Shadowhunters – Iron Sisters

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By: Jessica Wolff


Two of the Iron Sisters, Sister Cleophas (Lisa Berry) and Sister Dolores (Jane Johanson), test their newly made weapons in combat as the rest of the sisters watch.  As they finish their duel, a woman comes in and informs the sisters of Valentine Morgenstern’s (Alan Van Sprang) attack of the city of bones and the theft of the soul-sword.  She orders them to reinforce the citadel to protect them from Valentine.


Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) and Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) search for the rune that Clary saw in a vision that allows her to shoot sunlight from her hands in the institute’s book collection.  Jace is unable to find the symbol in the book and Clary wonders if the vision was sent to her from her recently departed mother.  Jace doesn’t believe that theory and tells her that she can’t tell anyone else about it when Clary suggests asking Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) and Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) about it.  Isabelle comes in and they try to hide what they are doing from her.


Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) is panicking about his mother, Elaine Lewis (Christina Cox), seeing him feeding on a rat.  Raphael Santiago (David Castro) warns him of the dangers of exposing their world to mundanes and tells him that there will be consequences.  Outside, Raphael tells Simon’s mother that things are going to be fine.  Isabelle checks in on Clary, who admits that she is worried about Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) as she hasn’t heard from him since the death of her mother.  Isabelle assures her that things are going to be okay and that Luke is fine as well.  Clary apologizes for hurting Isabelle in an attempt to free the demon possessing her body.  Isabelle assures her that Clary did what she had to do and that she’s healed from the wound.  After telling Clary that she’s been cleared for the Iron Sisters mission, she excitedly tells her about the Iron Sisters and how they build weapons for Shadowhunters.  Clary decides to go with her, telling Isabelle that she can’t sit around and mope while the man responsible for her mother’s death is still at large.


Isabelle goes to see Victor Aldertree (Nick Sagar) and asks for a refill of yin fen.  As he gets her more of the drug, Isabelle tells him that Clary wants to join the mission.  Victor is suspicious of Clary and her connection to Valentine. He is worried that she might have demon blood like her brother.  Isabelle believes that she can be trusted, but Victor asks her to spy on Clary on the mission.  Simon calls Clary and tells her about the situation with his mother and promises to look into Luke’s disappearance while Clary is away.  He asks Alaric (Joel Labelle) for help, but he refuses to work with him, as he is bitter that Luke seems more interested in helping shadowhunters these days than his own pack.  Out in the woods, Luke sees a deer and shifts into the wolf as he hunts it.


Alec arrives at Magnus Bane’s (Harry Shum Jr.) loft and asks what the emergency he called about is.  Magnus admits that there is no real emergency and Alec is frustrated about the false alarm.  Before he leaves, Magnus admits that he called him because he’s worried about him.  He tells him that he needs to take a break and have some time for the things he loves.  Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) visits Simon and they banter about his canoe bed before she asks him what his relation to Luke is.  She tells him that she hasn’t stopped looking for Luke and he is relieved before she tells him that it is too dangerous for him to help her search for him.  She asks him if there’s anywhere he might be and Simon tells her about the camping ground they used to go to as kids.  Maia reluctantly lets him go with her as they drive to the campsite.


Arriving at the citadel of the iron sisters, Isabelle is in awe of it.  Not too long after they trigger an alarm.  The sisters appear around them and point their weapons at them.  After they state their names, the sisters are suspicious of Clary due to her relation to Valentine.  Isabelle defends her and Clary assures them that she wants to stop Valentine more than anyone before asking for their help.  As they walk through the citadel, Sister Cleophas mentions her brother’s werewolf attack and Clary figures out that she is Luke’s sister.  Sister Dolores tells them that if they want to go further into the citadel, they will have to pass a purity test.


In his office, Victor tells Jace that he can’t trust him because of the demon blood in his veins and asks him what he was doing with the rune books.  Jace says that he was teaching Clary the history of runes and that teaching a fellow shadowhunter isn’t a crime.  Victor isn’t convinced and tells Jace that he has been reassigned to doing grunt work.  Magnus and Alec go to a bar for their date and Alec tries beer for the first time before they play pool.  Simon and Maia drive and she asks him about Clary.  He tells her about how they met, and Maia figures out that he is in love with her.  They bond over their mutual dislike of Jace, and Maia tells him about a time when she had an accidental transformation and found herself naked in public.  He tells her about what happened with his mom.


After their game, Magnus and Alec talk about their competitive natures and Magnus makes a comment about Alec’s previous exes.  Alec admits that Lydia is his only ex and Magnus is shocked that Alec has never been in a real relationship before.  Isabelle tries to talk Clary out of doing the purity test, which spurs Clary to go into the water to prove her lack of demon blood.  She lies in the water and passes the test with flying colors.  Isabelle goes in next and the water turns dark and Isabelle nearly drowns.  Clary pulls her out and the sisters tell Isabelle that they can’t let her in due to the demonic impurities inside her.  Clary explains that she was wounded recently, but the sisters refuse that explanation.  Isabelle tells Clary to go ahead without he, and Sister Dolores tells her that yin fen is made of vampire venom.  She explains that it was given to her to help her heal, but Sister Dolores tells her that yin fen isn’t a healing method and to be careful.


Simon and Maia arrive at the campsite and begin their search for Luke.  They bond over their mutual love of video games and Maia tells him that Luke is the one that helped her control her werewolf condition.  In a flashback, Luke meets Maia after she loses control and attacks another girl.  He convinces her to trust him and shows her that he is a werewolf like her.  He calms her down and promises to teach her how to control herself.  In the present, they find the body of the deer and figure that Luke is nearby.


At the bar, Magnus is in disbelief over Alec’s confession.  Alec admits that he hasn’t been in a relationship because he had been battling internalized homophobia until he met Magnus.  Magnus assures him that there is nothing wrong with him, but is surprised that he is so innocent.  Alec asks about his exes and Magnus is hesitant to give him an actual number.  He tells him that the number is seventeen, but Alec realizes that he actually means 17,000.  Alec is shocked by the number, but Magnus encourages him that he can’t change his past and that he is with him now.


Jace is frustrated by his new duties and the way the other shadowhunters treat him.  He asks Victor why he doesn’t trust him after he proved that he wasn’t willingly working with Valentine.  Victor shows him video of his trial where Jace admits that he couldn’t surrender unconditionally to the clave.  Jace realizes that Victor has been making life at the institute hell for him to encourage him to leave the institute on his own terms.  Victor tells him that if he doesn’t leave he will have no choice but to show the other shadowhunters the video.  Clary tells Sister Cleophas that she’s worried about Luke.  She tells Clary that the soul-sword has a secondary purpose that makes it possible for it to destroy all downworlders in the event of a demon attack.


Luke sees a couple camping in the woods and is unable to fight his shift.  Simon steps in front of the tent and tries to get through to him.  He tells him about some of their memories together in an effort to get Luke to control himself.  Sister Cleophas tells Clary that there is no way to undo the swords’ damage once it’s activated.  Isabelle activates a rune that allows her to eavesdrop on Clary’s conversation.  She overhears Clary asking Sister Cleophas about the vision and the rune that allows her to shoot sunlight out of her hands.  Clary activates the rune and asks Sister Cleophas if it’s possible that her mother sent her the vision.  Sister Cleophas tells her that it’s not likely and that even shadowhunters don’t know what happens after death.


Luke thanks Simon and Maia for bringing him back and feels guilty about losing control.  Maia assures him that he can learn to control himself again and Simon tells him that they need him to come back.  Magnus and Alec arrive back at the loft and Alec questions whether they are too different for a relationship to work.  Alec starts to head out the door, but soon turns around and decides to give their relationship a shot.  They kiss, but are soon interrupted by Jace.  He asks Magnus if he can crash at his loft.


Simon and Maia talk about their adventure and Maia compliments him on his inspiring effort to bring Luke back.  Clary arrives at the restaurant and embraces Luke.  He apologizes for not being there for her, but Clary says that it’s okay.  Isabelle reports to Victor that Clary doesn’t have demon blood and then yells at him for putting her in danger.  He tells her that he didn’t intend to cause her harm and offers to take the yin fen away.  Isabelle stops him and Victor asks him if there’s anything else he needs to know about Clary.  She lies and says that there is nothing else.  Sister Cleophas attempts to leave the citadel, but Sister Dolores attempts to stop her.  Sister Cleophas stabs her and activates a rune before walking away.

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