Shadowhunters – Awake, Arise, Or Be Forever Fallen

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By: Jessica Wolff

As Max Lightwood (Jack Fulton) discovers his true identity, Sebastian Verlac (Will Tudor) compliments Max’s tracking skills.  Max throws a knife at him, but Sebastian pulls it out easily before advancing.  In the struggle, Sebastian hits Max’s head on the desk and knocks him out.  He hears Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) approaching the office and pretends that he was waiting for Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) when she enters.  Clary gets a text from Alec and they leave the office, Max’s body hidden under the desk.


Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) and Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) laugh about their paddleboat date as they walk down the street.  Simon notices there’s a full moon and asks if he should be worried. Maia jokingly says yes, but their kiss is interrupted by a nearby scream.  They run to the alley to find Bat (Kevin Alves) being attacked by a werewolf.  The wolf runs away upon spotting them and they check on the victim.  He is in shock, but Maia and Simon assure him that they are there to help.  They help him up and Maia tells Simon that she already knows who is responsible.


Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) is worried that she’s been unable to find Max.  Alec talks to them about the mortal mirror and Sebastian asks about where it’s being guarded.  Alec tells him that only the guards know where it is and Clary is worried that Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang) and Jonathan will come back for the mirror.  Alec tells Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood), Clary and Sebastian to help prevent a potential break-in.  Isabelle asks Alec what’s wrong and realizes that he told Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) the truth about the soul-sword.


At the Seelie court, the Seelie Queen (Lola Flanery) is unsurprised about Magnus and Luke Garroway’s (Isaiah Mustafa) revelation that the clave lied.  Magnus tells her that he will accept her offer to unite the downworld.  The queen suggests they go against the clave’s rules, but Luke tells her that they don’t want a war with the shadowhunters.  However, the queen distrusts the clave.  Luke tells her that he trusts Clary and that she recovered the mortal mirror.  The queen tells him that his love for the shadowhunters is his weakness and asks Magnus if he is on her side after Alec’s lies.  Luke reminds him that they don’t want to make enemies of the shadowhunters and the queen warns Magnus not to let his crush get in the way of doing what’s best for his people.  Magnus tells her that he needs careful consideration and the queen gives him a flower and tells him that he has until all of the petals turn black to make a decision.


Sebastian goes to retrieve Max’s body and finds that it is gone.  Isabelle finds blood outside Max’s room and finds Max’s body on the floor.  The doctors examine Max while Isabelle stands by his bedside.  Alec and Clary rush in to his bedside.  Jace and Sebastian run in and Jace informs them that the attack wasn’t caught on camera.  Sebastian asks if he’s been able to talk, but Isabelle tells him that he hasn’t woken up.  Jace promises Alec that they’ll find out who did this.  Sebastian suggests that Max could identify his attacker if he regains consciousness.


Magnus contemplates his decision and ignores a call from Alec.  He flashes back to a memory of before they got together when Alec wakes up at his loft.  Alec is disturbed that he spent the night there.  Magnus reminds him that he lost his energy trying to heal Luke and Alec complains about how much trouble Clary has caused.  Magnus tells Alec that he’s more than a pretty face, and clarifies that Alec has a big heart.  Alec admits that he trusts him and tells him that he should get back to the Institute.  He declines Magnus’ offer of breakfast and asks him not to tell anyone that he spent the night there.  Magnus tells him that his reputation would be affected as well and Alec asks why he let him sleep over.  He tells him that trust makes you do strange things.


Luke finds Ollie (Alexandra Ordolis) and her partner Samantha (Tara Joshi) eating at the Jade Wolf.  Maia tells Luke that Russell (Noah Danby) is back in town and has turned a mundane.  Maia and Simon tend to Bat’s wound, but he requests stitches and a rabies shot.  Luke tells him that he’ll call a paramedic and Simon asks what will happen when the paramedics don’t show up.  Simon asks if they normally hold scratched mundanes hostage until they turn, but Maia tells him that they normally follow a potential werewolf until they turn.  Luke says that they’ll find out if he was turned sooner with the full moon already there.  Luke tells Maia and Simon to wait with him while he takes care of Russell.


During their investigation, Jace concludes that Max was not attacked in his room.  He finds Jonathan’s baby box under the bed and they report it to Alec.  He concludes that Max was trying to track Jonathan and Sebastian points out that this means that Jonathan was inside the Institute.  Jace figures out that Jonathan is probably still inside the building looking for the mirror and that he is probably hiding in plain sight.  Alec orders that the Institute be put on lockdown.  Sebastian offers to lead the security team, but Alec rejects his offer.


Bat asks Simon where the paramedics are and Maia handcuffs Bat to the wall, apologizing.  Bat is confused about what’s happening and transforms into the wolf.  He breaks free of the handcuffs and Simon and Maia run out of the warehouse.  Isabelle asks Max to wake up.  Sebastian checks up on him and Isabelle tells him that she’s called Brother Enoch (Phillip MacKenzie) and is confident that Max will recover.  Sebastian recommends Isabelle rest, but she is hesitant to leave his side.  He convinces her, but Maryse Lightwood (Nicola Correia-Damude) and Robert Lightwood (Paulino Nunes) arrive soon after.  Robert tells her that the only way to save Max is a dangerous procedure that very few shadowhunters survive.  Isabelle is hesitant, but Maryse tells her that there is no other way.


Magnus continues to contemplate his decision and flashes back to the memory of his and Alec’s first time.  They take off clothes and end up on Magnus’ bed.  However, Magnus stops and Alec questions if he’s done something wrong.  He explains that he wants to do this, but he is worried about losing control.  Magnus shows Alec his cat eyes and Alec tells Magnus that they’re beautiful.  In the present, Alec knocks at Magnus’ door.  He tells Magnus that he has no right to ask him for help, but tells him about Max.  Sebastian attacks a guard and demands to know where the mortal mirror is.  He tells Sebastian after he threatens his family and Sebastian kills him.


Luke visits Russell’s pack and confronts him about attacking a mundane.  Russell responds that those are his rules, and Luke tells him that rules bind them to their humanity.  However, Russell tells Luke that they don’t need humanity to survive and challenges him to a fight to the death.  They fight and Luke is thrown to the side.  He gets back up and gains the upper hand.  However, he refuses to kill Russell.  Russell reminds him that the rules say that they have to fight to the death and Luke declares that it’s time for new rules.  The rest of the wolves bow to Luke.  While ordering food for Bat, Simon asks if the scars on her neck were from the wolf that turned her.  Maia tells Simon that her ex-boyfriend, Jordan, was the one that turned her.  She details their relationship and then his attack of her after she broke up with him for being possessive and controlling.  She comments that she’s reminded of him every time she turns.


Clary asks Isabelle to borrow her whip.  Sebastian finds Jace heading towards the mirror and Jace tells him that he’s going to guard it himself because he is best suited to stopping Jonathan.  Magnus tells the Lightwoods that there is nothing he can do for Max.  Alec tries to stop Brother Enoch, but Maryse reminds him that it’s the only way.  Magnus takes Alec’s hand as Brother Enoch goes inside.   Magnus flashes back to the morning after his and Alec’s first time and Alec tells him that he has to go back to the Institute.  He then admits that he’s joking and Magnus is relieved.  As they lie in bed together, Alec asks Magnus what’s he’s afraid of and Magnus answers with acid-washed jeans.  Alec keeps pressing and Magnus tells him that the key to having no fears is to have nothing to lose.  He admits that he hasn’t opened his heart in a hundred years, until he met Alec.  Alec removes his hands from Magnus’ in the present.


In the vault, Jace stands guard when he gets a text from Alec.  He leaves to go to him and Sebastian goes into the vault.  He fights off the guards and kills them all before retrieving the mirror.  Sebastian tries to leave, but Clary explains to Sebastian that she read in Valentine’s journals that Jonathan couldn’t handle electrum, so she got some from Isabelle’s whip to test everyone.  He asks if she would kill Jonathan when she found him.  Clary tells him that she no longer believes Jonathan can be saved, and she will kill him if necessary.  He takes the electrum and holds it in his hands.


Jace runs to Alec, who is confused about the text Jace is referring to.  They realize that Jonathan sent the text.  Sebastian passes the test, but Clary stops him before he leaves.  She sees that the electrum has burned through his hand and stabs him.  Sebastian grabs her and pulls the blade out of him.  He tells her that he learned to endure pain.  She pulls out a blade and swipes the mirror out of his pocket.  Breaking free, she grabs it and creates a rune to open the barrier trapping her with Jonathan.  Jace and Alec run to her as Jonathan escapes the Institute.  Clary shows them that she got the mirror back and tries to nullify its power, turning the mirror to dust.


Maia and Simon go back to the warehouse and Maia tells him that he can leave.  Simon tells her that he wants to be there and they have their first kiss.  They go inside and find the warehouse has been torn up and Bat is cowering by the bed.  Maia tells him that he’s not alone.  Max wakes up and asks if they caught Sebastian and everyone is relieved.  Magnus says goodbye and Alec follows him outside.  Magnus sees that the flower has turned almost completely black and Alec thanks him for being there before apologizing and telling him that he loves him.  Magnus tells him that he loves him too, but that he can’t be with him and also be a leader to his people.  Alec tries to tell him that he can have both and Magnus tells him that this is what he’s truly afraid of before walking away.


Luke addresses his pack, welcoming back both the returning and new wolves before toasting to werewolves.  Unbeknownst to him, the exchange is being recorded on a camera left by Ollie, who shows the footage to her partner.  Isabelle blames herself for bringing Sebastian to the Institute, but Alec assures her that they’re all to blame.  Clary is relieved that the mirror is destroyed, but Jace isn’t convinced the mirror was destroyed.  Clary questions whether the mirror was real and suggests that it’s a fake to distract from the real mirror.  She’s reminded of her vision and realizes that Lake Lyn is the actual mirror.

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