Shadowhunters – Those Of Demon Blood

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By: Jessica Wolff

At the bar, Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) tells Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) that she booked a show for him.  He is thankful, but doesn’t think the show is a good idea now that he’s a one-man act.  Despite her assurances, he explains that it’s different performing for a crowd compared to performing for her.  Over at the bar, Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) commiserates with Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) over the overly affectionate couple.  She asks him about the rumors that he is Herondale royalty.  He says though he’s had three different family names recently, but he is still Jace. Kaelie (Michelle Argyris) comes over and Jace attempts to flirt with her.  She pours a drink on his crotch before walking away.  Maia laughs that rejection is more fun when it’s happening to him and tells him that many downworlders are weary of him because of what happened with the soul-sword.  As Clary and Simon leave the bar, Simon stops short when he smells blood.  They find a dead shadowhunter with his runes cut off lying in the alley.


Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) enters the Institute and Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) talks to her about being put in charge of Max Lightwood (Jack Fulton).  Alec assures her that she’ll be fine, despite her worries about the lingering effects of her yin fen addiction.  Clary and Jace report the shadowhunter’s death to Imogen Herondale (Mimi Kuzyk) and identify the attacker as a werewolf due to the claw marks.  Herondale concludes that the killer is trying to send a message to the clave.  Several vampires approach Simon and tell them that they want to be part of his clan due to his being a daylighter.  Simon doesn’t know what to do with their newfound respect for him and rejects their offer of joining his clan.  In the Jade Wolf, Simon tells Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) what happened and admits that he just wants to go to college and spend time with his girlfriend.  Luke warns him to be safe with Clary and explains that he’s referring to the bloodlust that he’s seen many young vampires succumb to.  Before Simon can change the subject, Jace and Alec approach Luke and tell him of the werewolf attack.  The tension in the room thickens and the shadowhunters tell Luke that Herondale wants to see him.


At the Institute, Herondale uses his attempt to destroy the soul-sword as evidence that he attacked the shadowhunter to enact revenge on the clave.  Luke argues with the accusation and tells her to test his DNA to prove his innocence.  As Alec leads Luke to the lab, Herondale asks to speak to Jace.  He tells her that he believes Luke’s innocence and she insists that a Herondale trusts their gut feeling.  She tells him that she sees his father in him, but that he has his mother’s eyes.  He asks what his mother was like and Herondale tells him that she was beautiful, smart and headstrong.  She tells him that his parents would be proud of him if they were alive.  Herondale tells him that she plans to appoint a new head of the Institute once she goes back to Idri and Jace advocates for Alec.  However, she tells him that she will be appointing him instead.  Alec congratulates him, but Jace insists that it should have him instead.  Alec admits that the clave wouldn’t give it to him based on his relationship with a downworlder and that Jace should get used to the perks of being a Herondale.


The alarm goes off and Clary tells them that there are more bodies, one with evidence of a vampire attack and one with evidence of a seelie attack.  They conclude that the downworlders are taking revenge on the clave by attacking shadowhunters.  Meanwhile, a shadowhunter is wheeled into a darkened room where several DNA samples from different downworlder species are being planted on the bodies.  Herondale announces the next attack, this time by a warlock, before announcing Jace’s appointment as head of the Institute.  Clary, Isabelle and Alec congratulate him and Jace tells them that they need to prove to Herondale the innocence of their downworlder friends.  Isabelle announces that she’ll talk to Raphael Santiago (David Castro), but Alec refuses to let her go.  When questioned, Isabelle reveals her addiction to Jace.  She assures him that she’ll be fine, but Alec insists on going with her.  She tells him that she can handle it and asserts that she go alone.


Alec goes to see Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.), who admits that he was worried about him after news of the attacks.  Alec asks him about the warlock attack, but he knows nothing about it.  He asks Magnus for a hair sample to clear his name and Magnus is in disbelief that he needs to prove his innocence.  Alec insists that he trusts him, but that he is here on clave orders.  Magnus calls him out for blindly following the clave’s orders and that he needs to trust his gut.  Alec tells him to not be overdramatic and Magnus pulls a strand of hair off his head before telling Alec to get out.  Clary asks Simon to provide DNA to clear his name, but Simon refuses.  He tells her about his grandmother’s ordeal during the holocaust and likens the collecting of downworlder DNA to the methods employed by the Nazis, which causes Clary to apologize.


On her way home, the killer attacks Clary while she is on the phone with Simon.  The killer attempts to drag her away, but Simon saves her.  Isabelle talks to Max about his training the next day, but Max is eager to get started.  She tells him that she has a mission and Max insists on coming with her.  She warns him that it’s dangerous and tells him to stay.  Dorothea “Dot” Rollins (Vanessa Matsui) visits Magnus and they talk about the clave’s investigation.  She can tells he is upset, and tells him that he shouldn’t drink alone.  As Clary is being examined, Jace interrogates Simon on the attack.  Jace tells him to leave, but Simon refuses to leave Clary’s side.  Herondale comes in and Jace promises to inform him of Clary’s condition.  Simon refuses to leave and Herondale has her guards drag him away.  Jace criticizes her for imprisoning their ally, but Herondale insists that a downworlder can’t defy their authority.


Another body is brought in with vampire markings and Herondale presents Jace and Alec with tools to implant tracking devices inside downworlders.  Alec questions this and Herondale insists that his downworlder relationships are clouding his judgment.  Alec tells him that a warlock told him to follow his gut and that his gut is telling him that this is wrong.  He argues that Herondale is not that different from Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang), but Jace supports Herondale.  Jace and Jason (Jason Wright) walk into the bar and tell Maia that they need to implant the chips into the downworlders.  Maia is furious about it and announces it to the bar.  Jace attempts to assure her that it’s for her safety until they catch the killer, but Maia attacks the shadowhunters.  During the struggle, Jason implants the chip into Maia and Luke attempts to break up the fight.  Jace tells Luke that the killer attempted to kill Clary, but Luke warns him that the clave’s actions could lead to a downworlder revolt.


Clary wakes up and asks Alec what happened.  After being told about the attack and Simon’s rescue, Clary asks where Simon is.  Alec tells her about him being imprisoned and she rushes to him.  She is denied access, but assures Simon that she will get him out as she is dragged away.  Magnus and Dot commiserate over their mortal loves past and present.  He asks her why she hasn’t dated another warlock in the past couple centuries and she tells him that it’s hard to find a hot warlock in this realm that is a good dancer.  Clary confronts Jace about letting Herondale imprison Simon.  He insists that Simon broke clave rules, but she reminds him that the Jace she knows would break rules to protect those he cared about.  Herondale brings in Maia and accuses her of killing a shadowhunter since her tracking chip had her close to the attack.  Maia argues that she was walking home from work and Clary defends Maia.  Herondale tells her that Maia attacked Jace when he tried to implant the device and Clary gets mad at Jace.  Maia insists that she is innocent and Herondale tells Jace to not let his emotions cloud his judgment.  Clary argues that Herondale is acting on fear, but Herondale tells her guards to lock Maia up.  Clary tells Jace to not allow this to happen, while Herondale tells him to make her proud while she is in Idris.  Jace tells her that he’s doing his best, but Clary reminds him that he was an enemy of the clave when they assumed he had demon blood and that his heritage is the only thing keeping him from being locked up too.


Isabelle visits Raphael, who warns her that his clan is not happy with the clave’s actions.  She assures him that she just wants to find the killer and asks him if he knows anything.  He tells her that it can’t be a vampire because they don’t remove runes from shadowhunters.  He is hesitant to give more information, but tells her that Meliorn (Jade Hassoune) once said that the only way to get shadowhunters’ respect is to take their runes to show how dangerous they are.  Magnus and Dot dance around the loft and nearly kiss, but Magnus pulls away and declares his love for Alec.  Dot tells Magnus that Alec is lucky to have him.


In the cell, Maia and Simon talk about Jace and agree that he’s trying to impress his grandmother.  She admits that Clary is growing on her and tells Simon not to screw things up with her.  Jace and Clary come in and Simon embraces her.  Maia tells Jace that she is innocent and he reminds her that she punched him in the face.  He apologizes and admits that he was wrong.  Isabelle and Raphael track Meliorn and Raphael smells someone else.  Isabelle finds Max, who admits that he tracked her.  Isabelle tells Max to stay hidden and they go to find Meliorn.  They find him standing over a dead body and he insists that he was tracking the killer.  He offers his help, but Raphael doesn’t trust him.  Isabelle believes Meliorn and asks Raphael to bring Max back to the institute.  When they return, Isabelle finds that he is gone.


Max wakes up in the killer’s lab and the killer reveals herself to be Kaelie.  She insists that the shadowhunters need to feel pain after Jace was responsible for the death of someone she loved.  Isabelle, Raphael and Meliorn arrive to stop her.  Isabelle unties Max as Raphael and Meliorn fight Kaelie.  As Kaelie approaches Meliorn, Isabelle stabs her.  Later, Isabelle reports what happened to Jace and Alec and they question why she framed other downworlders for the attacks.  Jace compliments Isabelle and announces that he is putting Alec in charge of the Institute.


Simon is nervous about his performance, but Clary tells him he’ll be great.  They find that several vampires have come to watch his performance.  Maia gives Clary a drink and Simon thanks everyone for coming before beginning his performance to the packed bar.  Jace approaches Maia and takes the tracking chip out.  Alec goes to Magnus and apologizes before declaring that he never has to prove himself to him.  They declare their love for each other and kiss.  Jace apologizes and Maia insinuates he’s still in love with Clary.  When Jace insists that he’s not in love with Clary, she challenges him to prove it.  Promising that it means nothing, they hook up in the alley.


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