explains that he was worried about a downworlder uprising, but Magnus is angry that he didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth.  Magnus accuses him of being just like the clave, but Alec tells him not to make it personal.  However, Magnus reminds him that Valentine wants him dead and that Alec lied to him after Magnus bared his soul to him before storming out.


Isabelle goes back into the restaurant and tells Maia that she wants to talk to her.  She asks Maia what’s going on with Simon and then asks who broke her heart. Isabelle tells her to give Simon a chance, but Maia admits that she’s scared of losing control.  Isabelle relates, but tells her that losing control is better than not taking a chance.  Luke tries to console an angry Magnus who is furious.  Luke tells him to calm down and assures him that Alec never meant to hurt him.  Magnus declares that the seelie queen was right and that they should tell her the truth.  Luke advises against telling her, but Magnus is determined.


Clary and Jace arrive at the park and Jace apologizes for what he said about Jonathan.  He tells her that he cares about her and will do whatever he can to keep her safe.  Dot finds the location and pulls out the mirror using magic.  Jonathan attacks them, throwing Jace across the park, and holding out his hand for the mirror.  Jace tells Clary to run and Jonathan runs to him and holds a sword to his throat.  Clary tells him that killing Jace will hurt her.  She offers him the option of taking the mirror or coming with them and letting them help him.  Before Jonathan can decide, he is thrown backwards by Dot’s magic.  Dot makes a portal and orders Clary and Jace to take the mirror and go without her.  Once they are gone, Jonathan advances on her.


Isabelle tells Max that she promised to never let anything bad happen to her, but she can’t hold him back anymore.  Maia visits Simon and tells him not to speak.  She tells him that she’s made mistakes with guys and Simon comments that they’ve both had their heart broken.  She tells him that she’s ready to take a chance, as long as they take it slow.  Clary feels bad about leaving Dot behind, but Jace assures her that her sacrifice puts them one step ahead of Valentine.  Clary looks at the mirror and sees herself being impaled underwater.  She realizes that her nightmare is actually a vision and a message.  Max catches Sebastian snooping around Alec’s desk and shows him that he tracked him using the hair on Jonathan’s baby box before identifying him as Jonathan.

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