Shadowhunters – You Are Not Your Own

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By: Jessica Wolff

Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang) bangs on the glass of his cell telling whoever is listening that he is really Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.).  Back at Magnus’ loft Valentine, in Magnus’ body, comes inside to find the greater demon Azazel (Brett Donahue) waiting for him.  Valentine is furious that he caused the body switch, but Azazel promises to reverse it in exchange for the mortal cup.  Valentine tells him that he needs the switch to be reversed first, as the cup is protected from downworlders.  Azazel doesn’t budge and demands the cup or else Valentine will die a warlock.


Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) and Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) canoodle naked in bed.  Clary relishes in waking up to Simon’s kiss and is grateful that Simon has a bed in the warehouse instead of the canoe.  Their kissing is interrupted by a text from Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood).  Simon tells her to tell her brother that she is busy and Clary hesitates before deciding not to tell him the truth.  Simon sits up, startled by a noise.  Though Clary believes that there is nothing to worry about, Simon runs outside in his boxers with a canoe oar, believing that Raphael Santiago (David Castro) is spying on him.


Jace and Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) prepare to track Azazel, but Imogen Herondale (Mimi Kuzyk) stops them and criticizes Jace for summoning the demon to the Institute.  Alec tells her that he is just as much to blame for the incident, but she insists that she will decide what to do with Jace as soon as Azazel is vanquished.  Sebastian Verlac (Will Tudor) checks on Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) as she comes down for breakfast.  She thanks him for his hospitality and tells him that she’s feeling stronger.  She tells him that she should go back to the Institute and that he should come with her.  He rejects the offer, but Isabelle convinces him to come.


As Alec, Jace and Clary discuss Azazel, we see the arrival of Isabelle with Sebastian.  Isabelle tells Clary that she’s been hunting Azazel on her own and introduces Sebastian, telling them that he saved her life.  He tells them that he researched greater demons during his time in Paris and Alec thanks him for saving his sister.  Sebastian knows all about Jace and Clary, claiming that their reputations precede them.  He tells them that attacking Azazel’s demonic core can destroy him.  Alec thanks him for the help and tries to dismiss him, but Sebastian says that he wants to help.  Alec refuses to let him go on the mission, despite Isabelle and Jace’s protests.  Refusing Sebastian’s tracking help, Alec goes to talk to Magnus.  Isabelle follows him and tells him not to dismiss Sebastian because he was able to help her.


Valentine struggles with Magnus’ magic and admits to Azazel that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He asks to be switched back to his body, but Azazel refuses until he has the cup.  Valentine answers a call from Alec, who asks for his help with Azazel.  He tries to get rid of him, but Alec is suspicious that he’s not acting like himself.  Brushing him off, he tells him to call Dorothea “Dot” Rollins (Vanessa Matsui) before hanging up.  Alec goes to visit Magnus and Valentine continues to deny that anything is wrong.  Alec is still suspicious and forces himself into the loft and asks him what’s wrong.  Azazel throws Valentine to the ground and Alec pulls out his bow.  Valentine begs him to stop, but Alec shoots Azazel and vanquishes him.  Valentine panics and Alec asks why he asked him to stop. Valentine explains that he was worried that something terrible could happen that couldn’t be undone.


Clary and Jace go to see Herondale, who tells them that the Clave wants to examine them and test their angel abilities.  Jace refuses to be a lab rat, but Clary wants to do it to figure out what’s wrong with her abilities.  Herondale thanks her and tells Jace that he should follow Clary’s example.  Jace refuses and tries to talk Clary out of it.  However, Clary is insistent about wanting to find out why her runes aren’t working and Jace reluctantly agrees.  Dot comes to Magnus’ loft and mentions that she is too weak to portal because of Valentine’s abuse.  Valentine tells her to let go of her anger and Dot comments that Magnus sounds like Valentine.  Changing the subject, Valentine asks for her help to relearn his magic as the greater demon took his ability. Though Dot has never heard of that happening, she agrees to help Magnus.


Back in Valentine’s cell, Magnus is tortured. Isabelle goes to Simon, having gotten his message.  He asks her to help him using her relationship with Raphael to get him to back off, but Isabelle tells him the truth about the nature of her relationship with Raphael and her addiction.  Simon apologizes and recommends some groups to help with her addiction.  She refuses to attend a group, as she is not a mundane.  Isabelle agrees to help him, but mentions that they won’t need to go to Raphael to fix Simon’s problem. Real Magnus yells at the security camera that he is Magnus, not Valentine.  Alec comes him and throws him against the wall, demanding that he stop playing games.  Magnus pleads with Alec to believe him and uses details of their romantic trips around the world to convince him.  Alec is disturbed and demands to know how Valentine knows these details.  Magnus tells him that if he loves him that he has to believe him, but Alec pushes him away.


Clary and Jace fight each other as Herondale looks on. They talk about Herondale and Jace’s rune activates.  He back flips away and Herondale gives Clary a stele to try and activate her rune.  She is unable to and Herondale believes that Clary is faking it because she is Valentine’s daughter.  Jace announces that they are done for the day and Clary tells Herondale that she is not like her father.  She empathizes with Valentine killing Herondale’s son and reminds her that Valentine also took her mother away from her.  Herondale isn’t convinced and walks away.  Simon and Isabelle bring flowers to an old woman on a bench.  Simon is confused, but Isabelle tells him that woman is Rosa Santiago (Rosalba Martinni), Raphael’s sister.  Simon insists that he won’t kidnap her, but Isabelle assures him that they will not be kidnapping anybody.  After Isabelle introduces them, Rosa mistakes her and Simon for a couple.  Though they insist that they are just friends, Rosa calls Simon a catch.  Isabelle tells Simon that her plan is for them to take a picture of him with Rosa and send it to Raphael as a warning.  Simon reluctantly agrees and takes a picture with Rosa.


Jace congratulates Alec on vanquishing Azazel, but Alec tells him what happened in Valentine’s cell. Though Alec insists that Valentine told him things only Magnus knows, Jace warns him not to fall for Valentine’s lies.  Magnus calls out for Alec, but Valentine appears on the other side of the glass. Though Magnus tries to call for the guards, Valentine tells him that he’s using a cloaking spell.  Magnus tells him that the magic he used to build the wards prevents magic from working.  Valentine ignores him, but finds that his magic doesn’t work when he tries to break Magnus out. Heronalde and her team arrive and Valentine lies that he was brought in to check the wards.  Herondale tells him that his security services are no longer needed and demands that Magnus be escorted out.


Afterwards, Herondale continues torturing Valentine and Magnus has flashbacks to his childhood.  Magnus begs for Herondale to believe that he is really Magnus, but Herondale orders his execution.  Sebastian sees Clary struggle to activate her runes, and Clary asks him if Azazel took her powers away.  He tells her that greater demons can’t take away powers and suggests that she is struggling because she is hurting.  She confesses that her mother died and Sebastian suggests that she is also reeling because she has no family after the revelation that Jace isn’t her brother.  He tells her to use that pain to get her runes to work again.


Simon takes Isabelle to the Jade Wolf for lunch. He asks her about things at the Institute and admits that everyone is reeling from the attack.  She lets slip that Jace is not Valentine’s son, and apologizes after realizing that Simon didn’t know.  Raphael appears through with other vampires and attacks Simon for going near his sister.  He asks if he has any last words and Simon says that Rosa would hate Raphael if he knew what he was really like.  Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) hears the commotion nearby and runs to the restaurant.  The door opens as Rafael is about to attack and Simon’s secret is exposed to the vampires.  The other vampires are in awe of him being a daylighter, but Raphael is pissed and goes back to the portal.  When the vampires don’t listen to Raphael, Simon orders them to leave.  When they are gone, Simon is excited by his victory yet Luke warns him that he’s not invincible.


Alec confronts Herondale about her plans to execute Valentine.  She admits that despite the Clave rejection, she plans to take matters into her own hands.  Jace goes to see Magnus and Magnus remarks that it’s a shame that their friendship has to end before freezing him with his magic.  Alec tries to protest Valentine’s execution, but Herondale refuses to listen.  She orders Alec to strap him to the chair and Magnus pleads with Alec.  Alec picks up Magnus and straps him into the chair, while Herondale tells Valentine that her son is dead because of him.  Alec leaves and a hologram of Jace and Valentine appears in front of him.  Jace tells him that Magnus and Valentine switched and Alec runs in to stop the execution.  Valentine speaks to Herondale and offers her Jace in return for Magnus.  Valentine tells Jace that he is Herondale’s grandson and tells Herondale what really happened to her unborn grandson.  He offers the family ring that he pulled off her son’s wife as proof.


Valentine goes to Magnus’ loft and Valentine wards up the door.  Clary, Alec and Sebastian come up to the door and Clary struggles to activate her rune to bring down the wards.  Magnus asks for Valentine to let Jace go, but he throws him into a room and locks the door.  Valentine forces Magnus to finish the potion that will reverse the switch and Sebastian tells Clary to use her grief of the loss of her family to activate her rune.  Valentine and Magnus finish the potion and recite the incantation to switch their bodies back.  Clary uses her pain to activate the rune and they rush in as Magnus and Valentine fight each other.  Clary jumps through the portal with Valentine to the cell.  The guards grab Valentine and he warns Clary that she’s chosen the wrong side.


Alec apologizes to Magnus for what happened and Magnus is shaken by the torture.  Alec wants to fix things, but Magnus is unable to answer how.  Simon and Isabelle walk in the park and Isabelle asks about the addiction meetings.  Isabelle tells him not to worry about Jace not being Clary’s brother, as he is a catch.  Sebastian apologizes for pushing Clary, but she thanks him for her help in activating the rune.  He asks her out, but she turns him down as she has a boyfriend.  Clary goes to see Simon, who confronts her about Jace.  Clary apologizes and they make up.  Herondale approaches Jace and tells him that he’s just like his father.  She gives him the family ring and tells him that he will soon find out what it means to be a Herondale.

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