Shadowhunters – Parabatai Lost

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By: Jessica Wolff


In a flash back, a young Alec Lightwood (Leonidas Castrounis) meets young Jace Wayland (Tomaso Sanelli), who teaches him to be confident. In present day, Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) tries to revive Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) as Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) looks on. Isabelle is frustrated that Magnus’ magic isn’t working and Magnus speculates that only Alec’s parabatai, Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood), can bring Alec back. Jace wakes up on the shore and finds a body washed up beside him. Believing it to be Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara), he runs over to find that it is Gretel (Joanne Jansen), who was killed by Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang). A jogger finds Jace hovering over the body and assumes that he is the murderer. She threatens to call the police and Jace runs away from the scene.


Clary arrives at the institute and demands to see Isabelle. Both Jocelyn Fray (Maxim Roy) and Victor Aldertree (Nick Sagar) express their concern for Clary, but she only wants to see Isabelle. Jocelyn informs Clary of Alec’s condition and his attempt to contact Jace through the parabatai bond. Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) listens to a voice message from his mother, Elaine Lewis (Christina Cox), who is worried because she hasn’t heard from him in a long time. Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) arrives at the crime scene to investigate Gretel’s murder and Alaric (Joel Labelle) shows him Jace’s sketch. After asking to keep the mundanes out of the investigation, Luke admits that he’s unsure of Jace’s guilt.


Jocelyn tells Magnus that Clary has come back and he criticizes her prioritization of Clary over Alec. He reminds her that he had initially been hesitant about getting involved with shadowhunters and accuses her of manipulating him to fix her own mistakes. He magically locks her out of the room and goes back to Alec. Clary warms up by the fire and Victor questions her about her ordeal. She lies and says that Dot wiped her memory. Isabelle is shocked that Clary lied to Victor as she tells Isabelle the truth about what happened. Clary is worried that Jace is dead, but Isabelle assures her that Alec’s parabatai rune would disappear if Jace were dead. Clary promises Isabelle that she will find Jace so that he can save Alec.


Evading police, Jace walks into a bar and asks to use the phone. The bartender, Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright), recognizes Jace as a shadowhunter and Jace recognizes her as a werewolf. She gives Jace a drink and the phone as she introduces herself. As Clary and Isabelle check in on Alec, Isabelle gets a call from Jace. Clary tells him about Alec’s condition and he promises that he will find a way to get to Alec. Isabelle tells him that they will bring Alec to Magnus’ apartment and that he can meet them there. Jace thanks Maia for the phone and she asks for help with finding Gretel’s murderer. He declines and Maia reminds him that he has a duty to protect them. Another pack member, Taito (Neven Pajkic), recognizes him as the man who kidnapped Gretel. Jace tries to fight the pack off, but he is beaten and thrown out of the bar. He gets up and runs away, despite his injuries.


Simon attempts to call his mother, but he gets her voicemail. He promises to come home so he can tell her where he’s been. Before he can leave, he is stopped by Raphael Santiago (David Castro) who demands to know why he hasn’t found Camille yet. Simon tells him that he will get back to finding her once he’s seen his mother. Raphael tells him that he and the other vampires are his family now and that he will lose and eventually forget his mother. Simon goes home and finds that his mother is gone. Panicked, Simon calls Clary as she conspires with Isabelle to transfer Alec to Magnus’ apartment. Clary tells Isabelle that Simon needs her and Isabelle understands.


At the bar, Luke shows Maia the sketch and she confirms that Jace was there. Taito wants to kill Jace, but Luke tells him that nobody is killing anybody until he says so. Luke doesn’t believe that Jace is responsible, but assures Taito that he will kill Jace himself if he is guilty. As Magnus and Isabelle begin their plan, Victor comes in and tells them that there is no way Alec is leaving the institute. Magnus argues that the rune magic is complicated and Isabelle calls Victor out for wanting to use Alec as bait to catch Jace. Victor questions Magnus’ ability to revive Alec and puts one of his men at the door to watch them. Alec has a memory of the teenage versions of him and Jace (Alex Eling and Dale Whibley) completing their parabatai bond tests. Jace is excited about officially becoming brothers, but Alec is hesitant about it.


Jace runs through the alleyway nursing his wounds as Maia chases after him. He falls in the street and a mundane comes over to help him. Jace begs the man not to call 911, but the man refuses to listen. He wakes up as he is wheeled into the hospital and is sedated by the nurse. Clary struggles to track Simon’s mother and Simon regrets not checking in on her. Clary suggests that he tells his mother the truth, but he doesn’t think she will accept the new him. She reminds him that his mother has always accepted him and that she can accept this part of him as well. Clary connects to Simon’s mother using her necklace and they rush to her. Magnus works to revive Alec and gets frustrated. Victor’s man reminds him that he will have to leave if he can’t help Alec. Magnus uses his magic to strangle and throw the man against the wall.


Jace sees Luke and Maia come to the hospital looking for him and tries to escape. He tries to blend in by wearing a lab coat, but a nurse spots him. Maia transforms into a wolf as the nurse yells at Jace for trying to leave. Maia chases Jace through the hospital and Jace runs to the room. Jocelyn pulls Jace to the room and locks Maia in the stairwell. Jocelyn tells Jace that she came to bring him to Alec, but Jace doesn’t trust her due to her previous attempt to kill him. She apologizes for what happened with Valentine, and tries to get Jace to come with her. He refuses and jumps off the room to get away from her.


Victor comes to check on Alec and Isabelle assures him that they won’t lose Alec. Immediately, Victor can tell that Isabelle is too confident and uses his stele to reveal that his own man has been disguised to look like Alec. Isabelle assures Victor of Jace’s innocence, and he tells her that he murdered a werewolf. To protect Jace from Luke’s pack, she tells Victor that they are meeting at Magnus’ apartment. She makes a deal with him that if she is allowed to save Jace and Alec, she will hand over Jace to him.


At his apartment, Magnus pleads for Alec to come back to him. In desperation, he kisses Alec in an attempt to wake him up. Alec has a memory of his teenage self talking to young Isabelle (Romy Weltman) about his hesitation of bonding with Jace. Isabelle realizes that Alec is in love with Jace, but he asks her not to tell anyone. She encourages him to go through with the parabatai bond and tells him that someday somebody will love him heart and soul. Clary finds Simon’s mother and Simon decides to tell his mother the truth. Clary kisses him on the cheek before getting a call from Isabelle telling her of Jace’s situation. She assures Isabelle of Jace’s innocence and Isabelle tells her that she had to make a deal with Victor.


Simon goes into the restaurant and reunites with his mother. He starts to explain where he’s been, but he assures him that she knows that he has been on tour. She tells him that his band manager found her to explain and Raphael comes over. When his mother walks away to get him a hot drink, Raphael confronts him for looking for his mother before finishing his search for Camille. Simon’s mother comes back and invites Raphael over to their home for dinner, which he accepts. Back at home, Simon and his mother talk about his “band manager” and Simon tells her that he wants to move back in with her.


Clary asks Luke to call off the pack, but he insists that there is nothing that he can do. On his way to Magnus’ apartment, Maia and other members of the pack corner Jace. Jace pleads his innocence and that he kidnapped Gretel under Valentine’s orders. He tells her that he knows what it’s like to lose someone you love and asks her to wait until he’s helped save Alec. Maia won’t listen, but Clary and Luke arrive to declare Jace’s innocence. A wolf lunges at Jace, but Isabelle arrives via portal to tie up the wolf with her whip. She announces that Jace is coming with her by order of the clave. Luke uses his alpha abilities to get Maia and the other wolves to stand down.


Alec has a memory of the ceremony that bonded him and Jace and gave them their parabatai runes. Alec is late, but Isabelle assures Jace that Alec will come. In the present, Jace arrives at the apartment and rushes to Alec. Magnus hands him the stone and he takes Alec’s hand in his. The stone lights up and he recites the parabatai oath to Alec. The stone falls and Magnus, Clary and Isabelle are worried that they will lose Alec. Jace continues reciting the oath, but the light of the stone goes out. Believing he’s lost Alec, Jace wraps his arms around him, continues the oath and begs him not to leave. To the relief of everyone, Alec wakes up and finishes the oath. Jace and Alec embrace, but Victor arrives and arrests Jace soon after. Alec is dumbfounded as he watches Jace be dragged away by Victor’s men.

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