Shadowhunters – How Are Thou Fallen

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By: Jessica Wolff


Sister Cleophas (Lisa Berry) walks through the city.  Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang) finds her and accuses her of being a traitor, but she pledges her loyalty to him.  He accuses her of taking the easy way out by going into hiding.  She tells him that she knew to return once Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) came to her.  Cleophas tells Valentine about the rune that Clary showed her and asks him to allow her to prove her loyalty to him.  Valentine talks to a chained man, Ithuriel (Alec Stockwell), and chastises him for attempting to send a warning to Clary.  At the institute, Clary hears a loud screaming in her head.  However, nobody else is able to hear it.


Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) return from their date in Japan.  Alec gives Magnus a trinket he bought there for luck and protection and Magnus is touched by the present.  They kiss, but it is interrupted by a giggle from the other room and they realize that Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) has brought a girl to the loft.  Alec is frustrated by the interruption and Magnus uses his magic to drown out the noise with the radio.  Clary walks in on Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) putting on a shirt.  Simon tells her that he has a date with Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) and asks her if it is okay.  She says yes, but her face says otherwise.  She mentions her experience at the institute and he offers to reschedule for her.  She tells him to go ahead and have a good time.  Clary gets a call from the institute and tells Simon to not worry before leaving.


The institute alert interrupts Magnus and Alec’s kissing.  Jace is showing a girl, Kaelie (Michelle Argyris), his tattoos as they roll in bed together.  Alec comes in and tells Jace that they need to go.  Jace tells him that he’s busy and Kaelie offers for the guys to join them.  Alec refuses to look at them as he turns down her offer.  Kaelie leaves and Alec throws Jace his pants, before accusing him of hiding at Magnus’ to avoid facing his problems.  Jace reminds him that Victor Aldertree (Nick Sagar) wanted him gone, but Alec still believes that he must fulfill his obligations to the clave.  He tells him that there’s more to it, but won’t disclose the real reason.  Alec accuses him of turning his back on him, Isabelle and Clary, but Jace tells him to go.


At the institute, Clary talks to Alec about the upcoming storm and the increased demon activity.  After he tells her that Jace isn’t coming, they are confused as to why Jace is shutting them out.  Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) shows them that Valentine has attacked the citadel and Cleophas is missing.  Clary tries to talk to Isabelle about her discussion with Cleophas, but Isabelle tells her that she knows about the mysterious rune.  She won’t tell Clary how she knows about it, but she is angry about Clary keeping secrets from her.  Clary tries to smooth things over, but it makes Isabelle angrier as she points out all of the times that she’s been there for Clary.  Though Clary apologizes and offers to find Cleophas together, Isabelle refuses and walks away.  Isabelle goes to her secret stash and finds that she is out of yin fen.  A fellow shadowhunter walks in and Isabelle yells at her before telling her to leave.  Cleophas gives herself a self-inflicted wound.


At the bar, Maia pours a drink for Magnus before asking him about the trinket he holds in his hands.  He tells her that it is a gift and remarks that it has been a long time that someone has given him a gift without expecting anything in return.  Isabelle walks into the bar and asks a guy at the pool table, Rufus (Luke Gallo), for some yin fen.  He says he can track some down for her, but Magnus comes over and asks Rufus what he’s doing at the bar since he is banned from North America.  Rufus leaves and Isabelle tells Magnus that she’s here on business.  She creates a story that she’s investigating the downworlder drug trade, but Magnus can tell that she’s lying.  She continues her story and tells him that she’s trying to crack down on the yin fen trade.  He doesn’t question the story further and tells her that yin fen is made from vampire venom.  He warns her that yin fen is dangerous and tells her to be careful.


Clary tells Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) about her meeting with Cleophas and tells him about the rune.  She expresses worry that Valentine has hurt Cleophas, but he tells her that she was one of his most loyal followers up until the circle disbanded.  Clary tells him that they have to get her back, as family is all they have now.  Simon arrives at the bar and Maia remarks that he’s early.  She tells him to grab a table and hang out until she finishes her shift.  Isabelle comes to him and tells him that Maia is cute.  Simon admits that he’s nervous and Isabelle suggests biting her to deal with his anxiety.  He is horrified by the suggestion and Isabelle laughs it off as a joke.  As Luke tells Clary that’s he’s found no sign of Cleophas in his search, she stumbles into the restaurant and asks Luke for his help.


Maia makes Simon a drink and he knocks over the glass.  Jace comes over next to him and comments on his clumsiness.  Both Simon and Maia are unhappy to see him.  Simon asks Jace what he is doing at the bar and he gestures to a table of women behind them.  Jace comments about his date with Maia and Simon says that they’re just friends.  Jace is not surprised and tells him that he’s always the friend and never gets the girl.  Jace offers his advice on how to pick up girls, but Simon says that he doesn’t need his charity.  Simon then changes his mind and asks Jace to be his Obi-Wan.


Luke heals Cleophas’ wound and asks him why he would go to a downworlder for help after all of the horrible names she called him.  Clary asks Cleophas what happened at the citadel and she lies that Valentine took her when he attacked, but she fought her way out.  Cleophas tells them that she knows where Valentine is and offers to lead them to him.  Clary believes that they should do it, but Luke doesn’t want to put Clary in danger.  In the kitchen, Luke tells Clary that she can’t trust Cleophas.  Clary admits that she knew she couldn’t be trusted when she called her Clarissa like Valentine does.  She suggests that they have Cleophas lead them to Valentine so they can try and get the soul-sword back, but Luke refuses to budge and insists that they turn Cleophas over to the clave.


Jace begins his lesson by telling Simon that he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself.  He insults Simon’s hair and then tells him to simulate flirting on him.  Simon is adorably awkward and introduces himself as Lewis, Simon Lewis.  Jace tells him that his James Bond impression is horrible and Simon tries to give him a dark and brooding face.  Jace comments that he looks constipated and Simon tries again.  Jace tells him to play hard to get and to change everything about himself.  Jace demonstrates by using his stele to disguise himself as Simon and approaching a woman at the bar.  Simon watches in horror as Jace flirts with and gets her number using his face.


Isabelle searches the institute’s database for yin fen sources.  Alec asks where she’s been and she uses her story of the drug investigation, but Alec is worried about her.  She says that she’s fine and asks what he wants to talk about.  He asks when to know that he’s ready and Isabelle loudly exclaims her excitement that he’s thinking about having sex with Magnus.  He tells her that he’s a virgin and she is surprised.  She tells him that he’ll know when he’s ready and to go for it.  Luke and Alaric (Joel Labelle) prepare to turn Cleophas in, but Clary grabs Luke’s taser.  She immobilizes him before escaping with Cleophas.


After her shift is done, Maia joins Simon at a table.  Simon tries to apply Jace’s advice and acts like a jerk to her.  She gets upset and tells the real Simon to give her a call when he comes back.  Simon snaps out of it and calls after her, but it’s too late.  Alec goes to see Magnus and asks if Jace is there.  When he tells him they’re alone, Alec kisses him.  Magnus is confused and Alec tells him that he wants to take the next step.  Magnus admits he feels vulnerable as well and that he’s worried about losing him if they rush into things.  Alec insists that he has nothing to worry about and kisses him as he leads him to the bedroom.


Luke goes the bar and tells Jace that he’s worried about Clary.  Jace stops his flirting and follows Luke out of the bar.  Clary walks with Cleophas and pretends that she believes her change of heart.  Suddenly, Clary hears screaming in her ear again and attacks Cleophas.  She asks her what she’s doing and assumes that the sound is from Valentine.  She asks Clary to activate her hearing rune and tells her that she’s hearing the screams of an actual angel.  Cleophas realizes that Valentine is holding an angel captive and is horrified by the torture of such a pure being.  Valentine drags Ithuriel down a hallway.


Cleophas tells Clary that she is blessed by the angels if she is able to communicate with one. Clary accuses her of working with Valentine and she doesn’t deny it.  She tells her that she believed Valentine’s way was the only way, but harming an angel is reprehensible.  Clary calls Cleophas a traitor and wants to turn her in.  Cleophas asks her to let her help rescue the angel before she turns herself in.  Cleophas reminds her that angelic energy and a bolt of lightning from the oncoming storm can activate the soul-sword.  They run out of the alley, but are stopped by Luke and Jace.  Clary tells them to stop and that they need Cleophas.  Isabelle goes to a vampire den and is confronted by Eloise (Erica Deutschman) before telling them what she needs.


Simon goes to Luke’s restaurant and apologizes to Maia.  She is still angry with him, but he tells her that he was a jerk.  She points out to him that he’s insecure because he’s in love with Clary and tells him that she heard all of his conversation with Jace.  She tells Simon that he should just tell Clary how he feels.  Simon is worried about ruining their friendship, but Maia tells him that its better than spending an eternity agonizing over the missed chance.  They agree to stay friends.  Valentine asks Cleophas if she found Clary.  She tells him that she did.  Valentine asks where she is and Luke comes in, pointing a gun at him.  Valentine grabs Cleophas and Luke tells him to let her go.


On the roof, Clary and Jace fight three of Valentine’s men and kill them.  Valentine tells Cleophas that they are so close to victory, but Cleophas says that she isn’t willing to hurt an angel.  Valentine tells Luke to shoot him, accusing him of betraying their parabatai bond and turning Jocelyn against him.  Cleophas tells Luke to shoot Valentine, but he is unable to and he gets away.  Clary and Jace attempt to free Ithuriel but find that they can’t break the chains.  Ithuriel sends a message to Clary and she draws a rune on the chain to free him.  He sprouts wings and offers his hands to Clary and Jace and shares with them a vision of a demon grabbing the soul-sword and disintegrating.  Clary questions the vision before Ithuriel flies to the sky.

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