Shadowhunters – Hail And Farewell

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By: Jessica Wolff




Furious about his true identity being exposed, Jonathan (Will Tudor) lets his anger out and informs Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang) that they need to leave.  Valentine asks where the mirror is, and criticizes him for losing the mirror to what he believes to be the inferior Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara).  Clary, Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood), Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) go to Sebastian’s apartment, determined to find him and stop him.  They find Jonathan’s body inside, and demand he turn around.  When he doesn’t move, they realize that the body is of the real Sebastian.  They recite an incantation, but Sebastian’s body comes to life as a possessed demon.  Isabelle and Jace kill the demon easily, and Isabelle and Clary promise justice for everything Valentine and Jonathan did.


Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) updates Imogen Herondale (Mimi Kuzyk) on recent events.  He tells her that Valentine has both the mortal cup and the soul-sword, and she asks if he has any good news.  Clary tells Herondale her theory that Lake Lyn is the real mortal mirror, and Jace asks for guards to be placed around the lake.  Herondale promises to talk to the clave and wishes them luck in stopping Valentine.  Alec tells them that the task of finding Valentine and Jonathan in New York City is too much for them and they need to ask everyone for help.  Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) meets with Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) and Raphael Santiago (David Castro) prior to Alec’s emergency meeting and informs them that the Seelie Queen (Lola Flanery) is coming to the meeting and suggests that they join her side.  Luke calls her a fanatic, but Magnus defends her, telling them that she offered protection for the downworld in her kingdom.  Magnus tells them that he accepted her offer, but that there is a catch involved.


Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle walk into the meeting, and Clary is not happy to see the seelie queen.  She tells them that she is representing the entire downworld, as she reached an agreement with the rest of the downworld.  Alec asks for the queen’s help in looking for Valentine, the queen doesn’t believe that he intends to execute Valentine this time around.  He apologizes for lying about the soul-sword, but that he intends to be more transparent in the future.  The queen announces that she’s done listening to the clave, and that the downworld needs to learn how to fight for itself.  Alec tells her that can’t stop Valentine without them, but the queen refuses the request before leaving with Magnus.


Luke apologizes for the way things happened, and Clary asks him why he is doing this.  He tells her that he has to think about his pack, and embraces Clary before telling her that he will stop Valentine or die trying.  Raphael tells Isabelle that he has informed his vampires to help search for Valentine.  He apologizes for everything, and says that he didn’t picture them crossing paths again this way.  Raphael tells her that he made a mistake and that their relationship was about more than blood cravings.  He tells her that the only good think about being on the brink of war is getting to see her.  She asks if he really thinks that there’s going to be a war, and Raphael believes that there will be.


Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) tells Russell (Noah Danby) to look for Valentine and Jonathan, but he questions why she’s giving the order and not Luke.  Maia has trouble answering and Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) tells him that Maia’s the beta wolf and in charge when the alpha isn’t around.  Russell has never heard of this before, and advances towards Simon.  Maia steps in and tells Russell to just do it.  Russell leads the rest of the pack out and Maia comments that dating a college boy came in handy.  Simon freaks out about going to college, and then asks Maia if they are really dating.  She asks if that would be a bad thing, and he says no.


As they banter over what to call their relationship, Clary bursts in and asks to talk to Simon.  Clary asks Simon about his relationship with Maia, and tells him that she’s happy for him.  She tells him that she misses him, and asks for a favor.  He tells her no favor is too big, and she asks him to talk to the Seelie Queen.  He comments that the favor is too big, and she warns him about the danger of war between the clave and the downworld.  Telling him that he’s the only one the Seelie Queen will listen to, Simon agrees to talk to her.


Magnus reminisces over photo booth pictures of him and Alec, before Madzie (Ariana Williams) gets his attention.  She embraces him and comments about all of the warlocks being all in one place.  Magnus thanks Catarina (Sophia Walker) for coming, and she asks what the special occasion is.  He tells her that they need to prevent two bad shadowhunters from escaping New York.  Valentine tells Jonathan that the mirror is in Idris, and he asks why he didn’t tell him sooner.  He tells Jonathan that limited information sustains the circle’s secrets, and tells him that the key to victory is being in complete control of everything.  The circle brings forth a warlock, Rufus (Luke Gallo) and Valentine commands him to make a portal to Idris.  Rufus is unable to, and tells Valentine that there are portal wards around the city.  Valentine asks to be taken to the airport, but Rufus explains that the portal was designed to keep nephilim blood from passing through.  They hear wolves howling, and Valentine tells Jonathan that they have to keep moving.


Simon yells from the bridge in the park asking to speak to the Queen, drawing strange looks.  The Queen, now in an older form (Sarah Hyland) approaches him on the bridge.  He doesn’t realize that she is the Queen until she identifies herself.  She sees that he is wary of her, and asks if it’s because of the game she played with him, Clary, and Jace.  He insists that he’s over it, and talks to her about his concerns of breaking off from the clave.  She tells him that he will be safe in her kingdom, and Simon realizes that she wants war.  She tells him that she wants change, and offers him a place in her kingdom, promising him anything he wants.  He turns down her offer, and she can’t believe he’s turned her down twice.  He warns her that she should get used to rejection and leaves.


Luke calls Clary and reports that Valentine and Jonathan got away in the wolves’ pursuit, and warns them to be careful with the wards put up around the city.  Alec informs them of Valentine’s attempt to create a portal, and concludes that he must know where the real mirror is.  Jace assures him that they will figure things out, and Clary gets a vision of her special runes.  She gets inspiration and tells Jace that she needs his help.  Jace confirms that she wants to combine their angel blood to track Jonathan, and tells her that it doesn’t seem possible.  She tells him that she wants to try, and draws the rune she saw in her vision on her arm.  Clary asks Jace to take off his shirt, and he draws the rune on his chest.  They are bathed in golden light shining from Jace’s runes as they stand close to each other.  They nearly kiss as they hold each other intimately, but the moment ends and they jump away from each other.


A rune appears on Jonathan’s arm, indicating that the tracking method worked.  Valentine tells him that they’re running out of time and asks him to stay behind to keep the Institute from going after him.  Jonathan believes that Valentine is trying to get rid of him, but Valentine compliments him and promises that he’ll come back for him.  After Jonathan declares that he will kill all of them, Valentine starts turning mundanes into demons at a funeral by drawing the shadowhunter rune on their arms.  Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle portal to the park and Alec sees signs that another demon trap is set for them.  Alec suggests splitting up into teams of two and Clary asks to be paired with Isabelle.  Clary and Isabelle go one direction and Alec and Jace go in another direction.


Clary and Isabelle look around the nearby building, and Isabelle asks Clary what’s going on with Jace.  She tells her that they need to focus on the mission.  Jace thanks Alec for not asking about Clary, and Alec tells him that he know he’ll talk about it when he’s ready.  Both pairs are attacked by demons and they fight their way through the hordes.  Alec is pulled away by a demon, and Jonathan grabs Jace and pulls him outside.  Clary and Isabelle work together to slay the demons, and Alec shoots the final two with his bow.  Alec tells Clary that Jonathan took Jace.  More demons appear and Clary tells Isabelle to go after Jace, since her whip can hurt Jonathan.


Jonathan drags Jace across a bridge and turns the chain he’s bound by into a noose.  Jace taunts Jonathan that Valentine probably won’t come back as he struggles to speak.  Jonathan tells him his father is a man of his word, but Jace continues to taunt him.  Frustrated with Jace’s taunts, Jonathan releases him from the chains and challenges him to a fight.  Equally matched, the two begin their fight.  When their swords are locked, Jace kicks him.  Furious, Jonathan attacks him and tells him that Valentine showed him where on the back you can stab the spine and heart at the same time.  Jace tells him that he felt sorry for him when he first found Valentine’s journals and they resume fighting.  Jonathan stabs Jace and stands over him as he falls to the ground, kicking his weapon away.  Jonathan taunts him and prepares to strike the final blow.


Isabelle whips his arm away and tells him to stay away from Jace.  She whips at him as she yells at him for trying to kill her brother and betraying her trust.  Jonathan grabs the whip and pulls her towards him, reminding her that he saved her life.  Isabelle tells him that she’s going to give him a more honorable death because of that.  Jace gets up and stabs him in the same spot that Valentine taught him.  Jonathan grabs his neck and Jace pushes them to the edge of the bridge where he kicks Jonathan into the water.  Clary and Alec join them and the four of them watch him float away.


Clary heals Jace at the Institute with her stele.  She is worried about Valentine still being out there, but he reminds her that they got Jonathan.  Clary admits that she was scared of losing Jace on the bridge, and that she can’t lose Jace too after listing all of the people she already lost.  Jace tells her that she’s not the only one afraid of losing someone, and Clary admits that she’s tired of being afraid.  He kisses her and she kisses him back.  Simon approaches Luke and tells him that he can’t find Maia, showing him her damaged phone.  Waking up in the seelie court, Maia demands to see the queen.  Meliorn (Jade Hassoune) tells her that she’s attending to other business.  In the park, the Queen meets with Valentine and she tells him that she’s looking forward to delivering his head on a pike.  However, Valentine wants to make a deal and whispers something in her ear.  The Queen asks him to walk with her so they can discuss their deal.

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